Skincare Tips: How to Relieve Irritated and Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin can seem difficult to treat at times, but there are a number of solutions for dealing with this skin problem. Have you ever experienced red or painful skin? Do you often have reactions like rashes or sore, stinging skin? You might have irritated skin.

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Dry vs. Sensitive skin

Dry skin appears as a result of skin dehydration, causing your skin to flake, peel or feel rough. Dry skin can be sensitive, as it might feel red and inflamed, however, itchy skin isn’t always dry. Sensitive skin can be experienced along with other skin concerns such as oily skin or mature skin. It is a type of reactive skin that can be easily irritated by cosmetic and skincare products. Unlike dry skin, skin irritation is easily inflamed, with rashes and breakouts appearing frequently. Also, is skin sore to the touch and can be accompanied by dryness. Although some very dry skin may be sore, hypersensitive skin encompasses a variety of sensitivities that occur primarily due to irritation.

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Is sensitive skin a skin type?

Sensitive face is a skin type that is prone to outbreaks, rashes and rosacea. People with sensitive face can have flare ups of these skin irritation symptoms such as skin inflammation, irritation and very dry skin. Unlike other skin types, sensitive face is prone to contact dermatitis, a type of allergic reaction, and irritation by skincare products, making it essential to find products that soothe and prevent inflammation. This skin type can occur alongside other skin types such as oily or dry skin, resulting in combination skin.

Why is my skin so sensitive and red?

Your skin will be red and sensitive due to skin irritation and inflammation. Red, sore skin on your face can occur for a number of reasons related to sensitive skin, such as contact dermatitis, environmental factors and face products. UV rays, heat and pollution can cause skin irritation and trigger skin conditions, such as rosacea and allergic reactions, which people with dry irritated skin can have. Having very dry skin can also cause your skin to become inflamed and sensitive. As well as these, face and makeup products can enflame sensitive skin causing sensitivity and redness as your skin barrier has been irritated.

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Why does my skin feel irritaded to touch?

Your skin will feel sensitive to the touch if you are experiencing skin sensitivity from using harsh face products or because of environmental triggers. Using strong exfoliants can trigger skin sensitivity, so it’s best to use a gentle cleanser. Another factor that causes sensitive face is dryness. If you have sensitive skin, hot and cold weather can trigger facial dryness, which can leave your skin painful to touch, it is therefore vital to use a good moisturizer in order to prevent sensitivity caused by dehydration. This can also occur as a consequence of allergic reaction and rosacea flare ups, causing your skin to feel itchy and sore to the touch.

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What soothes red irritated skin?

Ingredients like niacinamide and algae soothe irritated and red skin. Ceramides also help protect the skin barrier, calming redness, while retinol increases skin cell turnover, allowing your skin to recover quickly from flare ups of sensitive, red skin. These ingredients are all incredibly effective in soothing irritated skin.

PCA Skin’s Anti-Redness Serum contains effective ingredients that calm facial redness and sensitivity. Containing algae and chamomile derived extracts that minimize the appearance of redness and heal your skin, this product is perfect for reducing skin sensitivity and treating redness and rashes. This product should be followed by a moisturizer to maintain your skin’s hydration levels, and protect your skin, preventing dryness and further irritation.

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What is the best retinol product for sensitive skin?

The best retinol product for hypersensitive skin is the PCA Skin Retinol Treatment. This retinol product stimulates collagen production in the skin which will improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of redness. This product is perfect as it contains soothing niacinamide, which also helps reduce sensitivity and remoisturize your skin. This retinol treatment also includes ceramide, which improves the skin barrier preventing moisture loss and protecting your face from environmental irritants. This retinol is the perfect option for sensitive skin as this powerful formula clarifies the skin and minimizes redness, but is gentle enough, thanks to the combination of niacinamide and ceramides.

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Is retinol safe for itchy skin?

Retinol is a skincare ingredient made of vitamin a that increases skin cell turnover and gets rid of redness, acne, fine lines and wrinkles and increases the production of collagen in the skin. Retinol is safe to use on sensitive skin but works best when combined with ingredients like niacinamide and ceramides that keep the skin moisturized and improve the skin barrier. This is because retinol is a treatment that can cause skin dryness and peeling in its initial use, as it takes up to six weeks for our skin to adapt to the treatment. It is therefore best to choose a retinol serum that accommodates for skin sensitivity, like the PCA Skin Retinol Treatment for Sensitive Skin, as this treatment will prevent irritation because of the combination of ingredients that balance the effects of retinol. Using a retinol on hypersensitive skin can prevent acne breakouts and help maintain healthy skin.

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What is the best moisturiser?

The best moisturiser is the PCA Skin ReBalance Moisturizer. PCA Skin’s Rebalance moisturizer is perfect for calming and hydrating sensitive skin as it strengthens your skin barrier and restores moisture to the skin. This will have calming effects for hypersensitive skin, reducing the appearance of redness and calming skin sensitivity. This moisturizer contains vitamins B5 and E which lock moisture into your skin and soothe painful irritated skin. Antioxidant vitamin E also protects your skin from irritation by free radicals, which are environmental irritants that inflame our skin and cause signs of ageing.
In addition to these excellent vitamins, this moisturizer contains Borage seed oil and Evening Primrose oil which nourish your face and protect your skin barrier. This product is excellent for treating hypersensitive or dry irritated skin and prevents further inflammation from environmental triggers.

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Can sensitive skin be cured?

Sensitive face cannot be cured as it is a skin type, but this doesn’t mean that you need to suffer with symptoms. This can be treated by using skincare products for this skin type and avoiding products that irritate or inflame your skin. Using skincare that contain ingredients such as vitamin E, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid can help moisturize and protect your face, while also soothing your skin. Inflammations can also be prevented by avoiding allergy irritants. Although skin irritation can be painful and disagreeable, by using the right products you can prevent skin irritation and inflammation and make the symptoms of sensitive skin disappear.

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Author: Isabella Dockery