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PCA Skin was established in 1990 by aesthetician and dermatologist Margaret Ancira. The anti-aging brand revolutionised the skincare industry becoming the first clinically researched, medical grade professional treatment and daily care product line sold directly to physicians and clinical aestheticians.

As well as this, PCA products take a progressive not aggressive approach. They use effective active ingredients with the correct molecular structure to be biologically relevant for real results.

What’s more, the cosmeceutical brand that has its own patented delivery system called OmniSome Technology. It’s a slow delivery system that releases key actives gradually over a 10-hour period to increase efficacy and reduce irritation.

At Dermoi, we are proud to be an official PCA Skin UK stockist.


What Is PCA Skin?

Known for their peels, over one million PCA Skin peels take place globally each year. They’re used to treat all skin types and skin concerns with fantastic anti-aging results. However, that’s not all. PCA have an additional range of ground-breaking skincare products.

As an organisation, the brand is grounded on three central values: innovation of products, unrivalled client assistance and great training.

Furthermore, for a wide range of skin types and disorders, PCA Skin products offer a solution. What's more, they work to treat each skin condition holistically. Their products combine the most innovative and effective (scientifically backed) ingredients to deliver unique, visible results.

Moreover, PCA Skin develop uniquely formulated products to nourish the health of the skin. They use a combination of effective and safe peeling chemicals that, when used in conjunction with a daily skincare regime, deliver outstanding results.

Additionally, as a brand they adopt a progressive approach to skincare. Consistency is key to them. Furthermore, they formulate their products with ingredients found naturally in the skin and body for maximum compatibility.

How Often Should I Use PCA Skin?

The frequency of use for PCA skincare products differs by product.

Is PCA Skin Cruelty Free?

Animal testing is neither performed nor tolerated by PCA Skin at any time during the formulary development process. Furthermore, they use substances that have been proven safe on human skin during many years of research.

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PCA Skin

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