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Chemical peels have recently become a widespread trend, due to its effectiveness as a facial treatment. Popularised by celebrities and beauty magazines, chemical peels might appear to be unattainable to the average person. However, at Dermoi, a variety of chemical peels are available and affordable to the regular consumer to choose from, as well as being equally as effective and sourced from well-known, clinical brands.

Is a skin peel good for your face?

Chemical peels are generally beneficial to the skin, in the sense that it refines the pores and improves the texture and appearance of your skin. Generally, chemical peels are used to target acne issues, as the potent exfoliating ingredients in the peel are capable of penetrating and treating the deeper layers of the skin. However, peels can be used to treat other skin concerns, such as sun pots, hyperpigmentation and aging. A chemical peel’s ability to encourage cell renewal and the shedding of dead skin allows newer, healthier skin to reveal itself, and thereby alleviating fine lines and wrinkles.

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What’s better: chemical peel or micro-needling?

Firstly, both chemical peels and micro-needling are able to treat deep, pitted acne scars in the skin. However, there are significant differences in the processes involved, as well as other factors. Micro-needling treatments involve the use of a serum rich in nutrients, before puncturing the skin with extremely tiny needles. The idea is that by purposefully damaging the skin in a slight manner will encourage the skin the repair and replenish itself. In this way, it stimulates collagen production and encourages the regeneration of skin cells. An advantage micro-needling has over chemical peels is that it has a short downtime and is able to be used in other parts of the body to treat stretch marks.

Meanwhile, chemical peels involve the application of an extremely potent acid solution onto the skin to shed dead skin cells and encourage the skin to renew itself. Chemical peels can be used to treat ongoing acne problems, and through regularly scheduled treatments, could stop moderate to severe acne. Unfortunately, chemical peels can cause peeling and redness after treatment, and has a longer recovery period.

All in all, it all boils down to what your skin needs and what you prefer. If you have an event to attend, then micro-needling might be the better option due to its short recovery period. But if you’re still suffering from active, ongoing acne, chemical peels are the way to go.

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What is the best facial peel in London?

At Dermoi, there are a variety of chemical peels to choose from depending on your skin condition. One such facial peel at Dermoi uses products from iS Clinical, which is a well-renowned brand that uses high quality, scientifically proven, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients formulated by board certified dermatologists. This facial peel targets acne issues of varying levels, from moderate to severe, using a specially created solution of retinol, glycolic acid and niacinamide. What makes this acne facial peel unique is Dermoi’s inclusion of galvanic technology and LED light therapy to increase the overall effectiveness of this treatment. Furthermore, the most exceptional feature of Dermoi’s acne facial peel is that there is no downtime or recovery period post-treatment.

On the other hand, Dermoi also caters to those suffering from post-acne marks and hyperpigmentation. The PCA Skin Perfecting Peel is made to treat these problems, consisting of an enzymatic and mandelic peel, as well as 10% retinoid booster, and other treatments to alleviate irritation. This peel can help those experiencing the characteristic signs of aging, erasing fine lines and wrinkles through a course of treatments.

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Can I peel my face at home? Is it safe?

There are peels which have been formulated to be safe for use at home. For instance, Biretix’s Micropeel Purifying Exfoliant Treatment is specially formulated for at-home use, and is an effective product for exfoliating the skin once or twice a week. However, purchasing pharma-grade chemical peels online and using them at home carries potential unnecessary risks. This is due to the fact that the average consumer is not trained in how to apply pharma-grade chemical peels. Only trained professional aestheticians and dermatologists are able to apply chemical peels safely and only in the environment of their respective clinics. Applying it wrongly on the face can result in burning, extreme irritation and inflammation, as well as a damaged skin barrier. So, leave it to the professionals.

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Will a chemical peel remove dark spots?

To put it simply, chemical peels have the capability to remove dark spots. The potent chemically exfoliating ingredients—when applied to the skin—are able to slough off dead skin cells and renew the skin in order to bring forth healthier skin. In this way, peels can lighten pigmentation and remove sun spots gradually. However, for people with darker skin and suffer from hyperpigmentation, it is recommended to consult with your dermatologist on which peels are best suited for your skin tone.

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How long after a chemical peel can I wash my face?

Generally, the aftermath of a chemical peel is redness, peeling and increased sensitivity. Firstly, ensure that your facial cleanser does not contain any chemical exfoliants, as it would only further increase the redness and irritation you’re already experiencing. After a chemical peel, it is advised to wash your face 12 to 24 hours with a gentle cleanser without any harsh chemicals. Rinse your face gently, and do not use cleansing mitts or cloths to remove the cleanser. Use a calming cream or ointment after washing your face.

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Can you see results after 1 peel?

Yes, it is possible to see instant results after one peel, especially after going through the recovery period. However, the main thing is to maintain the results you obtain, and doing so requires scheduling regular treatments. This is especially true for anyone suffering from moderate to severe acne. One treatment can help heal the active acne they are currently suffering, but to stop it completely requires further visitations to the clinic to continue treatment for long-term results. It is the same idea with a skincare routine. Continuing with a good, solid skincare routine encourages long-term results and preserves the youth of the skin, in contrast of simply using a product once and expecting that to work for a long time. Thus, proceeding with regular treatments will get you longer lasting results.


How long do chemical peel results last?

Results differ from one peel to another, and this translates to how long the results last as well. For instance, a light peel varies from a deep peel due to the fact that the former can be used for all skin types and treat varying skin conditions. Meanwhile, deep peels are less common, as they use an extremely high potency acid solution and are used to address severe health issues. Deep peels are used to eradicate melanoma cells in order to halt the development of cancer.

If you only do a light peel once, then the results may last as long as 2 months. But continued treatments can make results last for half a year. On the other hand, deep peels can last for decades due to its intended medical purpose.

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Author: Charlene M Teressa