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Experts have long noted free radicals as the primary cause of premature aging and most products on the market only offer antioxidants to tackle this issue. Lumity's Sara Palmer Hussey, discovered that the free radical theory isn’t quite the full story and it is one of nine interrelated aging causes, all working in tandem to destroy youthful skin cells.

The Lumity Life supplement targets all nine causes of aging, compromising of an innovative formula to support overall health in both men and women.

Additionally, the anti-aging supplement is divided into morning and night-time formulas. The morning formula for the Lumity supplements provides energy and protects the skin throughout the day. On the other hand, the night Lumity supplements formula focuses on overnight cellular repair and works to reduce advanced glycation.

Furthermore, Lumity clinical trials display impressive results. Studies show the skin supplements to be effective at reducing the signs of aging, energy levels, mood, sleep, as well as overall health and wellbeing.

At Dermoi, we are proud to be an official Lumity Life UK stockist.


What Is Lumity Life?

Since its inception in 2013, Lumity have developed an array of scientifically proven nutrient skin supplements and groundbreaking skincare.

First developed by biologist Dr Sara Palmer Hussey (PhD), the Lumity Life supplement began as a concept to sync with your body’s natural circadian rhythm. This concept would develop into a unique formula, packed with vitamins. After vigorous independent clinical trials, the innovative Lumity Life Morning & Night supplements were created. This ground-breaking skin supplement works to support an individual’s wellbeing. Furthermore, the brand quickly developed a following amongst athletes and experts alike!

Their mission statement remains clear: ‘health and beauty start from within.’ They work to create anti-aging supplements and skincare that promote an extra boost to your day. Furthermore, their supplements assist in anti-aging by improving both the way you look and feel.

How Long Does Lumity Life Take to Work?

Lumity Life Morning and Night Supplements take approximately six weeks to really feel the effects. However, within the first four weeks many customers note an increased energy. Furthermore, after two/three months of use, customers noticed healthy hair, improved skin, and stronger nails. Moreover, after four months of continued use all the above benefits are sustained. Additionally, the signs of aging significantly reduce.

Is Lumity Life Vegan?

Lumity Life Morning and Night Supplements contain bovine gelatine, which is unsuitable for a vegetarian or vegan diets.

However, all Lumity Life products are free from sulphate, caffeine, gluten, sugar, melatonin, parabens, and preservatives.

The brand hold values which shine through their products. They develop natural, ethical, and sustainable products. Furthermore, all packaging is 100% recyclable as of 2022.

Lumity Life Supplements Clinical Trials

Scientific testing displays exceptional results for the Lumity Life Morning and Night supplements. Multiple independent clinical trials saw a group of individuals take the ground-breaking supplements. Out of these trials, 92% noticed fewer wrinkles and improved skin. Additionally, 84% experienced an increased immunity. Furthermore, 84% of trial participants reported better sleep and increased energy.

These anti-aging supplements are a must-have in your daily skin and health routine!

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