Epic Duo Skin Tool

Enhance your skincare routine with the Osmosis Epic Duo Skin Tool. This outstanding skin tool boosts blood circulation, sculpts the jawline and cheeks and creates tighter, younger-looking skin.


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Osmosis Epic Duo Skin Tool


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The Osmosis Duo Skin Tool combines traditional Gua Sha with the latest Osmosis Beauty Skin Tool technology. The results? An epic 2-in-1 Skin Tool which enhances your skincare routine for transformational results.

The Epic Duo Skin Tool uses Copper Alloy Technology as copper is known to stimulate energy flow.

The Gua Sha side of the Osmosis Epic Duo Skin Tool:

  • - Creates tighter, firmer skin which looks and feels more youthful by encouraging lymphatic drainage
  • - Visibly reduces puffiness and tension in the face, neck and décolleté
  • - Relaxes the facial muscles and tissues to smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • - Improves blood circulation to eliminate dark circles
  • - Contours and sculpts the jawline and cheekbones

The Epic Roller tool side of the Osmosis Epic Duo Skin Tool:

Uses a 360-degree roller which gently penetrates just beyond your skin's lipid barrier to create micro-channels allowing up to 30% more of a product's active ingredients to penetrate deeper and perform more effectively

The easy-to-use precision of the Osmosis Epic Duo Skin Tool allows you to approach your face, neck and décolleté from every angle for maximum all-over results.

The Osmosis Epic Duo Skin Tool features hundreds of mini pyramids that create micro-channels to bring a significant improvement in product performance. This allows your favourite serums to penetrate deeper for more effective results.

With a 360-degree roller, the Epic Duo Skin Tool from Osmosis Beauty massages, shapes and promotes blood circulation. This relaxes the body and mind, eliminates fatigue, and helps to improve dry skin.

Osmosis Beauty focuses on nourishing your skin from the inside out. Furthermore, Osmosis UK products directly target the cause of your skin concerns to deliver permanent improvements.

Using scientifically researched actives, Osmosis skincare ingredients help to uniquely restore and strengthen skin of any age. Resultantly, their transparent formulations and scientific approach has led Osmosis UK to becoming one of the most trusted global skincare brands.

Specialising in anti-aging, as well as rosacea, and blemish-prone skin, the results of Osmosis UK are unmatched.

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How Do You Use Osmosis Epic Duo Skin Tool?

The Epic Duo Skin Tool is split into 2 sections: the Gua Sha Fin Tool and the Epic Roller Tool.

To use the Gua Sha Fin Tool:

Begin by cleansing the skin, and then prep the skin with your favourite serum or facial oil. Holding the tool at an angle, keep steady but gentle pressure and drag from the centre of your face to the outer edge by your ear.

Start from the neck and move upwards along your chin, cheek and very gently around the eye area.

To use the Epic Roller Tool:

Begin by cleansing the skin, and then prep the skin with your favourite serum or facial oil. Then using the Epic Roller Tool work from the centre of the face toward the hairline. Then move from the side of your nose to between the eyebrows and up to the hairline. End by rolling across the forehead to temple. Gently use the EPIC roller at the inner eye and roll to the outer eye.

Massage each side of the face separately, using each tool for 5-10 minutes daily for radiant skin.

How Do You Clean An Osmosis Epic Tool?

Safely sanitize the Osmosis Epic Duo Skin Tool with alcohol or soap and water after use.

Is Osmosis Beauty Medical Grade?

Yes, Osmosis Beauty is a pharmaceutical-grade professional skincare collection.

Copper Alloy.

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