The skincare mistakes most people don’t even know they are doing

So many people are making common skincare mistakes. Big mistakes that mean that not only do they not get the best out of their skincare efforts, but they are actually preventing results from their skincare, and in some cases actually harming and irritating their skin!!

These are things that most people don’t even know they are doing, but if they were to just switch a few small things they would 100% see a difference in their skin.

So, here I’m to share with you, some of the most common skincare mistakes that your probably doing but you don’t even realise it, so stay tuned.

1st Common Skincare Mistake –

Switching your skin routine too frequently – and when I say too frequently, I mean every 4-7 days.

When you care constantly changing your products and introducing more than one product into your routine at a time, you can cause a couple of problems:

  • Number 1 you see results, but you have no idea which products is causing the results,
  • Number 2 you are stimulating your skin so much with too many new products that you cause irritation which harms your skin and can accelerate skin aging over time. And then after this happens you switch again because you think the products are not effective, and it becomes a cycle of constantly irritating your skin and you achieve nothing!
  • Number 3 a product is NOT working for you and you don’t know which on it is

You should introduce 1-2 products into your routine a month, let you know get used to the change. And then the next month you can add more. Its always fantastic to experiment with your skincare but you need to make sure you are doing it in the right way!

2d Skincare Mistake –

Copying other people skin care routine.

While reviews other people skin care routine is such wondering inspiration and it can be education and give you some ideas and very helpful copying someone routine exactly is a BIG mistake because everyone skin is different.

You can be dry, oily dehydrated, your lifestyle is different (your sleep, diet, living location etc) which impacts your skin, and everyone has a different predisposition to skin conditions – some people may be genetics more prone to dark circles or acne while for others it may be rosacea.

So, in reality all of these things come into play when looking to care for you skin, and so taking to time for yourself to focus on your and speak with a expert aesthetician who can guide on what your skin needs is the way to go.

You should not copy skin routines, but you need to speak with a specialist because everyone skin is different and will require an addition routine with products and supplements, and treatments to heal.

Different skin types, concerns, lifestyles, diets, time they can spend on their routine. Investing a session with a aesthetician is the best thing you can do, and you save your money, because you stop buying what doesn’t work, and start focusing on you and your skin .

Skincare mistakes you need to avoid

3d Popular Mistake –

Not giving enough time for your at home skincare to give its effect:

Not giving your product enough time to work is SUCH a common mistake – the outer layer of your skin regenerates every 30 days, so the absolutely minimum it will take for you to see results will be 30 days, but in most cases, it is going to be 10-12 weeks before you start seeing results.

With daily skin care, there are NO QUICK IMMEDIATE RESULTS – anything that burns your skin, or acts to quickly is probably damaging your skin and causing many more problems the long term.

If you want fast results, you need an advanced scientifically proven facial treatment such as a moderate chemical peel or vitamin A infusion, and these are designed to boost results in your skin but are also designed to had ever 3-4 weeks.

So, make sure that you wait consistent and regular with your at home skin care, because this effort and consistence is what will truly transform your skin.

4th Very Common Skincare Mistake – Not using daily SPF

The sun, and UV radiation it produces is one of the biggest agers and aggravators of skin conditions. The sun gives UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays burn, stimulates melanin, and damages our DNA unable to pass thorough glass windows our skin whereas the UVA is responsible to aging, it can also contribute to melanin production and dan damage, causses free radical, as well as premature wrinkles, age spots sagging and dryness and can pass through glass windows.

So, if your using skincare to combat wrinkles, or pigmentation, but you’re not protecting yourself from the sun, then your skincare if not nearly as effective as it could be because it is just working against daily damage that keeps happening over and over.

Whereas if you protect your skin that it can heal the past damage and actually help prevent new damage.

Some skincare ingredients such as chemical exfoliators or retinoids can make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays, so UVB and UVA, and if you not wearing spf, will make your skin worse!!! If you use daily spf u WILL SEE a difference in your skin over time.

mistakes when it comes to skincare

5th Very Common Skincare Mistake – Not relying on skincare with proven results: in short, your using the wrong skincare.

Skincare has become so advanced and it is now a multifaced field that encompasses biology, chemicals, pharmacy and they are proven.

Not relying on scientifically driven skin care  is still a very common skincare mistake.

People claim that toothpaste, or harsh scrubs, or hydrogen peroxide or all these crazy myths and DIY skincare hack will heal your skin, when your skincare is not a hack!

Rubbing lemon on your face will just mess of the ph which harms your skin barrier, and your acid mantle which helps keep your skin acne free.

And then from all of this you accelerate aging and really harm sensitive skin.

Whereas skincare that is designed for skin, and designed to combat inflammation, and designed to give proven results, so it’s been studied for efficacy and safely, and really people have seen improvements – is the skincare you need to use to tackle your skin.

It’s about skin biology, and formulation science (chemistry, pharmacy). No one can prove that their one time solution works like rubbing baking soda on your face, but with studies where a group of people see the result you know the solution is accurate.

These areas scientific studies done on populations of people and results are so intricately measured.  For example, a moderate chemical peel with glycolic is proven to help those suffering with acne and it went through multiple scientific studies.

The last mistake I want to mention – Not having a Skin Goal:

Not knowing what you want to change in your skin/ what you want to achieve. When you speak with your expert aesthetician and go for treatments, having a clear idea of what is the problem helps guide the treatment.

You can also have a road map, maybe it’s clear the can and minimize scarring. And once the acne is cleared, it stimulate collagen production to heal scarring and even skin tone.

This also stops your from being disappoint ted from your skin routine and treatments. Restoring health and hydration and maintaining your skin is also a great goal.

You need realistic goals that you achieve and once it is done you move to the next. Your skin journey and skin health are a long term process.

If you are making any of these common skincare mistakes, and you make some really simple changes and stick with them you will see results for the better! 

Author: Eve Casha, MSc in Pharmaceutical Formulations