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Say hello to the “the future of anti-aging”. Award-winning doctor, Johanna Ward founded the leading skin supplement brand ZENii, which has now gone on to win countless awards.

The skin supplement brand focus on 2 main things: preventative skincare solutions and synergy between nutrition and topical skincare.

Clinically proven to treat your skin from the inside and out, ZENii take an innovative approach to skincare. This is thanks to its highly bioavailable formulations. What’s more, Ward believes that “the future of skincare recognises the importance of optimising cellular nutrition”, rather than just treating skin on a surface level.

ZENii targets skin at the cellular level, ensuring that all the key actives penetrate your skin. Resultantly, these are some of the most robust anti-aging protection products on the market. Additionally, each product is meticulously formulated to deliver the very best in clinically proven results.

To boost your skin health further, ZENii delivers only the most active ingredients. These include MSM and vitamin A to increase your nutritional intake no matter your skin type. The brand focuses on the synergy between what goes into the bodies and how we treat our skin topically.

In summary, say goodbye to pesky fine lines and wrinkles, as the brand takes care of your skin health and overall well-being with its anti-aging formulations.

We are proud to be an official ZENii UK Stockist.


What is ZENii?

ZENii is a skincare and skin supplement brand created by Dr. Johanna Ward (a multi-award-winning dermatologist in the United Kingdom). Furthermore, ZENii London is a cutting-edge skincare and skin supplement range that has been meticulously formulated to deliver the very best in clinically proven results.

Moreover, they use ingredients and micronutrients that optimise skin health. In collaboration with a team of doctors, cosmetic scientists, and nutritionists, these results are clinically proven. They also believe that the importance of cellular nourishment will be recognised in the future of skincare.

Additionally, they are changing the way that we think about skincare by emphasising the connection between what we put into our bodies and how we treat our skin.

What Does ZENii Do?

Notably, Dr. Ward is enthusiastic about optimising skin health. She produced the skincare range to allow consumers to experience the incredible relationship that exists between boosting inner nutrition and enhancing the long-term health of your skin. Furthermore, their award-winning products are made with care and enthusiasm using the most innovative and clinically validated ingredients. Moreover, they believe in feeding the skin from both the outside and inside. Their skincare was created to work in tandem with internal nutrition. This is with a vision to boost cellular performance on multiple levels.

Is ZENii Cruelty Free?

As a brand, ZENii are completely cruelty-free. Furthermore, they pride themselves on solely using sustainably sourced ingredients, as well as using only environmentally friendly packaging.

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