What Is Osmosis Beauty’s Patented AC-11 Complex?

Your skin may be showing signs of premature aging. Osmosis Beauty has the perfect solution to that with their innovative formula that actively repairs DNA to boost collagen production.

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What Is Osmosis Beauty?

With many skincare brands claiming to show results, it can be hard to decide which brands to trust. Fortunately for you, we only take on brands that are scientifically backed and incorporate a unique philosophy for better skincare.

Osmosis Beauty is first and foremost a scientific approach to skincare. The brand provides professional skincare with a whole host of products that holistically heal challenging skin conditions.

By using a holistic approach to skincare, Osmosis Beauty are transforming the skin industry with new tools and technology. Skin Mapping, A-C 11 Complex and Zinc Finger technology are just a few examples.

Osmosis products use the latest pharmaceutical-grade delivery systems, allowing nutrients to be more easily absorbed which leads to improved skin health.

What Is Skin Mapping?

Osmosis Beauty also use skin mapping which treats the body and skin through ‘zones’. This revolutionary tool allows you to easily identify which zones on your face link to certain areas of your body. If there is an imbalance in your body, there will be an imbalance on the face, making the tool incredibly useful.

Skin mapping reveals the consequences of those imbalances and shows how keeping the body healthy will improve your skin. This is why Osmosis Beauty has the best skin-body connection on the market.

Talking of revolutionary technology, what’s an AC-11 Complex?

What Is Osmosis Beauty’s AC-11 Complex?

When the skin encounters millions of toxins per day, it is likely that your cells will become damaged. This also means that collagen will be lost, and even your DNA will be broken over time. UV radiation can also cause damage to your DNA.

However, AC-11 is a patented technology that is known to repair DNA by extracting damaged DNA from your cells. Mutated DNA is linked to lower collagen production and increased inflammation. Clawing out the mutated DNA not only removes the noise in the gut but also helps rebuild collagen and therefore heals the skin. This gives AC-11 the added bonus of boosting bioavailability by removing gut ‘noise’.

Supplements that include AC-11 are water-soluble, meaning that the body needn’t spend extra time and energy breaking down the complex. This makes the supplement easier to absorb which makes it better equipped to slow the aging process.

But what product uses AC-11 Complex?

 Introducing the Osmosis Collagen Activator

One of the best products out there for repairing damaged DNA and cells is Osmosis Collagen Activator. The supplement uses a formation of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), a nucleoside that is known to activate energy within the cells. This contributes to healthy collagen production.

Collagen Activator also takes advantage of the patented AC-11 technology to repair damaged DNA by cutting out mutated DNA. This is a scientific approach that has remarkable benefits on the skin, such as controlling pigmentation and preventing scarring.

Here is why we’ve taken on Osmosis Beauty and their brand new Wellness selection.

Protecting the DNA is crucial for keeping the skin healthy. Osmosis Collagen Activator has been clinically proven to improve the metabolism of your cells. By boosting your cellular metabolism, the patented AC-11 complex manages to also stimulate collagen formation. This helps slows down the aging process because collagen is important for your skin’s elasticity.

Additionally, Osmosis Collagen Activator increases the absorption rate of the capsule due to its controlled delivery of the key ingredients in the gastrointestinal tract. Higher absorption increases the stability of the ingredients, making this a powerful anti-aging supplement.


Why Osmosis Beauty Is Dermoi Approved

Dermoi approves Osmosis Collagen Activator because it reverses the signs of aging through proven scientific methods. The supplement utilises an ATP formulation that boosts the energy in the cells and indirectly stimulates collagen production.

Here are its amazing key benefits:

  • Boosts cell energy with ATP formation
  • Enhances collagen production within the skin
  • Repairs cellular DNA with patented AC-11 technology
  • A powerful source of antioxidants
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Maintains muscle tone and health
  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly

What are you waiting for? Check out Osmosis Beauty’s research-driven products here.

Author: Naeem Ali


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