Skinade Skincare: The Delicious Collagen Drink for Beautiful Skin

Does the skinade Collagen drink really work?

As one ages, the collagen levels in your skin decreases. This leads to the loss of plump and youthful skin, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. How to maintain and raise the collagen levels in the skin is the issue, as it shows that topical collagen serums do not affect the skin’s collagen levels as we thought it would. But the rising popularity of collagen drinks as a scientifically proven alternative is epitomised in the brand: Skinade.

What is Skinade?

Skinade is a skincare brand that creates delicious collagen drinks targeted for anyone who’s looking to preserve or increase their collagen levels. Skinade could be described to be for those with mature skin types, or those who have begun to see the first signs of aging.

What does Skinade do?

Skinade creates their prized Skinade Collagen Drink with the assistance of top UK scientists to formulate their multi-award-winning product. The Skinade Collagen Drink is filled with well-established, active ingredients to improve and treat the characteristic signs of aging through amplifying the skin’s collagen levels.

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What are the benefits of Skinade?

The Skinade Collagen Drink offers a variety of skincare benefits seen over a period of time. Their product formulation involves high quality ingredients, such as collagen peptides and potent nutrients to return the skin’s elasticity and plumpness. These ingredients assist the skin in retaining and returning the skin’s hydration, texture and strength, as well as refining its appearance.

Does the skinade Collagen drink really work?

What makes Skinade different from other collagen drink?

Skinade is a brand that utilises its own unique formulation of hydrolysed collagen peptides that is unlike any other collagen drink. These specially created collagen peptides are made to be easily absorbed into the gut in order to encourage collagen production in the body. The addition of vitamins C and B, along with omegas 3 and 6 also helps protect the skin’s barrier and retain hydration levels and manage sebum production. Furthermore, Skinade is purposefully made to drastically improve the skin within 30 days, as its liquid format ensures that 90% of benefits are absorbed into the skin.

At Dermoi, Skinade offers its 150ml product in different quantities: five bottles; ten bottles; and thirty bottles. Customers are recommended to drink once a day, as such buying thirty bottles constitutes a full month’s use.

How frequently should I take a collagen drink?

With regards to the Skinade Collagen Drink, it is intended to be consumed once daily and at any time. However, unlike other collagen drinks, the Skinade Collagen Drink is able to remain and work in the gut for an estimated two weeks. So, if you accidentally skip one day, it is perfectly okay, as the collagen peptides continue to work regardless. This is unlike any other collagen drink, which shows Skinade’s unique formulation in comparison to other brands’ collagen drink products.

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Is Skinade’s collagen drink safe to take?

Generally, Skinade is formulated with safe-to-consume ingredients. The Skinade Collagen Drink is gluten-free, and does not contain any artificial colouring or bovine and porcine ingredients. There are also no harmful, unnecessary hormones or alcohol included in the ingredient formulation.

However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended to consult with your physician before consuming this drink, in order to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Why do I need to improve the collagen levels in my skin?

As mentioned before, collagen in the body is responsible for keeping the skin plump and youthful. Once you hit your mid-thirties, your collagen levels begin to decrease due to an accumulation of factors throughout your daily life. These factors could be: stress; caffeine; pollution; smoking; sun damage. All these factors could damage collagen fibres due to free radicals, which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin, and a growing difficulty for the skin to heal wounds.

There are a variety of methods to maintain and re-build the collagen in your skin. One such method is through watching your diet. Eating foods such as tuna; salmon; beans; and bell peppers could help your body stimulate collagen production. Another method of combating collagen loss is the religious use of sunscreen daily, with a broad-spectrum SPF, a strength of up to 30, and a high PA rating. This is to protect the skin from UV damage, and the resulting denigration of collagen fibres.


What results will I see from taking Skinade’s collagen drink and how long will it take?

Skinade intends to show drastic improvement in the skin for a duration of up to 30 days of thorough consumption of the product. Their inclusion of high quality ingredients such as their unique hydrolysed marine collagen peptides and other nutrients ensures better improvements of sagging skin. Taking the Skinade Collagen Drink for 30 days daily will result in increased hydration and moisture levels; refine the tone and texture of the skin; as well as decrease fine lines and wrinkles. The increase of hyaluronic acid in the skin leads to volume and plumpness, along with a rise in collagen density.

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Who should take Skinade and at what age?

The Skinade Collagen Drink could be consumed for anyone looking to start preserving the collagen levels in their skin (around their early twenties), or by people who’ve started seeing the first signs of aging (early to mid-thirties). However, for people in their early twenties who are looking to preserve the collagen in their skin, it is not certain how drastic of an improvement could be seen by the end of a 30-day course, in contrast with people who already have the characteristic signs of aging.

As mentioned previously, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or even anyone with any underlying health conditions should take precautions before consuming this drink, and to consult your doctor before doing so.


Should I still use face creams if I take Skinade?

To put it simply, yes, it is still recommended to resume with your normal skincare routine whilst taking the Skinade Collagen Drink. In fact, the official Skinade website advises to think of this product as another part of your skincare routine. Furthermore, the Skinade product serves as an extra boost to your skincare routine, and to further amplify anti-aging results. As such, still using face creams in addition to consuming Skinade will help shield and retain moisture to the skin, as well as prevent and treat the characteristic signs of aging.

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Doesn’t the body produce its own collagen?

Yes, the body does produce its own collagen, but aging naturally slows down the collagen-making process in the body. This is because the absorption process of nutrients gradually turns deficient as one ages and leads to a lack of ingredients for the body to create collagen. On the other hand, the body is unable to create more collagen if it does not have the necessary nutrients and amino acids, and so, poor diet is a contributing factor to the loss of collagen. As a result, the muscles in your body begins to thin, and the skin on your face and neck starts to lose its elasticity, thus leading to the formation of wrinkles.

Author: Charlene M Teressa