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Squalane is a lightweight and ultra-nourishing skincare oil that supports the skin barrier function. Supporting the skin barrier is essential in all skincare regimes and the skin barrier is an integral part of overall skin health.

Squalane is naturally found in human sebum where it helps to maintain skin barrier lipids. Squalane has hydrating and antioxidant properties that helps to reduce transepidermal water loss in dryer skin but can be used for all skin types. As squalene is a non-comedogenic oil, oily skin types or acne skin types may also use squalene to help balance oil production and support skin health.


Squalane is a derived from a molecule called squalene. It naturally exists in the body where it maintains the skin barrier and provides moisturising properties.

The skin barrier is essential for skin health as it provides a protective barrier to keep infection and toxins out. In addition, a healthy skin barrier acts as a first line of defence in the immune system and protects against inflammation. It is common for the skin barrier to become damaged through stress, lack of sleep, environmental damage, sun exposure, or improper skincare regimes. When the skin barrier is impaired, the skin is more susceptible to water loss, and becomes inflamed. Chronic impairment of the skin barrier can contribute to premature aging.

Squalane has moisturising properties that maintain the health and integrity of the skin barrier. In fact, squalane is naturally found in skin sebum that lubricates and protects the oil-based skin barrier. Because of this squalane is commonly found in many hydrating skincare products and provides relief to dryer skin types. Squalane can also be used on oily, acne-prone skin types as it is non-comedogenic.

Squalane also provides antioxidant properties and can protect cellular DNA from oxidative damage. Oxidative damage occurs from free radicals in the environment and is a leading cause of inflammation and premature aging.


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