Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System

Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System is a revolutionary treatment that helps reduce shedding and hair loss. This system works by stimulating hair growth at the follicle level, offering 6 weeks of validated efficacy with no known side effects.


6 week treatment program (6 x 5ml + derma stamp)


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calecim professional advanced hair system


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Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System is the newest breakthrough in hair regrowth technology. It works by harnessing the power of stem cell science to rejuvenate dormant and sluggish hair follicles and restore a healthy hair cycle.

By targeting inflammatory factors that cause follicle death, it has been scientifically proven to accelerate follicle cell production and quicker results for reborn hair health.

The Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System works to reduce shedding and hair loss. It is clinically tested and proven to be effective within six weeks. The system is gentle and safe and does not have any known side effects.

The Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System uses Calecim's patented stem cell conditioned media which contains key growth factors, peptides and cytokines that trigger prolonging the growth phase in the hair follicle. It also encourages cell growth and suppresses inflammation and hormone cues which can lead to follicle cell death, resulting in thicker, fuller looking hair.

The Calecim Professional Hair Growth System offers an Advanced Hair System 6-week Treatment Program. During this program, you should complete a derma stamping and application routine twice per week, followed by using one ampoule per week for two treatments.

For sustaining strong hair follicle activity, you can then move onto the 3-month Advanced Hair System Maintenance Program which requires completing a derma stamp and application routine just once a week, along with using half an ampoule each week for one treatment. Then you can cycle between these two programs for optimal results.

The system uses all natural ingredients derived from stem cells to stimulate the hair follicle and support growth of thicker, stronger and healthier locks. With regular use, users will experience a boost in hair density while avoiding any harmful side effects.





External stimuli such as diet, UV radiation and pollution exposure, stress, and sleep patterns can interfere with the natural cycle of hair growth. This in turn can result in prematurely stopping hair growth, shrinking of follicles and even cell death. In addition, the internal aging process, genetic tendencies, and hormonal changes in men and women are key drivers of hair thinning and hair loss.

The Calecim professional advanced hair system uniquely incorporates patented stem cell derived growth factors to rejuvenate and repair dormant hair follicles. The system addresses hair loss through its multi-step approach that focuses on both internal and external factors.

It works by regulating the hair growth cycle, which consists of four stages - Anagen (growth), Catagen (regression), Telogen (resting) and Exogen (shedding). It is able to restore healthy hair cycle and accelerating follicle cell production. It also significantly reduces inflammatory factors found on the scalp that cause follicle cell death.

In-vitro results of Cord Lining Conditioned Media on Hair Follicle Cell show a 24% increase in growth of hair follicle cells and a 30x reduction in inflammatory signals that cause follicle cell death.

The Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System is combined with the derma stamp.  This ensures optimal penetration of the product into the scalp.

Calecim Professional is a revolution in anti-aging skincare and hair care. With stem cell technology leading the way, they are pioneering treatments to combat aging skin and hair loss. A decade of research has produced an extensive body of science that fuels the Calecim Professional range, with scientifically-proven results in wrinkle reduction, improved skin tone and texture, and enhanced hair growth.

Calecim Professional is a line of professional and home care products specifically designed to enhance the results of treatments and procedures. The products are proven to reduce wrinkles, firm skin, and improve laxity within 14 days of use. Aestheticians and doctors alike frequently rely on Calecim Professional to optimize their patient's aesthetic results while minimizing post-procedure downtime.

The famous Calecim Professional serum range includes potent and concentrated active ingredients, such as the patented Rejuvenating Conditioned Media. This unique mix of proteins and growth factors are derived from stem cells and work together to deliver impressive results! The provides a unique Youth Messaging system, which has been clinically proven to stimulate anti-aging biochemical pathways within the skin.

Calecim Professional has developed a new advanced  hair regrowth system that is natural, effective, and safe. Utilizing patented stem cell science as the power source for this technology, it has been shown to help restore healthy hair growth within 6 weeks. Stem cell-derived growth factors can reactivate dormant and sluggish hair follicles while reducing harmful inflammatory factors on the scalp that can cause follicle damage and death.

Calecim Professional does not contain any harsh chemicals or unethical ingredients.

With the popularity of Calecim Professional reviews, it is no wonder why the product has gained such high recognition. Not only have users seen anti-aging effects, but hair regrowth results in as little as a few weeks. These before and after images are truly remarkable and speak to the power of Calecim Professional treatments.

Calecim Advanced Hair System is a six-week treatment program aimed to help with hair loss. This system combines an ampoule and derma stamp, which is completed twice a week in areas of hair loss for four times per one parting.

