Reasons Why Facial Treatments Are better at Home

There is a rise in people finding it convenient to perform facial treatments at home rather than go visit a clinic or beauty salon. This is especially true in the times we are living in currently, as the pandemic encourages less face-to-face social interaction to prevent the spread of COVID. There lies an availability of skincare products and facial devices in the market to supplant the present inaccessibility of in-office facial treatments. However, there indeed lies the need for precautions to be set in place when doing these treatments at home, which will be discussed further below.

Facial Treatments

What is a facial treatment?

Firstly, there is a need to define what a facial treatment is and what it entails. A facial treatment is a process consisting of the analysation of the state and type of skin; cleansing; steam; exfoliation; extraction; masks; serums; and massages. Facials are catered for your specific skin type (i.e. dry, oily) and skin condition (i.e. dehydration, acne). There are different sorts of facials, from chemical peels to microdermabrasion, which treat skin concerns ranging from severe acne to fine lines and wrinkles.

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What are the benefits of having a facial treatment?

These treatments are intended to maintain skin health, as well as rid the skin of daily cumulative pollutants in order to improve skin texture and tone. It is also a great way to continue preserving one’s youthful appearance, hence, to slow down the onset of aging. Facials involve the use of medical-grade skincare ingredients which are usually found only in their clinics/spas to achieve instant results and a dewy glow upon the completion of the facial.

Doing facials regularly—such as once every few weeks or per month—will entail long-term results for your skin. Facials are a good way to relieve stress, both physically and mentally, and helps the circulation of blood in the skin. It also provides a deep cleanse for the skin to prevent regular breakouts (if you suffer from them), along with allowing better penetration of skincare ingredients into the skin.

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Which facial is best for all skin types?

A standard (or classic) facial is, basically, a gateway for those who are novices in getting facials and are not so intimately knowledgeable of their skin. Generally, in a standard facial, the aesthetician will analyse their client’s skin in order to understand their skin type or whatever skin condition they are suffering from. Then the aesthetician will proceed with cleansing the skin of makeup and sunscreen; steaming; extraction/exfoliation; masks; massage; and final application of products. Those with skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema are recommended not to go through the steaming stage as it will irritate your skin.

Extractions are beneficial—especially for acne-prone skin—to unclog pores and halt the development of breakouts. Although the process is suited for all skin types, it involves varying degrees of discomfort for those who are not used to the sensation. But you can inform your aesthetician to alleviate the pressure and intensity when doing the extraction or simply stop it altogether.

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Is it safe to do a facial treatment at home?

Doing facial treatments at home have become a more attractive notion, wherein it is remarkably cheaper to do so than to go to a spa or beauty salon. Especially in the situation, we’re all in presently, where COVID makes it nearly impossible to do face-to-face interactions, much less visit an aesthetician to perform a facial. The pandemic also provides us with more time to explore and create our own facial treatment at home with your favourite skincare products.

Generally speaking, there are safe at-home treatments to do for your skin, such as purchasing a facial steamer or LED masks to stimulate collagen production. Using masks with chemical exfoliants in place of chemical peels done in clinics to encourage rapid cell-turnover to lighten pigmentation and reduce acne breakouts. Giving yourself an at-home facial massage is also safe to do, allowing time for your skin (and yourself) to de-stress and relax the muscles in the skin.

However, we must also remember that most of us are not aestheticians and are not trained to handle medical-grade products or ingredients, especially at home. For instance, purchasing professional chemical peels online and using them at home entails potential risks, such as the skin experiencing an excessive burning sensation which could further damage or exacerbate some skin conditions. Acids containing less than 10% concentration are suitable for at-home treatments, but 30% and above are best left for professionals to handle. Hence, it is best not to get too cavalier, as well as doing your research before purchasing medical-grade skincare ingredients online.

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How can I do facial treatment on my own?

When doing an at-home facial treatment, one of the first steps that you could do is to simulate a similar atmosphere like that in a beauty salon. Lighting a scented candle or playing relaxing music could help create a calming atmosphere to de-stress.

Once that’s done, cleansing your skin is an essential step before doing anything else. The double-cleansing method is effective in removing makeup and waterproof sunscreen with an oil-based cleanser as a first step. Next, using a water-based cleanser that is suited for your skin type is also pivotal. For instance, the iS Clinical Pure Clarity Collection is suited for oily and acne-prone skin types, offering a deep cleanse as they consist of glycolic and salicylic acid to unclog pores. Those with dry or mature skin should be looking into cream cleansers.

Buying a facial steamer is optional, but certainly helps in opening the pores, which helps prep the skin for exfoliation. But if you decide not to buy a facial steamer, there are other inexpensive options available. Simply prepare a bowl of hot water and position your face over it, or steep your towel in hot water (not enough to burn) and cover your face with it.

After steaming, proceed with exfoliation to remove dead skin cells on the skin. However, using physical exfoliators (i.e. scrubs) can lead to the risk of creating micro-tears in the skin if you’re not careful. In this step, using a chemical/enzyme exfoliator is best, such as the Biretix Micropeel Purifying Exfoliant Treatment, to improve skin texture and appearance. Apply the chemical exfoliating treatment on your oily T-zone or on problem areas. Take note, however, that extractions should be left to a professional.

Once you rinse off the exfoliating treatment, you can slip in a sheet mask or any hydrating treatment to restore hydration to the skin. PCA Skin’s Hydrating Mask is a good option to look into. Lastly, lock in all the hydration with a moisturiser or sleeping mask. In this step, you can opt to use a jade roller for a facial massage.

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How often should I do a home facial?

Just as you do with an in-office facial treatment, doing at-home facial treatments should occur every 4-6 weeks, or once a month if you have very sensitive and reactive skin. It is vital that the skin is given a deep cleanse in order to reduce the effects of environmental stressors, which could lead to premature aging as well as inflammation of the skin. Those who suffer from acne and pigmentation issues have to be diligent in caring for their skin and doing facials to cleanse the pores and reduce acne breakouts.

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Are facial treatments worth it?

Facials are, to put it simply, an investment for your skin. Maintaining the health of your skin through facial treatments are a sure-fire way of preserving youth and reducing the damage accrued as you age. All of us want to look younger than we do, especially when we hit our 30s and beyond. Just like buying a facial steamer or an LED mask, we are investing in these products, trusting that they’d be able to help us obtain good skin in the long-run.

Furthermore, getting facials are beneficial to us psychologically, allowing us to de-stress from our everyday lives. Having dewy, clear skin by the end of your facial will assist in boosting your self-esteem. Everyone deserves a bit of downtime, and getting facials are worth every penny.

Author: Charlene Teressa