Tensage Concentrate Serum


This is one of the most effective anti-aging serums with a maximum strength growth factor. It also contains intensive hydro system skin moisturizers and skin brightening ingredients.

It corrects and prevents all signs of aging – sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines and dullness, dark spots and pigmentation in as little as 4 weeks.

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This intensive 4-week course is infused with a high concentration of ultra-strength SCA Biorepair Technology (Growth Factor complex) – 50%. It actively tackles the signs of aging and photo-damage on the face, neck, and decollete and stimulate the production of collagen.

It also contains Tensderm phytoestrogen and calcium skin-firming complex and hexapeptide for extra hydration and skin regeneration properties.

Additional active ingredients are used for lightening and brightening and hydrating sun-damaged and mature skin.

After 4 weeks of a course of treatment, the skin will become visibly firmer and smoother, less wrinkly and brighter with a more radiant complexion.

Endocare Tensage Concentrate Ampoules are also ideal for preparing the skin before, and for use during, in-clinic skin regeneration programs and in combination regimes with Vitamin A skin regenerating products.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful anti-aging serum
  • Tighter, smoother and more radiant complexion
  • Contains ultra-strength 50% Growth Factor
  • Firms sagging skin
  • Dramatically improves Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Fades dark spots and pigmentation
  • Brighter and more youthful skin in 4 only weeks

IDEAL FOR: Aging and Mature Skin, Sagging Skin, Sun-Damaged Skin, Prevention of Aging

SKIN TYPE: All Types of Skin including Aging Skin, Mature and Sun-Damaged Skin

Key ingredients:

SCA Biorepair Technology (Growth Factor complex) 50% - naturally snail-derived fibroblast growth factor. It is clinically proved to stimulate the existing fibroblasts and produce new collagen and elastin as well as strengthen the extracellular matrix. It significantly improves elasticity, tightness, fine lines and wrinkles. The fibroblast is an engine behind skin rejuvenation because it produces collagen and elastin, which is what keeps the skin tight and firm. As we age the activity of existing fibroblasts slows down. SCA BioRepair Technology allows re-energize the existing fibroblasts to take them to produce more collagen and elastin.

Albatin: skin whitening agent. Unlike many other skin lighteners that inhibit the production of tyrosinase, Albatin effectively prevents melanin (pigmentation) production,

Alistin: active ingredient that demonstrated its ability to protect the skin integrity from oxidative stress by detoxification, scavenging and damage repairing,

Natriquest: effectively prevents discoloration,

Hydro system skin-moisturizers:  for retention the moisture level in the skin,

Tensderm phytoestrogen:  stimulates functions of estrogen in the body,

Hexapeptide:  made from a unique protein, it's designed to reduce wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and on the forehead and cheeks among other areas.



Aqua Snail Secretion Filtrate Propylene Gycol Glycerin Saccharide Isomerate Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Glcyosaminoglycans Dimethyl Isosorbide PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate Hexylene Glycol

Hexapeptide-10 Caprylyl Glycol Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 Hydrolyzed Caesalpinia spinosa Gum Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate Phenoxyethanol Glucose Fructose Urea Yeast

Amino Acids Ethylhexylglycerin Trehalose Inositol Taurine Betaine Dehydroxanthan Gum Aminoethylphosphinic Acid Parfum Decarboxy Carnosine HCl Butylene Glycol Sucrise Dextrin

Hexyl Nicotinate Glutamic Acid Aspartic Acid Alanine Hydroxycitronellal Coumarin Geraniol Linalool Hexyl Cinnamal Benzyl Salicylate Limonene Butylphenyl Methylpropional

Take one ampoule and open carefully before dispensing a small amount directly onto clean skin on the face. Massage into the skin and take it down onto the neck and decollete

then apply your usual moisturiser.

Apply in the evening for best results.

Each ampoule should last for three days meaning each box of ampoules should last for 30 days.

  1. Susan

    This serum has really made a difference to my neck and décolleté, elasticity is not visible as it used to just after six weeks!!!

  2. Sarah

    A friend recommended it to me and it really works. Do not forget to apply them on the neck and neckline, even if you do not have a product for 3 applications per vial, as indicated in the leaflet, it is worth it.

  3. Amanda

    You can tell from the first ampoule. The face is simply radiant, I don’t know if fewer wrinkles or smoother but looks very healthy and hover. I am a 45-year-old person with few wrinkles but quite flabby.

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