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Our scientific acne treatments deliver real change by improving skin health instead of harming it. You will see immediate results with long-lasting benefits.
Our treatments are proven to reduce scars and prevent acne.

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We use super potent active ingredients tailored to your skin's individual needs.
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Our treatments don't cause redness or irritation
Dermoi! Acne Treatments in London

We have two advanced facials for acne that are designed to cure acne in different ways.  Both treatments go beyond the surface of the skin to provide a deep cleansing, remove dead skin cells, and kill acne bacteria.  They use galvanic technology, ultrasonic stimulation, vibrational massage, and blue LED light therapy for acne to intensify results without irritating the skin.

When you first begin your facial treatments with dermoi!, we recommend that you start with the Acne Vitamin Infusion Facial Treatment.  This is to ensure that your skin is healthy and at an optimal strength for further treatments. Your aesthetician will provide a bespoke consultation and advice, and will work with you on which facial treatments and regimens are beneficial for you as your journey continues.

How We Treat Acne

Acne is caused on a cellular level by excess sebum production, abnormal skin shedding and p.acnes bacteria. This causes an inflammatory immune response in your skin. Acne outbreaks are the result.

Our facials for acne target all cellular causes of acne and they will clear excess sebum, kill acne bacteria, reduce inflammation and regulate skin cell renewal. This means our facial treatments are effective against all types of acne, even the most severe.

These are more severe forms of acne that cause deep-rooted, swollen lumps in the skin that are approximately 1cm in diameter or greater. They can be puss-filled (Cysts) or solid (Nodules). They form when an acne blockage and p.acnes bacteria overgrowth spills into surround tissue to form a deep, swollen lump.
These are moderate forms of acne that cause red bumps which are approximately 5mm-1cm in diameter. These red bumps can be puss-filled (pustules) or solid (papules). This form of acne is caused by blocked pores, but is also caused by an overgrowth of p.acnes bacteria that leads to inflammatory immune response in the skin (red skin).
These are a superficial form of acne that occurs when excess sebum mixes with dead skin cells and clogs a pore. Whiteheads are blocked follicles that are not open to the skin surface. Blackheads are open to the skin surface and are susceptible to oxidation. This oxidation gives blackheads their dark colour.
Immediate Improvements with Long-lasting Results

The results from your first acne treatment will be visible within just a few days. You will see released comedones (whiteheads & blackheads), reduced inflammation, clear pores, and a uniform glow. As the course of your treatment continues, your skin will keep improving giving you long-lasting results and an acne cure. Our facials clear existing acne, prevent future breakouts and heal scarring to restore the skin health.

Long-term results

  • balanced oil production
  • diminished acne
  • reduced facial scarring
  • even skin tone
  • refined skin texture
  • healthy collagen production
Vitamin infusion for acne


  • Proven active ingredients treat severe acne & acne scars
  • Liposomal delivery provides fast & intense results
  • Supports the skin barrier function
  • Stimulates long term collagen production
  • Clears clogged pores & reduces pore size
  • Even skin tone and texture
Facial peel for acne


  • Targets severe acne to improve skin clarity
  • Reduces pore size & evens skin texture
  • Heals deep acne scars
  • Brightens dull & pigmented skin
  • Intensely hydrates dry skin & calms redness
  • Stimulates collagen production & skin regeneration
See the Difference
Dermoi vitamin infusion for acne - before and after results
Dermoi facial peel for acne - before and after results
Why dermoi! provides the best acne treatment in London

At dermoi!, we are results-driven. We believe in scientifically-proven, cosmeceutical facial treatments that go the extra mile to transform your skin. We are skin experts, and it is our mission to help everyone achieve their healthiest skin. We believe in self-love and confidence no matter you skin types, texture, tone, or condition.

We never offer anything that is harmful to skin

We are committed to treating acne with kindness. Our treatments truly restore your skin, and do not utilise harsh ingredients or skin-damaging procedures. Our aim is to increase collagen production in the skin and heal skin conditions through vitamin infusions and moderate facial peels. We are a skin care choice you can trust.

We come to you so you don’t need to travel!

Receiving a proper clinical facial treatments should not be difficult. That’s why we come to you. You can simply book your treatment with our online booking platform at a time that suits you. Your expert aesthetician will come to your door with everything they need to give the highest quality facial treatment.