  • Open the ampoule following the direction on the metal ring. Be careful when removing the metal ring.
  • Sterilize the derma stamp with the sterile wipes included in the system.
  • Part hair in the areas experiencing hair loss.
  • Stamp back and forth along the length of the parting. Do this 4 x for one hair parting.
  • Apply a few drops of the Advanced Hair System throughout the derma stamped areas.

After completing the 6 weeks, move onto a three-month maintenance program; completing one derma stamp and application routine once a week while using half of an ampoule that week. To ensure healthy hair follicle activity, cycle between the treatment and maintenance programs when necessary.

Why is the Advanced Hair System Pink?

The Calecim Advanced Hair System contains active growth factors and proteins that rely on the pH balance of the product for optimal effectiveness. This can be monitored with a pH indicator, which will change from light/dark pink to orange when the acidity levels are adequate. If the indicator turns yellow or product becomes cloudy, users should not use it as this suggests conditions are no longer suitable.

Does the Calecim Professional Hair Growth System require the derma stamp?

The Calecim Professional Hair Growth System is most effective when both the serum and the derma stamp are used together. The derma stamp allows for the serum to activate the hair follicles, thereby enhancing results. Without the use of the stamper, observed results may not be achieved.

Are there any conditions that may inhibit the effectiveness of the treatment?

The Calecim Professional advanced hair system provides an unsurpassed level of replenishing treatment for thinning and aging hair. However, certain medical conditions may inhibit its effectiveness. These include vitamin deficiencies, pregnancy or birth, lupus or discoid lupus, rheumatologic conditions or autoimmune disease, thyroid problems, and a history of breast, ovarian, cervical or uterine cancer.

Under what conditions should I avoid using the Advanced Hair System?

The Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System is a revolutionary hair loss treatment product. However, under certain conditions it is advised to avoid using this product. Symptoms such as burning or pain on the scalp, patches of rough, scaly skin or scarring, and pustules or crusting should be present before using the system.

Is it possible to pause the Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System treatment program before completing it?

We advise that the Advanced Hair System be used for a consecutive 6-week period for optimal results, and suggest not stopping half-way through the program as this may impede your desired outcome. As such, we recommend only beginning the treatment system if you are sure that you are able to follow the protocol for 6 weeks.

How quickly can I experience results with the Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System?

Many of our studies have shown that significant results commonly occur within 6 weeks. However, those who continue with their treatment may find even better long-term results. For the best outcomes, we recommend two rounds of treatment over a 12-week period. Keep in mind that individual results may vary.

Can the Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System cure hair loss?

Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System may not be a cure for hair loss, but it is an effective treatment. Its blend of proteins and cytokines aim to slow down and even reverse the effects of hair loss. While there are no complete cures yet, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends this system as a viable solution.

Once I stop using the Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System, will I start losing my hair again?

We recommend a periodic use of the Advanced Hair Serum to help maintain follicle activity and prevent hairs from falling back into inactivity. However, it is important to note that individual results may vary. To support ongoing hair growth, we recommend beginning a regular 3-month maintenance program with one box of Advanced Hair Serum and then resuming the treatment program with another box every 6 weeks.

Are there any side effects?

Hundreds of patients have been monitored while using the Calecim Professional advanced hair system, and no side effects have been reported. The product is safe to use.

How is the Advanced Hair System different from other hair regrowth products?

What makes Calecim Professional's Advanced Hair System unique? The exclusive formula used in this hair regrowth product consists of 100% natural, stem cell-derived growth factors, proteins and cytokines. This complex mix of ingredients has been shown to stimulate hair growth while also inhibiting inflammatory triggers that cause follicle death. With use of the product for 6-12 weeks, users can expect to see visible improvements in their hair growth. Moreover, no animals or humans were harmed during the process of acquiring these stem cells.

Are there any smells associated with the Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System?

No, the product is fragrance-free. However, the high concentration of active ingredients such as Cord Lining extract in the formula may result in a smell that can be detected shortly after application. The smell usually dissipates within a few minutes, so most users don't notice it after that.

Why does my ampoule of Advanced Hair System look and smell different from the last one?

Have you noticed that the ampoule of Calecim Professional's Advanced Hair System looks and smells different from your previous one? This is actually normal, as each batch of Cord Lining from which the extract is derived can be slightly different. Consequently, this results in slight differences in color and smell due to the high concentration of active ingredient used.

Full Ingredients: 

Aqua, hyaluronic acid, 1,2-hexanediol, glycoproteins, soluble collagens, albumin, fibronectins

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