Facial Treatments to Boost Skin Confidence & Wellbeing

Skin wellness is a topic that’s been gaining traction recently. By enhancing how your skin looks with facial treatments, you feel more confident in yourself which, in turn, improves your overall wellbeing.

How exactly do you do that? Keep reading to find out how to regain that love for your skin, as well as which facial treatments to add to your skincare routine.

facial treatments

Why Uneven Skin Tone Ruins Your Confidence

Part of the reason why you may be lacking skin confidence is because of your uneven skin tone.

This skin issue is caused by several factors, including:

  • Sun damage
  • Aging
  • Acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation

Uneven skin tone is when your skin produces an abundance of melanin, especially due to prolonged exposure to UV radiation and sun damage.

Melanin is what gives you your natural skin colour and pigment, and generally helps against UV radiation. However, when your skin barrier is weakened by dehydration, sun damage and hyperpigmentation, you are more prone to health risks and an uneven skin tone.

This leads to dark spots, age spots and photoaging, all of which may lead to a lack of skin confidence and wellbeing.

Why Aging Decreases Overall Skin Wellbeing

Another reason why you may be lacking in skin confidence is because of aging. You may think that aging is a natural process and cannot be prevented. In reality however, the aging process is made worse by external factors like UV radiation, environmental stressors and pollutants.

By limiting the effects of these external factors, you can achieve youthful-looking skin and therefore improve your overall wellbeing.

When your skin encounters free radicals, your skin cells become damaged. This is because free radicals are unstable molecules that are highly reactive and therefore destructive to the skin.

Free radicals do this by causing:

  • Facial wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Saggy skin
  • Discolourisation

All these effects can decrease your skin confidence and wellness over time, especially when left untreated over a long period. Free radicals age skin by depleting your collagen and elastin levels, making your skin weak and saggy.

There is a way however to improve your skin and overall wellbeing without the need for antioxidant supplements and skincare products.

facial treatments

Why Facials Boost Your Confidence

Facial treatments are one of the best ways to improve your overall wellbeing while achieving younger, healthier skin.

Generally speaking, facial treatments boost your skin health by targeting the deeper layer of your skin. They do this through deep exfoliation. This is a process that involves removing dead skin cells to help unclog pores and rejuvenate the skin.

Facials treatments boost your skin confidence by:

  • Providing deep hydration
  • Deeply exfoliating
  • Providing strong antioxidant protection
  • Unclogging pores

However, not all facial treatments are the same nor do they provide the same results. Some facials, like microdermabrasion treatments, dermaplaning and deep chemical peels actually do more harm than good when it comes to skin health. This is because they provide only short-term results by stripping the top layer of the skin.

If you want facial treatments that really work and bring out the best in you, try out Dermoi’s curated treatments.

Which Facials Restores Skin Confidence and Wellbeing

There are several facials out there, but few of them give you long-lasting results.

To give you that confidence boost you’re looking for, Dermoi provides you with 3 clinically proven facial treatments that not only boost your skin health but also your confidence.

PCA Skin Perfecting Peel

This clinically proven treatment smoothes out skin texture and balances your skin tone with the most effective PCA Skin products.

The high-performance peel uses OmniSomes delivery to provide 10 hours release of actives and achieve optimal results. It removes wrinkles, discolourisation and uneven skin tone.

Try out the facial now to boost your confidence and improve your overall wellbeing.

PCA Skin Oxygenating Treatment

Sometimes your skin needs antioxidant protection that products alone can’t provide. With PCA Skin Oxygenating Treatment, you will feel more confident as your skin becomes free of the dangerous free radical called superoxide.

This potent facial treatment rejuvenates your skin cells by breaking down the free radicals and replacing them with oxygen molecules for healthier and clearer skin.

Give the oxygenating treatment a go if you need to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the long term.

Osmosis Vitamin Fusion

Providing deep rejuvenation with a holistic approach, Osmosis Vitamin Fusion infuses vitamins, minerals and key actives to reverse the signs of aging and restore your skin health.

Osmosis Beauty uses a liposomal delivery system to maximise penetration and absorption of key actives like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. This helps to fight acne scars, repair damaged cells and induce long-term collagen production. This is ideal for those with dry skin.

If you want to treat your skin from within and get you feeling your best, then add Osmosis Vitamin Fusion to your skincare routine and never look back.

Taking care of your skin is crucial to improving your overall wellness, much like dieting and going to the gym.

Adding Dermoi’s facials takes you one step closer to achieving your skin goals for all skin types. So why not start to boost your confidence before it’s too late?

Author: Naeem Ali


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