No need to travel or to rearrange your schedule. Not having to leave the comfort of your own bubble means that you have more time to yourself. It is also better for your skin to start healing immediately without exposing it to pollution and harsh weather conditions, which is why treatments at home are the perfect solution.

We invest in our aestheticians

Our certified and vetted aestheticians are all dermatological experts: qualified to a minimum Level 3 standard with years and sometimes decades of experience and expertise. Our aestheticians provide personalised consultations and advice, and are expertly trained on all technologies used in dermoi! facial treatments.

They also use a special technique of lymphatic massage to deliver a relaxing sensation while providing all the benefits of lymphatic drainage. They deliver relaxing facial treatments to decrease stress as this is good for mental health and skin health, which are directly connected.

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What our customers say
Highly recommended

Such a great concept, having Juliet come to our home was convenient and relaxing. I had the Osmosis acne facial and I can notice a change in my skin and texture. Juliet was incredibly warm and professional - highly recommend.

Acne Healing Treatment
Massage technique was superb too!!! Love it!

I was introduced to Osmosis Skincare treatments today! It has different approach to any other brands which I tried so far! It is against causing trauma .. and is about growing your inner skin health step by step! Really fascinating!! My therapist was lovely too - she explained a lot about ingredients and science behind the brand!! Her massage technique was superb too!!! Love it!

Acne Healing Treatment
Awesome service, and Juliet was taking her time to explain each and every product

Awesome service, and Juliet was taking her time to explain each and every product she was going to apply !def will go for it again !!’

Acne Healing Treatment

I booked this treatment for myself and my mum and Timea was absolutely incredible! She was so knowledgeable and explained every product and its effects when she was applying it. I have oily / acne skin and have suffered with it for a long time ( and to be honest - have never done much about it) but Timea explained what was happening in my skin and what products I should use to make improvements to this and I have to say - I have now been using these products and having treatments for a while and my skin has improved dramatically! Would definitely recommend

Acne Healing Treatment
I will definitely be doing it again

Had a wonderful first time at home experience with Timea. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. Skin felt fabulous afterwards. I will definitely be doing it again and will purchase the products from dermoi store to use between facials.

Acne Healing Treatment
It was very convenient having a top professional come to my home

I had a tailored-to-you facial with Timea. Timea made me feel very relaxed and was a wealth of knowledge on the products she had selected for my skin type. It was very convenient having a top professional come to my home. Thank you.

Acne Healing Treatment
My spots have already started to clear up

I love dermoi! Today I had the oily skin treatment from osmosis and it was amazing, so many different elements. My amazing therapist Timea talked me through all of the benefits and by the time she walked out my door my face was fresh, plump and glowing! My spots have already started to clear up and my bed was the perfect spot for w treatment! Thanks all

Acne Healing Treatment
I’ve received so many compliments about how well I look

I had a wonderful treatment with Timea. She was very knowledgeable about the product range and was able to identify the issues with my skin and tailor my facial accordingly. She even mixed a mask bespoke to my needs! The treatment itself was lovely and calming, and the products smelled divine. Immediately afterwards, my skin felt fresher and nourished, and it was instantly brighter. In the days following, my skin remained clear and healthy and I’ve received so many compliments about how well I look. I’ve tried various facials over the years - with varying results- but this experience is now the one to beat. I’ll be back soon!

Acne Healing Treatment
What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Having a facial at home is the ultimate in luxury, such a treat and Timea was just fantastic. An hour of relaxation; I popped on "spa" music on Spotify as Timea ran me through each and every Osmosis product she used. My skin felt much plumper afterwards and still feels great today (24 hours later). After the treatment I crawled only as far as my sofa, and stayed there. No tube travelling to break the calm. Thanks again Timea, hope to have another treatment soon. x

Acne Healing Treatment
I couldn’t be happier

After coming off the contraceptive pill, my skin got worse than ever with terrible hormonal acne. I tried so many different products and expensive facials but nothing worked. I was then told to try taking Skin Accumax which has changed my life. It is expensive but worth every single penny. I noticed a huge difference within just 2 weeks and within one month my skin had transformed. I have now been taking this for 2 months and get compliments on how flawless my skin is. I couldn’t be happier. Thank your Skin Accumax!

Acne Healing Treatment
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