The Best Skin Serums That Will Transform Your Skin

What Are Skin Serums?

Skin serums are used to deliver powerful active ingredients deep beneath the skin’s barrier. Skin health deteriorates over time, due to factors including aging and environmental pollutants which can cause an influx of damaging free radicals.

Infamously known as unstable chemicals, free radicals seek to extract oxygen from your cells which can cause fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin and damaged cells. Free radicals and pollutants not only reduce your collagen production but also speed up the aging process.

Face serums counteract skin deterioration by delivering active ingredients in high concentrations. Liposomal serums are even more effective as they use advanced liposomal technology to deliver ingredients deeper into the skin for longer-lasting effects. 

The potent ingredients in serums are absorbed into the skin more efficiently and effectively by using smaller molecules that penetrate the skin barrier more easily. 

Many brands incorporate serums into their daily care, but it is important to note that there are many types of serums for different types of skin.

Why You Should Be Using Skin Serums

Although skin creams and moisturisers have anti-aging benefits, skin serums penetrate deeper into the skin. This is why serums are more effective when applied before moisturising your skin.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using skin serums as part of your daily skincare routine:

  • Smoothes your skin’s surface – Because serums can penetrate deeper into your skin by using smaller molecules, your skin is less likely to become clogged
  • Helps skin retain moisture – Most serums, particularly hydrating serums, use hyaluronic acid which is a substance that binds to water. This locks more water in the skin and keeps skin continually hydrated
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles – Antioxidants neutralise free radicals from damaging the skin. This is why serums are great at increasing cellular activity due to their high concentration of antioxidants. This makes your skin look younger and prevents premature aging
  • Prevents acne breakouts – Serums are more lightweight and absorb easier with no residue left behind. This prevents pores from becoming clogged and therefore reduces inflammation

So which serums are best for your skin?

PCA Skin and Osmosis Beauty Are Revolutionising Skincare 

Despite the potency of skin serums, many brands fail to capitalise on the potential of the ingredients due to their poor delivery system. PCA Skin and Osmosis Beauty however have turned the skincare industry on its head with their revolutionary scientific technologies.

PCA Skin:

Taking liposomal delivery to the next level, PCA Skin encapsulates most of their serums in a patented delivery system called OmniSomes. This not only helps the potent ingredients deeply penetrate the skin barrier but also time-releases the actives over ten hours.

By increasing the stability and efficiency of the ingredients, OmniSome delivery technology maximises the benefits, while minimising irritation. The slow release of the active ingredients ensures deeper penetration with a higher concentration.

Osmosis Beauty:

By treating your skin from the inside out, Osmosis Beauty uses a holistic approach to improve your skin’s health and overall wellbeing. Their serums encapsulate the active ingredients in liposomes, an oil-based sphere that helps deliver the ingredients past the skin barrier and into the dermis. By using liposomal delivery, Osmosis Beauty heals the skin with deeper penetration and longer-lasting results.

Osmosis Beauty also has a catalyst serum that uses a unique Zinc Finger technology to repair DNA more effectively. By clawing out your damaged cells and proteins, DNA repair will increase by 40% with the help of patented AC-11 technology. Zinc Finger is scientifically proven to target the root causes of your skin imbalances with a holistic approach. where Osmosis Beauty treats not just the face, but the whole self, where they focus on healing the skin as well as finding out the underlying causes of skin conditions.

The Best Overall Skin Serum

Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair C Serum

Mixed with active ingredients including ascorbic acid and AC-11, this ingenious repair serum restores DNA proteins to help reverse the visible signs of aging with no side effects.

Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair C Serum not only uses liposomal delivery for more absorption, but it utilises Osmosis Beauty’s Zinc Finger technology. The patented tool cuts out damaged DNA cells to improve DNA repair up to 40%. 

The Best Anti-Aging Skin Serum

Renew – Advanced Retinal Serum

This Osmosis Beauty serum uses the least irritating form of vitamin A on your skin, Retinaldehyde. Retinaldehyde is gentler than retinol on the skin while working eleven times faster than its cousin. It also boosts collagen production while slowing down the aging process.

The vitamin and its benefits are boosted as a result of liposomal encapsulation. This allows the potent antioxidant to penetrate deeper into the skin by shielding it in an oil-based sphere, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin for lasting results.

The Best Skin Serum For Breakouts

PCA Skin Acne Gel

This proven Acne Gel unclogs pores and clears breakouts by using active compounds including salicylic acid and mandelic acid. Overproduction of oil in the sebum glands can clog up pores, but mandelic acid helps control oil levels to clear skin while relieving irritation.

It also uses an OmniSome delivery system for deeper and longer penetration in your skin cells. PCA Acne Gel is ideal for those with sensitive skin. 

The Best Calming Skin Serum

Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum

This revolutionary serum drastically clears redness and improves the appearance of your skin.

It is formulated with Ozonized ethyl oleate which not only neutralises toxins but also refines the surface of your skin to help soothe redness, inflammation and acne scars. Liposomal encapsulation allows for deeper penetration, making this serum a must-have in any sensitive skin type’s skin care routine.

The Best Skin Serum for Discolouration

PCA Skin C&E Advanced

This potent vitamin C and E serum protects your skin from free radicals and oxidative stress, helping to minimise signs of aging and reduce fine lines. The high concentrations of vitamin C and E also help to brighten the skin. 

The skincare ingredient hexylresorcinol also works as a skin-brightening antioxidant to provide an even skin tone and clear your complexion. This vitamin C serum will show visible results within 2 weeks.

The Best Serum for Enlarged Pores

Intensive Clarity Treatment 0.5% Pure Retinol Night

As an encapsulated retinol serum, Intensive Clarity Treatment helps to treat acne breakouts with the help of salicylic acid. With 0.5% retinol, the retinol booster will help balance uneven skin tone while clearing your complexion, unlike other retinol products.

This proven serum also locks moisture in the skin for greater hydration due to the addition of 4% niacinamide. The OmniSome delivery system ensures more of the active ingredients deeply penetrate the skin for longer-lasting results.  Suitable for all skin types.

So grab yourself a serum that’s scientifically proven to work and never look back.

Author: Naeem Ali


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