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Say hello to radiant, younger-looking skin with the Totally Derma Nutraceutical Collagen Drink Supplement.

Totally Derma is an advanced nutraceutical collagen supplement that utilises collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid to deliver maximum anti-aging effects.

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Totally Derma Collagen Supplement


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Totally Derma is a patented Type I, II, III full spectrum collagen supplement. It contains 10,000mg of collagen, as well as 18 amino acids and high strength hyaluronic acid. On top of this, 5 powerhouse antioxidants boost its anti-aging properties.

The Totally Derma Nutraceutical Collagen Drink Supplement is an advanced collagen drink that promotes collagen synthesis and overall skin health. It has exceptional anti-aging results as the combined levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid are significantly higher than other leading collagen drinks on the market.

The Collagen Supplement Formula

What’s more, this skin collagen supplement is sugar free. Instead of sugar, it’s formulated with xylitol which is actually a prebiotic. This means that the xylitol in Totally Derma helps healthy bacteria grow in your gut. As well as this, xylitol has been shown to increase collagen production when in supplement form, thus boosting the results of this collagen supplement.

One of the key ingredients in the Totally Derma collagen supplement is Arthred, a patented, highly pure and bioavailable source of bovine hydrolysed collagen.

The high 10,000mg dosage is 20 times more superior than other forms of powdered bovine collagen. The collagen works to plump and firm the skin, dramatically improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Furthermore, added hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and plump. Essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals also aid collagen production and repair damaged skin cells.

We love the Totally Derma nutraceutical collagen supplement because of the full spectrum of collagen peptides included. This exceptional collagen drink contains collagen type 1, collagen type 2, as well as collagen type 3.

So, what does this mean? Basically, this advanced spectrum of collagen peptides helps dramatically boost skin, joint and gut health. What’s more, it helps improve the health and composition of your arteries, improve nail quality, and also improves thigh cellulite, while aiding in weight loss.

On top of this, it’s also great for helping menopause skin. In the first 5 years, postmenopausal women lose around 30% of their skin collagen, and this declines at a rate of 2.1% per year. To combat these aging effects, type 1 collagen has been proven to stimulate natural collagen production in menopause skin.

Why Totally Derma Is Game-Changing

To further boost its effectiveness, the Totally Derma nutraceutical collagen supplement also contains one of the highest dosages of collagen in any product at 10,000mg.

Another reason the Totally Derma collagen drink stands out is because it contains hyaluronic acid in bioavailable form. Hyaluronic acid increases skin hydration, as well as joint mobility. As this collagen supplement formula is bioavailable, this boosts the hyaluronic acid’s effectiveness.

Finally, this next-level collagen supplement has an anti-inflammatory formulation. Not only will it help soothe and correct irritating skin conditions, but it’s also suitable for sensitive skin types.

Does Totally Derma Have Other Benefits Than Improving the Skin on the Face and Body?

Yes, as Totally Derma circulates in the blood stream the ingredients are supplied to all the skin in your body. It is proven to stimulate other collagens in the body, not just in the skin. Totally Derma has also been found to stimulate collagen in the body such as cartilage in joints.

After taking Totally Derma, many users report an improvement in spine and joint pain after a few weeks.

As well as this, it's also beneficial for hair, nails, bone density and general dryness of mucous membranes.

Totally Derma founder Anita Eyles initiated the creation of hydrolysed collagen peptide drink after noticing that taking pharmaceutical collagen to treat joint and back pains makes the skin look better.

Taking into account the personal experience of Anita Eyles and many individuals who participated in clinical trials, Totally Derma created the enzymatically hydrolysed collagen to drink. It addresses aesthetic signs of aging, vaginal dryness, ligament and tendon problems, nail and hair breaking and underlying physiological processes.

Totally Derma are dedicated to science inspired and anti-aging healthcare solutions. The mission is to improve skin, joint, gut and menopausal health using the motto “Research, Innovation, Quality and Efficacy”.

How do you use Totally Derma?

Mix one scoop of Totally Derma collagen powder with water, juice, milk, yoghurt or a smoothie.

However, make sure that you do not heat it - Totally Derma it is not to be mixed in hot drinks or food. As it is a pre-digested powder, already in 95% absorption form, if you heat it, the amino acid peptides will be compromised, and the molecular structure will be denatured.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

When is the best time to take Totally Derma?

The best time to drink this collagen supplement is before bed as this is the best time to boost collagen levels. The majority of collagen synthesis takes place in your first couple of hours of sleep so it's best to take it just before sleeping.

One thing to note is that it's also best to avoid coffee within 2 hours of ingesting Totally Derma as coffee is a diuretic.

Will the L-Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C in Totally Derma irritate my stomach?

No, only doses upwards of 1000mg of L-ascorbic acid will likely irritate the stomach. This amount is way higher than the 250mg contains in each dosage of Totally Derma.

Will Totally Derma help leaky gut?

Collagen is a mediator in the gut-skin relationship.

Collagen is a protein packed with the types of amino acids used by our GI tract to repair and heal itself. By assisting in mending the damaged cells which comprise the gut lining, these amino acids regulate the gut microbiome and its permeability. This therefore can help to treat and prevent leaky gut syndrome.

Will Totally Derma help if I am having surgery soon?

Yes, many surgeons recommend Totally Derma for pre and post-op surgery as it is beneficial for wound healing.

Key ingredients:

Arthred Collagen Peptide: Arthred is a patented, low molecular weight, pharmaceutical grade hydrolysed bovine collagen. It boosts skin collagen production to keep it radiant and youthful. It also helps with joint functioning, heart health, nail and hair health, gut health and brain health. As well as this, it can aid weight loss, and boost muscle mass.

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid helps retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. It boosts skin softness, smoothness and plumpness. As well as this, it increases skin moisture levels and reduces dry skin in adults.

Vitamin C: Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is needed for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. It helps to boost skin brightness and hydration, as well as reducing redness, hyperpigmentation and under-eye circles. Vitamin C also goes hand-in-hand with collagen, as it promotes collagen production and helps prevent sagging skin.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha Lipoic Acid has strong antioxidant properties. It helps to keep the visible signs of aging at bay, while protecting the skin against free radical damage. Additionally, it helps to slow the breakdown of collagen.

Green Tea & Grape Seed Extract: Green Tea Extract is an antioxidant which helps diminish the signs of aging, and calms irritation. As well as this, it helps to sooth redness and swelling, while repairing damaged skin and eliminating dead skin, dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants on the skin’s surface.

Zinc, Magnesium & Copper: These minerals provide antioxidant benefits, as well as aiding with skin healing.


Arthred Collagen Peptide (Amino Acid Composition: Glycine 2260mg, Proline 1535mg, Hydroxyproline 1090mg, Glutamic Acid 1045mg, Alanine 890mg, Arginine 815mg, Aspartic Acid 625mg, Isoleucine And Leucine 460mg, Lysine 335mg, Serine 325mg, Valine 300mg, Histidine 190mg, Phenylalanine 190mg, Threonine 190mg, Hydroxylysine 100mg, Methionine 90mg And Tyrosine 80mg), Maltodextrin De18-19, Rain Protein Flavour – Vanilla (Bf015), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C 97%), Hyaluronic Acid (Food) 90%, Grape Seed Extract 120:1 – 95% Proanthocyanidins 90% Polyphenols (Grapseed), Green Tea Extract 20:1 19% Ecgc (50% Polyphenol Nlt), Silicon Dioxide, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Xylitol Granular, Zinc Citrate 31.2% Dihydrate Powder, Manganese Citrate 22% Powder, Copper Bis-glycinate 29%.

Allergen free.

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