What makes Skinade different from other collagen drinks?

Collagen supplements are an excellent way to reduce wrinkles, acne and strengthen your skin. Collagen supplements can change the appearance of your skin from within and are an effective anti-ageing treatment with amazing results.

The types of collagen

There are four main types of collage that play an important role in our body’s health:
The first type of collagen makes up 90% of the collagen produced in our body. This type makes up most of our hair, skin and bones and ligaments.
The second type of collagen is found in our cartilage and maintains gut health.
The third type of collagen works with type one to maintain skin and organ health while also supporting our muscles and arteries.
The fourth type of collagen is found in your skin and is essential in making up the barrier that allows for the retention of beneficial molecules like water and electrolytes, and prevents harmful pathogens and chemicals from entering the body

Does the skinade Collagen drink really work?

What is the most effective collagen drink?

Skinade Collagen Drink is the best collagen drink with proven results that reverse the signs of ageing in as quickly as 30 days. The benefits of drinking collagen are that the increased collagen will minimize the appearance of wrinkles by increasing skin elasticity which also makes your skin firmer and gets rid of sagging skin. Skinade is made up of collagen peptides, a type of easily absorbed collagen that stimulate the production of natural collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin which combat signs of ageing. These hydrolysed collagen peptides revive your skin, improve texture and smooth out wrinkles. This collagen drink also contains a compound of concentrated sulphur which improves skin elasticity and hydration, while organic flax seed also treats dryness and improve the skin barrier, maintaining healthy hydrated skin.

Skinade’s collagen drink has additional benefits thanks to its combination of vitamins which support your skin and revive ageing skin. Vitamin C and B protect your skin from harmful, ageing free radicals, while also nourishing your skin by supporting the skin tissue structure and collagen production.

Does taking collagen really make a difference?

As we age, our skin produces less collagen. This process begins around the age of twenty and we can lose between 1 and 1.5% of collagen produced in our skin each year. Taking Skinade collagen drink will encourage natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production in our skin, visibly making your skin appear more youthful. These beneficial effects are evident in Skinade’s clinical trial, which demonstrated how after taking this collagen supplement every day for 100 days, 91% of people saw younger looking skin, while 81% had clearer skin. These amazing results occurred due to the 25.5% increase in collagen density and 28% increased skin elasticity as well as improved skin hydration visible in the skin’s structure after 90 days of the clinical trial.

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What makes Skinade different from other collagen drinks?

Skinade contains a patented type of collagen peptides which have a molecular weight of 2kDal, which is the smallest molecular weight of collagen supplements. This means Skinade’s collagen is quickly absorbed into the body and is fast-acting. Skinade is different from other collagen drinks as it guarantees 90-95% absorption as it is not a collagen powder immersed in liquid but is 100% solution. In addition, the collagen peptides are combined with calcium sorbate which ensures that the collagen peptides are able to function at full capacity and stimulate collagen production in your body.

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I don’t have any wrinkles or skin conditions, can I still benefit from taking Skinade?

Skinade is incredibly beneficial for all skin types as it improves your skin and prevents signs of ageing by increasing your collagen production. Skinade will therefore improve your skin long-term while also brightening your complexion. Skinade contains collagen one and collagen three meaning it will support your skin, organs and muscles. Along with these skin benefits, this liquid collagen drink will improve your gut health by improving your gut lining. Skinade will also help strengthen your nails and hair as well as support muscle growth. Because collagen has an important function in keeping our bodies healthy and maintaining our joints and muscles, Skinade is incredibly beneficial for everyone.

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Is Skinade suitable for vegetarians or diabetics?

Skinade sources its collagen from freshwater fish meaning that while it is natural collagen, low in sodium and mercury free, it is not a vegetarian collagen drink. Skinade, however, is suitable for people with diabetes as it only contains 2kcal of sugar and 0.02g of sucrose. This means you can take this collagen supplement, however, if you have any concerns it is always best to consult your doctor beforehand. Skinade is also free of gluten, hormones and added sugar.

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How much collagen is in Skinade?

Skinade contains 700mg of collagen in every drink, which is brilliant stimulating collagen production in your own body. Fibroblast proliferation, the creation of collagen naturally in the body, begins at 600mg, so Skinade’s higher volume of collagen will encourage faster collagen production and will appear in larger quantities enabling a more drastic change in your skin’s appearance.


What’s the best way to take collagen?

The best way to take collagen is to drink Skinade every day, as the composition of this collagen supplement makes it more effective than most collagen tablets or powders. While introducing this liquid collagen drink into your diet will have the most visible effects on your skin by reducing the signs of ageing and giving you clearer skin, adding collagen-based products into your skincare routine can also support the production of collagen in your skin.

Using a moisturizer like Endocare’s GelCream, will keep your skin hydrated, a necessity in anti ageing treatments, and stimulate fibroblast activity which activates collagen production in the skin, restoring skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles.

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Should I drink collagen every day?

It is best to drink Skinade every day for 90 days to see the best and longest-lasting results. This will enable a 25.5% increase in the collagen density in your body, resulting in clear, even skin and a visible reduction in wrinkles and sagging. Skinade collagen stays in your skin for up to two weeks while also stimulating natural collagen production, so if you forget to take your Skinade drink for one or two days the results will not be compromised. This collagen supplement drink should be used alongside your topical skincare routine to improve the appearance of your skin and leave your skin feeling firmer and more youthful by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin.

Author: Isabella Dockery