Mists & Toners

Mists & Toners

Why it's Dermoi

Toners and face mists are an easy and effective way to incorporate added active ingredients into your skincare routine. For example, you can add a face mist water with hyaluronic acid to your routine to help fight dry skin, or incorporate a face toner with AHAs for added exfoliation.

Furthermore, toners and mists provide an extra boost of hydration to the skin. Not only is hydrated skin better in general, skin that is properly hydrated also absorbs antioxidants more easily.

Toners and mists provide a lightweight, refreshing layer that won't feel greasy on the skin. On top of this, face mists also help to enhance product penetration of your favourite serums.


Using face mists and toners is an essential part of any skincare routine. They help to clean your skin and effortlessly refresh the skin with essential nourishment.

What Is The Difference Between Toners and Facial Mists?

Essentially, toners for face cleanse the skin and help shrink the appearance of pores. Most toners also work to moisturise, protect and refresh the skin. On the other hand, hydrating face mists primarily work to provide freshness, hydration and often help boost product penetration.

Toners and face mists are usually applied as the first step after cleansing. However, face mists can also be applied throughout the day for refreshment.

What Does a Toner Do?

Toners help to remove oil and traces of dirt from the skin as part of the cleansing process. They work to remove dirt, bacteria, makeup and pollution that may have been left behind by your regular cleanser to give your skin a deep clean.

Face toners also work to seal and reduce pore size to protect your skin against environmental aggressors. They also help to relieve skin discomfort by refreshing and rejuvenating the skin.

What Does a Face Mist Do?

Face spray mists deliver instant hydration to the skin, but also work to enhance product penetration. They're great for use in winter to hydrate your skin when it's drier than usual, and are also ideal to add a refreshing spritz to your skin in summer.

How Often Should You Use Toner?

Generally, just like your favourite cleanser, toners are most effective when used once or twice a day. If using twice, apply once in the morning and again in the evening. However usage recommendations vary from toner to toner so be sure to read the 'how to use' on the product packaging.

When Should You Apply Face Mist?

Apply face mist water after cleansing but before moisturising, just like toners. They are also most effective when used twice daily.

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