Natural Marine Collagen – Blueberry Flavour


With an array of anti-aging benefits, the Natural Marine Collagen Sachets work to improve skin elasticity and maintain skin integrity.

30 servings

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Maintaining the collagen meshwork within the dermis of the skin is key to prevent wrinkles, sagging and dullness.

Collagen is a protein with a large molecular weight, and therefore, it must be fragmented into peptides in order to be absorbed by the body.

Vida Glow marine collagen powder contains low molecular weight (approximately 2Kda) marine collagen peptides that have an absorption rate of 90%. They are heat stable and have proven to increase skin hydration and reduce wrinkles.1

  • Supports hair and nail strength
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Firms and plumps the skin

Adding this supplement to your daily beauty routine might just be your answer to healthier skin and hair. The Vida Glow blueberry flavour Natural Marine Collagen Sachet is a dietary supplement which promotes firm skin that remains youthful in appearance.

Furthermore, it works to improve skin elasticity and integrity after continued use. Moreover, it promotes and maintains nail growth, nail strength, and healthy hair. The Natural Marine Collagen Sachet hydrates, plumps, and firms the skin. It visibly reduces signs of aging.

Clinical Trials

Upon the undertaking of various clinical trials, 68% of individuals experienced increased skin hydration. Furthermore, 60% of those individuals recorded a significant improvement to wrinkles around their mouth. Moreover, an impressive 70% of individuals recorded significant improvement to “crow’s feet” wrinkles.

The science-backed efficacy of the Natural Marine Collagen Sachet, as well as clinical trials, speak for themselves. The Natural Marine Collagen Sachets are designed to help you live brilliantly.

Furthermore, Vida Glow Blueberry Natural Marine Collagen is purely potent, and made with real blueberries and natural sweetener. It holds very few ingredients, with a big impact. Moreover, the Natural Marine Collagen is heat stable. Whether you stir it into hot or cold water, it will remain as effective.

IDEAL FOR: Aging, Thin Skin, Sagging Skin, Wrinkles, Dehydrated Skin, Hair Growth, & Nail Growth.

SKIN TYPES: Suitable for All Skin Types

VOLUME: 30 Servings

Key Ingredients:

Natural Marine Collagen: This collagen comes from the skin of fish, also known as 'fish collagen'.  It works to slow down signs of aging, such as wrinkles and joint issues. Furthermore, it increases blood flow and skin elasticity, which is responsible for keeping the skin firm and plump.


Natural marine collagen, blueberry juice powder, blueberry juice flavour, steviol glycosides.

Aged 25-35: Mix, Drink and Repeat ONCE every day.

Aged 36-45: Mix, Drink and Repeat TWICE every day.

Aged 45+: Mix, Drink and Repeat THREE TIMES every day.