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Vida Glow Clear Advanced Repair is a vegan capsule that fights breakouts and acne. The advanced formula has been designed to target multiple pathways involved in acne, resulting in a reduction of pimples, blackheads, oiliness, and inflammation without causing any side effects.

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Vida Glow Clear Advanced Repair is a unique blend of ingredients that have been formulated to target multiple symptoms of acne.

Clear Advanced Repair Capsules contain two main active ingredients–Acusolve, a clinically-proven strain of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus with 3 billion CFU, and a vegan blend of micro algae oil and linseed oil rich in Omega-3s. AcuSolve acts to balance imbalances in gut health that lead to acne, while the algal and linseed oil blend which helps to balance the skin barrier function and reduce inflammation. The unique formula also contains Vitamin A, Zinc, and Selenium to balance and restore sebum production and skin immune response as well as target pimples and blackheads.

Vida Glow Clear Advanced Repair uses 2-in-1 Cap-In-Cap Technology. This protects the probiotic in the inner cap without requiring refrigeration, allowing historically incompatible ingredients to be combined into one daily capsule. This is ultra convenient, but also increase bioavailability of the formula.  The outer cap is degraded first, followed by the inner cap, to guard against oxidation while helping mask unpleasant tastes and odours.

Vida Glow Clear Advanced Repair is an advanced combination that helps to target the underlying drivers of symptoms of acne, restore good gut microbiome balance, reduce inflammation, balance and restore sebum production as well as protect skin's immune response. This vegetarian/vegan friendly capsules are clean label products making it both safe and effective for everyday use.

Vida Glow’s Clear Advanced Repair is an ingestible daily capsule designed to combat the primary symptoms of acne. It utilises a unique 2-in-1 capsule technology which combines probiotic AcuSolve with efficacious concentrations of omega-rich oils, vitamins and minerals.

Clear Advanced Repair Capsules help to reduce breakouts, heal skin, control sebum production and neutralise acne-causing bacteria in both the skin and gut. After just 1 month of consistent use, users will notice clearer skin with reduced redness and visible results. This vegan formula is suitable for both men and women.

Notably, Vida Glow Trademark Probiotic “Acusolve” is an exclusive strain of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus with 3 Billion CFU clinically proven to target the two main underlying drivers of symptoms of Acne (IGF1 & FOXO1) at acellular level. This active activates in the gut/skin axis and helps to restore the gut microbiome which reduces the severity of acne symptoms.

Clear Advanced Repair Capsules also contains algal and linseed oil blend. This provides a powerful source of omega-3 fatty acids.  These fatty acids are scientifically proven to reduce redness  and inflammation in the skin, and to repair skin barrier integrity.  Lastly, vitamin A is a well-studied vitamin that acts to regulate sebum production and skin cell shedding in the skin upon oral intake.

Clear advanced repair capsules are powered by 2-in-1 cap-in-cap Technology. It is a 2 layer system incorporated into one capsule. When taking clear advanced repair capsules,  the outer cap is degraded first, followed by inner cap. This protects the formulation against oxidation and helps to mask against unpleasant tastes and odours of ingredients.

This protects the probiotic in the inner cap and improves their stability.  This means they are not destroyed by gastric acid upon intake and do not need to be refrigerated. It also allows for historically incompatible ingredients, like omega oils and probiotics to be combined in one convenient daily capsule.

Vida Glow is an Australian beauty brand dedicated to providing scientifically formulated ingestible supplements that help you achieve real, noticeable results. Founded by Anna and Kieran Lahey in 2014, Vida Glow provides some of the highest-quality Marine Collagen products on the market, which naturally promote firmer skin, reduce fine lines and maintain strong hair and nails.

As industry leaders in ingestible beauty products, they prioritize innovation, consistently working to develop pioneering solutions set to launch in 2021 and beyond.

For the busy, modern individual looking for “real” beauty results, Vida Glow offers holistic routines tailored specifically to their needs and lifestyle - using only clinically proven active ingredients of the highest purity available. All of their products are backed by extensive independent research studies conducted by renowned skin professionals, guaranteeing tangible effects on skin health from a cellular-level. Moreover, Vida Glow stands behind its products with an 8-week money-back guarantee – so you can confidently choose them above all the rest.

Vida Glow believes that beauty starts from the inside out. They have designed a scientifically formulated range of ingestible supplements to deliver real results. Vida Glow's hero product is a natural hydrolysed collagen peptide powder that increases skin elasticity and firmness, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and maintains healthy hair and nails. With one unit sold every 4 seconds, we are the number 1 marine collagen brand in the world.

Vida Glow is a brand for people with active lifestyles who don’t have the time to indulge in complicated and superficial beauty routines. Our Skin Professionals are experts in their field that are here to explain how ingestible beauty routines work and their benefits. We strive to create holistic and efficient beauty regimens that will help you look your best no matter what age. This is real beauty tailored for the everyday life.

Vida Glow's philosophy revolves around health and beauty coming from within. They offer ingestible supplements that are designed to target skin issues at a cellular level, traveling through the bloodstream and delivering nutrition to the deepest layers of skin. By combining potent ingredients with effective delivery formats, they look to target the root causes of common skincare problems. Their approach offers clear and tangible results.

To ensure our products are clinically-proven, Vida Glow conducts randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled trials and independent research. They strive to answer specific questions about new processes and actives, such as safety, dosage, efficacy and benefits for skin health. Every product released by Vida Glow is supported by strong clinical data to guarantee the best results for skin health.

For optimal results, take one Vida Glow Clear Advanced Repair Capsule daily - ideally with food.

Results are usually visible in just one month, a three-month regimen is recommended for maximum benefits.


