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Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Why it's Dermoi

Hair loss is a common complaint which can have a huge impact on self-confidence. It's normal to lose hair; most people lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day!

However, it comes as no surprise that losing hair can be upsetting. For so many of us, our hair is a key part of who we are. Studies have shown that men who suffer from male pattern hair loss are 75% less confident, especially when interacting with potential romantic partners.(1)

The good news? Most hair loss is temporary and there are things you can do to help.

At Dermoi, we have sourced the stand-out hair loss treatments to restore your confidence. Our "for hair loss treatment" range features key actives, such as Biotin(2), Peptides and AnaGain(3), which have been clinically proven to target hair loss, and restore hair thickness and volume.


Hair loss can be temporary or permanent. Common hair loss causes include genetics, medical conditions, and also aging.

While it can affect everyone, hair loss in men is more common. The condition can come on suddenly, or happen gradually. Hair loss symptoms include hair thinning, patchy bald spots and sudden loose hairs.

Just like with skin, our hair ages too! With age, hair growth slows down which often results in hair loss. Hair follicles begin to stop growing hair, which causes our hair to thin.


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