Skin Omegas+ is a skin supplement specifically formulated for the nourishment of dry, dehydrated and flaky skin. Skin Omegas+ combines the power of vitamin A with omega 3 and omega 6. Vitamin A is known as one of the most proven, effective, and powerful options for treating skin issues. It is effective for a wide spectrum of skin complaints, from acne to signs of aging. Omega 3 along with omega 6 fatty acids are crucial to skin function and appearance. Studies suggest omega 3 supplements can fundamentally support healthy skin.

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Skin Omegas+ helps to improve the skin’s defence system and has anti-inflammatory properties. They assist in increasing hydration to all layers of the skin.

Omega 3 along with omega 6 fatty acids are crucial to skin functioning and appearance. Studies suggest omega-3 supplements can fundamentally support healthy skin.

Key Benefits

  • Moisturises skin from inside
  • Nourishes dry skin
  • Includes vitamin A's extra anti-aging benefits
  • Gives skin luminous glow
  • Easy to digest
  • No aftertaste

IDEAL FOR: Skin Omegas+ Is Ideal for Dry, Dehydrated and Flaky Skin. Essential for Acne and Red (Rosacea) Skin. Ideal as Prevention of Skin Dehydration and Aging.

SKIN TYPE: All Skin Types Can Benefit From Skin Omegas+ Including Dry Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Normal Skin, Acne-Prone Skin, Sensitive and Mature Skin.


Advanced Nutrition Skin Omegas+ 180 Softgels

Key ingredients:

Vitamin A - slows the signs of aging, smoothes wrinkles and evens skin tone giving it an extra glow. It also helps to protect skin against UV damage.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 - the only essential fatty acids because the body cannot produce them on its own. They are responsible for maintaining healthy membranes around skin cells.
A deficiency of Omegas in the body reduces the skin's ability to retain water. This is causing dehydration or dry skin. Omega-3 fatty acids boost the skin's natural barrier and increase hydration.


fish oil, capsule shell (fish gelatin and glycerol), evening primrose oil, antioxidant: dl-alpha tocopherol in sunflower oil, vitamin A palmitate, antioxidant: dl-alpha tocopherol


Allergy advice: Contains fish

Free from: Gluten, dairy, yeast, artificial colourings and flavourings
Skin Omegas+ is made with premium, scientifically researched omega 3 from EPAX. It is sourced using methods that conserve marine habitats and resources. EPAX products meet or exceed all global purity standards.
Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements contain only the finest ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body. 


Take 2 gels daily with food.

  1. Hilary

    There are so many nutrition products that it’s hard to figure out which one are better.. Once I discovered Advance Nutrition I never look for anything else..

  2. Keith

    I was sent a pack of Skin Omegas with other products as a present … otherwise, I would never buy it as I would never believe there is a difference with normal Omegas.. Trust me – there is a difference..I always have red dry skin but now it is visibly more hydrated and I feel better!

  3. Clarisa

    And I am buying my Omegas only from Advanced Nutrition – it’s a really truthful company which is so much into skin health. I trust everything they do! My skin, by the way, looks really good!

  4. Daria

    Love it. Doesn’t give me side effects or make me feel funny. Would recommend.

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