Vida Glow's Clear Advanced Repair is a revolutionary supplement designed to target the root causes of mild to moderate acne. Using its trademark probiotic active AcuSolve™ and potent micronutrients, this once-daily ingestible quickly works on a cellular level to alleviate skin inflammation, reduce excess oil production, and clear up whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. Feel good knowing that Vida Glow's Clear Advanced Repair capsule technology restores skin clarity while renewing your confidence!


Vida Glow Clear is a revolutionary 2-in-1 capsule that combines potent vitamins, minerals, and probiotics specifically designed to combat mild to moderate acne. Its unique inner and outer capsule technology offers the multi-benefit of both ingesting acne-combating actives as well as restoring essential bacteria to protect skin from inflammation and redness.

Vida Glow Clear not only reduces symptoms on the face but also treats chest and back related breakouts triggered by hormonal imbalances, diet and lifestyle choices.


Vida Glow Clear offers a unique solution for the treatment of acne. It is an oral supplement that provides a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics that can work on a cellular level to alleviate multiple symptoms of acne. Before using this supplement, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider to ensure it does not interfere with any existing prescriptions you might be taking.


Vida Glow Clear is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of acne scars. It contains active ingredients that support normal wound healing, allowing for a more effective reduction in scarring. By reducing the excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria that contribute to inflamed blemishes and follicle wall breaks, Clear will help minimize the effect of superficial scarring from acne.


To see the most noticeable results from Vida Glow Clear, it is recommended to take the supplement for at least 3 months. However, results may vary and therefore results may show sooner or later than 3 months.


Vida Glow Clear is targeted at relieving mild to moderate acne breakouts. If you experience cystic acne, with or without nodules, it is suggested that you visit a dermatologist for a customised treatment plan and prescribed medication.


Vida Glow Clear is a supplement specially designed to help prevent and treat acne. This unique formula combines the power of vitamins, minerals and probiotics to target the underlying causes of acne. The active ingredients may cause breakouts temporarily as they work to clear away excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria from your pores, but this is a sign that they are working and should be cleared up by revealing smoother, clearer skin. If symptoms persist, please consult a healthcare professional for assistance.


Vida Glow Clear is an advanced repair supplement that can be taken alongside Radiance Advanced Repair and  other products from the Vida Glow range such as Natural Marine Collagen. However, caution should be taken when combining Clear with Anti-G-Ox, as this could lead to exceeding the daily recommended dosage of 50mg of zinc.


Acne is a skin condition that has varying symptoms depending on the severity. These may include whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, papules, pustules, nodules and cystic lesions. Acne commonly appears on the face, chest, back and shoulders. Non-inflammatory acne is less severe while inflammatory acne is more severe.


Acne is a skin condition that can have multiple causes, from genetics to hormones. Luckily, there are many vitamins and minerals that have been studied for their positive effects on acne symptoms, such as nicotinamide, retinol, vitamin B5, vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, zinc, selenium, DHA and ALA. If you are looking for an effective treatment option to address your acne concerns consider these essential vitamins and active ingredients!


Acne is a common skin condition that can result from a variety of factors, such as diet, stress, genetics, lifestyle or hormonal changes. More specifically, acne occurs when the pores in your skin become clogged with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. These conditions create an environment where acne-causing bacteria can thrive, resulting in spots and other symptoms. When clogged pores become inflamed, a more severe form of acne is seen on the skin.


Acne is the most widespread skin condition, involving a combination of inflammatory and non-inflammatory blemishes such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, papules, cysts, and nodules.


Acne is a skin condition that is caused by clogged pores due to excessive oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. This leads to inflammation.  The best way to reduce acne and the inflammation and redness associated with it is to use treatments that work deep within the skin. Taking oral medications such as Acne pills or other ingestible capsules can help target the root cause of acne on a cellular level by providing therapeutic doses of active ingredients and vitamins that help support healthy skin.


Acne is a chronic skin condition that can occur due to oil glands producing excess sebum, build-up of skin cells and lack of adequate hydration. Symptoms can vary from person to person, but common signs of acne-prone skin include clogged pores, large pores, excess oiliness, blackheads, redness and active lesions. Recognizing these signs early on can help you take preventative steps to minimize the occurrence and severity of breakouts.


Vida Glow Clear is a vegan, naturally derived marine active supplement containing potent omega-3s. Those consuming it may have a mild marine scent and taste, which is normal for such a powerful formulation. If the taste proves too strong for some, we recommend mixing it with a flavored beverage.

Key Ingredients

Vida Glow Trademark Probiotic “Acusolve”–An exclusive strain of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus with 3 Billion CFU clinically proven to target the two main underlying drivers of symptoms of Acne (IGF1 & FOXO1) at acellular level. This active activates in the gut/skin axis and helps to restore the gut microbiome which reduces the severity of acne symptoms.

Algal and linseed oil blend – A vegan micro algae oil rich in Omega 3s.  This balances the skin barrier function and structural integrity.  It also acts as a potent anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin A – A rich vitamin to balance and restore the skins sebum production and oil control. It also regulates skin cell shedding.

Zinc – A trace mineral to directly target pimples and blackheads

Selenium – A micronutrient rich in antioxidants that protects the skins immune response

Full Ingredients

Flaxseed oil, Capsule Coating (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), Schizochytrium sp. oil, Zinc bisglycinate, stabiliser (microcrystalline cellulose), calcium L-ascorbate, D-alpha tocopherol, AcusolveTM (lactobascillus rhamnosus), D-pantothenate calcium, retinol palmitate, capric gluconate, emulsifier (magnesium salts of fatty acids), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), L-selenomethionine.

Vegetarian / vegan friendly capsule that are clean label.

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