The Benefits of Liposomal Delivery for Supplements

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Liposomal drug delivery is the innovative new way to get your supplements. Haven’t heard of this game-changing new format? Don’t worry – this blog post will fill you in on all you need to know. We’ll explain what liposomes are, why they’re revolutionising modern skincare and how you can jump on the trend…

What Is Liposomal Delivery?

Liposomal drug delivery is a revolutionary new way of transporting important substances, like vitamins, into the body effectively. This unique drug delivery system is changing the way that we get our daily supplements.

It’s already been proven to improve our skin and overall body health by increasing bioavailability. Like tablets, lipsomal supplements are taken orally. They either facilitate absorption directly in the mouth or prevent stomach acids prematurely breaking down the supplement.

In skincare, everything from collagen to vitamin c can be wrapped in liposomes, which are tiny bubbles of phospholipids. This leads to better absorption as the liposomes shield, protect and deliver the supplements through the digestive system and into the bloodstream.

When swallowed the liposomes protect the supplements as they travel into your gut, aiding bioavailability. They are then dispersed and pass through our cell walls to be absorbed. This is possible as liposomes are made up of the same lipids that are found in our cells.

Liposomal Glutathione

Why Are Vitamin and Nutrient Supplements Important For Our Skin?

While your skincare routine plays a part in your skin’s condition, vitamins and nutrients are just as important for overall skin health. Our skin protects our internal mechanisms from potential external dangers, including UV rays and pollution, so it’s vital that we protect it.

Vitamin deficiencies can cause adverse effects on the skin and can increase the risk of skin damage, including skin cancer. Uneven dark circles, skin texture, blotchiness, and premature ageing can also all be related to deficiencies.

Here are some of the best vitamins and nutrients for your skin:

Liposomal Vitamin C

Why Liposomal Delivery Is Revolutionary

In order for a nutritional supplement to be properly absorbed by the body, it must be both water and oil soluble.

Supplements and vitamins that come in tablet forms aren’t capable of doing this which massively reduces bioavailability. This dramatically decreases the amount of vitamin you’re actually getting, essentially rendering them useless. Without liposomal encapsulation, it’s difficult for your body to absorb the supplements so avoid wasting your money on tablet vitamins.

Liposomal supplements have a much higher absorption rate compared to other oral supplement forms. This means that you’re actually getting the dosage you see on the packet. The nutritional industry’s use of liposomes is expected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years.

Advantages of Liposomal Delivery

  • Greater bioavailability and absorption
  • Ability to hold both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds
  • Supports the skin’s barrier, adding lipids
  • Increases penetration so ingredients can permeate the skin rather than remaining on the surface
  • Ability to have controlled releases where the active ingredient is released slowly over time
  • Packaging keeps ingredients stable preventing the product oxidising and degrading
  • Cost effective as you’re able to consume a lower dose with the same effect
  • Non-invasive avoiding the potentially painful alternatives of supplement IV drips or injections
  • Offers a tablet alternate for those where swallowing a tablet is not possible

How to Make the Most Of Liposomes at Home

You may want to first find out if you have any nutrient deficiencies. This is so that you can tailor your supplement intake to get the accurate supplement ratios for your skin. A blood test from a doctor can help you determine this.

You may also want to take a look at the liposomal vitamin list at the top of this page. This will also aid you in identifying the right supplements for your skin type. This will allow you to target any negative effects of nutrient deficiency such as ageing or skin dullness.


Which Liposomal Supplements Are the Best

The best brand currently on the market for liposomal Supplements is YourZooki. The current Zooki range includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Marine Collagen, Glutathione, Turmeric and Omega 3 – all essential for skin health. Each Zooki has been uniquely tailored to the specific nutrient that it delivers in order to maximise bioavailability and stability.

The tailored supplements come in liquid form, allowing for more efficient and effective absorption. The airtight packaging also protects the product, preventing it from breaking down and oxidising. This increases bioavailability meaning that you’re actually getting the advertised dosage.

YourZooki also take pride in using only 100% sustainably sourced, natural ingredients. They place emphasis on avoiding ingredients such as potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and alcohol that are often found in liquid supplements.

Author: Sam Pennington