The Challenges of Supplement Delivery and How YourZooki Overcomes This

If you’re looking for vitamin supplements that actually work and deliver vitamins right into the bloodstream, YourZooki supplements are a must-have. Read on to find out why

Who is YourZooki?

Many vitamin supplements promise to boost vitamin and nutrient intake, yet the reality is that they hardly work. This because vitamins and nutrients need to be both water soluble and oil soluble for it be properly absorbed through the gut and into the bloodstream.

YourZooki on the other hand uses revolutionary technology called liposomes and micelles to help encapsulate vitamins in a sphere called phospholipids for greater absorption. Greater vitamin absorption means the supplements are bioavailable, which increases the potency of the vitamins and its effects.

They have a range of bioavailable products including Vitamin C Zooki, Vitamin D Zooki, Glutathione Zooki, Collagen Zooki, Omega 3 Zooki and Turmeric Zooki. Even though there a major health and skin benefits to supplements, YourZooki has a unique blend of being effective while tasting sweet and refreshing.


How YourZooki Is Changing Supplement Delivery

Since many people want to boost vitamin intake due to a poor and unbalanced diet, the number of supplements being taken of the years have drastically been on the up.

Using only natural ingredients, YourZooki’s products incorporates a new drug delivery system that use water-soluble and oil-soluble liposomes and micelles to distribute the nutrients and vitamins directly into the body.

People unknowingly excrete vitamins and crucial nutrients because of the gut’s destructive properties. To bypass this issue, YourZooki protects and shields the vitamins in a lipid sphere that mimics the effects of a cell membrane

This helps greater vitamin absorption due to its bioavailability and its ease to travel through the digestive tract. It acts as a ‘trojan horse’ and protects the vitamins from the damaging effects of the small and large intestines.

Why Supplements Are Important to Your Skin

Over time, the body interacts with environmental pollutions like UV rays and toxins, not to mention the natural process of ageing depleted the skin’s supple and plump feeling.

You may think the foods you eat include all the necessary vitamins and nutrients but they do not, especially if you eat inorganic or processed foods. Instead, more than likely your diet is stuffed with fats, salts and sugars without any of vital vitamins.

Supplements help counteract this problem because they include powerful antioxidants such as vitamin c and d, which combine to boost the immune system and reduces oxidative stress.

There are nutrients that the body either has a deficiency of due to a poor diet, or completely lacks because it doesn’t naturally produce them. In cases like these, supplements are necessary to better enhance, including repairing cell damage and promoting collagen production.


What Are Liposomes and Micelle Supplements?

Many supplements claim to boost vitamin and nutrient intake, but there is just one problem: the delivery system does not allow the body to fully absorb the vitamins.

The contrast between liposomal and micellar supplements are minimal because their function is similar but their structures are different. They both are efficient at delivering drugs by trapping the nutrients in a small shield, withholding

Liposomes contains an open lipid bilayer, its main function being to carry nutrients and deliver them directly into the cells. Micelles on the other hand have a closed lipid monolater and are better at making the nutrients more soluble.

Considering both liposomes and micelles are small and nano-sized particles, they increase the stability of the delivered drugs as they small enough to enter the bloodstream with little to no impediments.


The YourZooki Products You Need

YourZooki promotes 6 powerful vitamin supplements called YourZooki Marine Collagen, YourZooki Liposomal Vitamin C, YourZooki Liposomal Vitamin D, YourZooki Liposomal Glutathione, YourZooki Micellar Curcumin, and YourZooki Omega 3 Fish Oil.

  • YourZooki Marine Collagen is recommended if collagen production is low, and the skin and bone health is weak. Marine Collagen Zooki breaks down the large collagen proteins, helping more collagen absorption because it breaks it into small, digestible parts. Collagen is also necessary
  • YourZooki Liposomal Vitamin C is best for boosting energy levels and providing protection from oxidative stress. Its liposomal encapsulation means more vitamin c is absorbed longer in the body for a better performing immune system.
  • YourZooki Liposomal Vitamin D is best for rejuvenating bone, muscle and skin health. Vitamin d can naturally be found from the sun, hence why it’s called a ‘sunshine vitamin’. A deficiency of vitamin d causes general fatigue followed with headaches, weak bones, and causes inflammatory ski. Vitamin D Zooki infuses a delicious tasting mix of liposomal antioxidants to stave off fatigue, collagen loss and a compromised immune system.
  • YourZooki Liposomal Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that includes Riboflavin (vitamin b) that scientifically reduces oxidative stress because of the liposomal delivery, meaning the body includes more absorption of vitamin b. Glutathione’s high levels of riboflavin (Vitamin b2 also contributes to maintaining normal cell growth and the function of cellular mitochondria.
  • YourZooki Turmeric uses micellular technology, increasing the curcumin absorption that contains antioxidants like vitamin e, an anti-inflammatory vitamin to reduce free radicals on the skin and oxidative stress. Vitamin e also reduces risk of heart disease Turmeric Zooki is 100% made of natural ingredients, and hence being vegan.
  • YourZooki Omega 3 incorporates EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), both of which help boost brain and psychological function. The fatty acids also protect the skin from inflammation and lowers blood pressure.

How to Get the Most Out of YourZooki:

The wonderful thing about YourZooki is it isn’t just a regular pill or capsule that tastes dull. YourZooki’s supplements all tastes fruity and fun. So much so that you can mix any of the supplements with smoothies, porridges, and yoghurts.

Have one sachet daily with 15ml of water or mix with them with your breakfast for the following supplements:

  • Vitamin C Zooki
  • Vitamin D Zooki
  • Turmeric Zooki
  • Marine Collagen Zooki

For Glutathione Zooki, consume 1ml from a spoon or mix with a smoothy, porridge, and yoghurt.

For Omega 3 Zooki take 2-3 spoons daily (10ml together, 5ml individually), and either consume from spoon directly or mix with a smoothy, porridge or yoghurt.

Author: Naeem Ali

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