Why Osmosis vitamin infusion is such a skin-healing facial treatment?

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The pandemic stress mixed with daily mask-wearing have led many people with new or worsened skin conditions and concerns. Facial treatments can really help targeted specific concerns and skin types and promote healthy and glowing skin. Vitamin infusion therapy is a great facial treatment that works from within the skin to heal it.

What is vitamin infusion therapy for the face?

Vitamin infusion therapy has become a popular facial treatment in recent times, especially common among celebrities, the hydration therapy is the new thing to try out. The treatment promises you better skin health and a glowing complexion. During the therapy, vitamins are administered into your veins, the number of vitamins depending on the individual requirements. The treatment can help with various skin issues such as pigmented or dull skin or other problems like exhaustion and mineral or nutrient deficiency. The infusions help moisturise as well as repair damaged skin while also helping to produce new cells and prevent infections. Furthermore, directly putting the treatment into the veins means that it can provide fast and efficient results as the nutrients go exactly where the body needs them.

What does osmosis facial do to your skin?

The Osmosis facial infusion provides a 30-day collagen production increase while avoiding “damaging the epidermis by penetrating several high-dose active ingredients into the dermis through liposomal delivery”. Osmosis facial infusion helps with skin problems like acne, ageing, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. It can also be customized with powder blends and actives that can increase correction. Other benefits include providing dermal remodelling by increasing circulation, boosting, immunity and skin rejuvenation, as well as creating rapid cell turnover.

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Why Osmosis vitamin infusion is such skin-healing?

Osmosis vitamin infusion is an organic, non-acid, dermal facial treatment that works for all skin types and conditions. The non-acid element provides a non-inflammatory treatment that can work for any skin type without wounding or aggressively exfoliating it. The dosage and treatment are based on your specific skin type and concerns guaranteeing healthy skin, specifically targeting the troubled areas and the best results. Osmosis vitamin infusion provides a complete rejuvenation by remodelling your skin, increasing circulation, and boosting immunity, leaving you with a healthy, glowing complexion. Moreover, it heals red and inflamed spots as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

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What is the best facial treatment?

One of the best facial treatments to try if you are new to treatments or if you just want to try something else is the Osmosis Bespoke Signature Treatment. This treatment combines active vitamin powders and a 2% Vitamin A infusion with serums, masks, massage techniques and technology, all targeting your specific skin type and concerns. Furthermore, it increases fibroblast activity and collagen production in order to promote the reduction of fine lines and the improvement of skin tone and elasticity. The facial also restores capillary flow which helps increase the skin’s nutrition and optimise your skin’s health, as well as, creating immediate and long-term results which leave you with a youthful and glowing complexion. The treatment uses Lymphatic Massage to provide a workout for your skin, strengthening the facial muscles, boosting circulation, releasing endorphins, and reducing stress. Moreover, it uses galvanic technology, ultrasound stimulation, LED light therapy, and vibrating massage. These treatments will provide you with rejuvenated skin, smoothed out wrinkles, tightened facial muscles, boosted blood circulation, and new skin cell production. The Osmosis Bespoke Signature Treatment will result in cell renewal and repair while targeting key skin concerns such as ageing, hyperpigmentation, acne and rosacea.

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Will a facial help clear my skin?

Facial can definitely help clear your skin as it directly targets certain skin issues and specific skin types, and especially if you get a facial infusion it can focus even better on a particular area of concern. Other facials like masks can help clean out pores which promotes better results from your other skincare products. Regular facial treatments can remove blackhead, whitehead and even acne. It is important to note that speaking to a professional about your particular skin concerns is the way to be sure that you are getting the right facial treatment for the best and quickest results.

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Is monthly facial treatment good for the skin?

A monthly facial can be great for the skin, especially as a supplement to your daily skincare routine and help the results of those daily skincare products. It can also help to make your skin feel refreshed and provide it with a glowing complexion. Facials should be done consistently and regularly in order for your skin to look and be at its best.
Monthly facials include numerous internal as well as external facials, such as combating skin issues (discolouration, acne, inflammation, and scarring), minimizing, preventing effects of ageing, cleansing, exfoliating, improving and maintaining skin health, promoting relaxation and increase confidence.

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How long does facial skin take to heal?

Facial scars, such as acne, injuries or burns, can heal very differently compared to scares on different parts of the body. This is the case because the face is constantly exposed to the environment and hardly protected by clothing like the rest of the body. Whereas you can protect other areas while the wound heals, the face is open to bacteria, dirt and other environmental factors. This makes the healing of wounds more difficult, but some treatments and creams can improve the healing process. Facial skin can take from 6 to 12 weeks to properly heal and recover. Practising good wound care while also speaking to a professional for possible treatments is the key for wounds to heal properly and fully.


Author: Julie Heinisch