Why we chose Osmosis Beauty as a dermoi! leading skincare partner

dermoi! Home of Cosmeceutical Skincare,  is a young concept that combines effective and advanced homecare products with personalised skincare analysis, advice, and treatments in the comfort of your own home. Every partner of dermoi! is carefully selected based on scientific achievements, clinical proofs, and analyses by our inhouse scientists and skin therapists.

These are the reasons why we chose Osmosis Beauty:

  1. Transparent formulations
  2. Non-toxic ingredients essential to activate repair
  3. Pharmaceutical-grade delivery systems;
  4. Trusted results backed by clinically proven science
  5. Holistic healing

Since 2007, Osmosis has been one of the most advanced professional skincare brands in the U.S. and globally. Osmosis works with more than 5,300 professional estheticians and doctors worldwide. Over 1,800 resorts, spas, medi spas, and prestige retailers offer Osmosis professional and home care products and treatments.

Since 2007, Osmosis has been one of the most advanced professional skincare brands in the U.S. and globally. Osmosis works with more than 5,300 professional estheticians and doctors worldwide.


Mission of Osmosis Beauty:

Osmosis treats the skin differently. Osmosis’s mission is to empower the skin’s innate ability to heal itself. It will create real, lasting results without compromise. Rooted in the science of the skin-body connection, Osmosis goes deeper than just skin to target the source of common concerns. It’s approach to skin combines detox strategies with medical-grade, non-toxic, topical formulas and strategic facial treatments. This allows to achieve total transformations and overall well-being.

Osmosis Skincare: Polish Cranberry Enzyme Mask

The main principles of Osmosis

Focus on results

By definition, medical skincare lines should be the most active and correcting skincare available.  Osmosis Beauty takes it one step further in merging holistic methods with advanced technology.  This creates more repair than any other strategy. It is a well-understood fact that the skin performs best when it is not compromised. Osmosis chooses ingredients that do not burden the immune system with inflammation as not only does inflammation accelerate aging, but it also reduces the capacity for the skin to maintain its collagen density, DNA, and barrier health.

Ingredients and technology focused

Osmosis Beauty has a remarkable collection of patented and exclusive ingredients that cannot be found elsewhere. One example of this is their liposomal retinaldehyde, which is one of most tolerated retinol while also being clinically proven and effective collagen stimulator available.

Skin barrier health is a priority

Osmosis Beauty believes that other skincare lines focus on exfoliating the epidermis every day. Research has shown this causes skin sensitivity, sun sensitivity, and dehydration. Osmosis’s serums protect the barrier while maximizing the age-reversing repair that is possible with better delivery systems.

Osmosis skincare products specifically target the dermal-epidermal junction with patented oxidation repair technology, vital lipids, and proteins to encourage a healthier protective barrier while gently driving in the components the skin needs to activate repair.

DNA Repair

Osmosis skincare is against commonly used retinols and acids that according to Osmosis are proven to cause DNA damage. DNA health plays an important role in maintaining skin health. Osmosis’s liposomal retinaldehyde is UVB protective and stabilized, thus dramatically reducing the potential for DNA damage. Osmosis Beauty uses advanced DNA repair approaches, including their own patented Zinc Finger Technology and AC-11 that are clinically proven to holistically treat pre-cancerous lesions.

Clean ingredients

This is becoming more and more important to professionals because toxic and irritating ingredients detract from lasting results. The skin is constantly defending itself from the environment, so it does not need the additional burden of managing skincare toxins. Osmosis’s clean ingredients have also allowed many of their products to be oncology friendly.

Osmosis Skincare: Polish Cranberry Enzyme Mask

The numerous achievements of Osmosis Skincare

Pharmaceutical-grade Liposomal delivery systems

There are about 100 trillion cells in the human body and all of them have a similar makeup. Each cell is protected by a phospholipid bilayer. The phospholipid bilayer is the major component that forms the cell membrane. It acts as a gate allowing only certain molecules to pass through into the cell. To obtain better product penetration, Osmosis Beauty uses a Liposomal Delivery System to transfer key ingredients through the cell membrane and thus farther into the layers of the skin. This technology is used in most Osmosis serums.


Zinc Finger Technology

Zinc fingers are used by all cells in the repair and formation of DNA, RNA, and proteins. They are composed of an atom of zinc that holds two loops of protein together to form a “finger.” Zinc finger proteins have many potential uses. Zinc Finger Technology uses the components of zinc fingers that stimulate their formation and activation in the skin.  It results in wound healing and DNA repair. Osmosis uses zinc fingers to aid in the repair of damaged DNA by “turning on” the repair gene so the damage can be “cut” out.

Key ingredients in Osmosis’ Catalyst AC-11 DNA repair serum help smooth this process. Repairing damaged DNA aids to several aspects of skin health. This includes:

  • Rebuild Collagen
  • Provide Sun Protection
  • Pigment Control and Normalization
  • Prevent Scarring
  • Heal “Broken” Capillaries
  • Heal the Skin
osmosis skincare catalyst-ac 11 dna repair serum

Growth Factors and Stem Factors

Growth factors are produced by the body to control growth, division, and maturation of cells. They are the most important for regulation of the division and the production of cells.

Why Osmosis Growth Factor unique?

  1. Osmosis has much higher number and more complete collection of growth factors.
  2. Growth factors of Osmosis Beauty go through perfecting manufacturing process by creating exosomes. Exosomes are protective envelopes that surround each growth factor allowing it to have a longer life, better penetration, and more activation at the receptor site.
  3. Growth factors of Osmosis when applied topically to the skin, can encourage multiple cell type growth to repair and replace damaged cells. It also protects the skin and stimulates growth of new cells.

Growth factors found in Osmosis products

Cell and tissue survival promoting factors (1,000-20,000 PG/ML):

  • IGFP (Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein): stimulate the survival, and promote the proliferation and differentiation of many cell types. Delays replicative senescence of fibroblast.
  • TIMPs (Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases): TIMPs, inhibitors of MMPs (Matrix metallopreinases) and prevents ECM degradation and promotes cell proliferation and has anti-apoptotic effect.
  • DDK-1 (Dickkopf-1): Inhibitor of Wnt/ß-catenin signaling pathway, DDK-1 is absent in scleroderma skin.

Skin cell growth promoting factors (100-300 PG/ML):

  • FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor): has role in proliferation and differentiation of wide varieties of cell and tissues.
  • EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor): promotes cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation.

Wound healing and tissue reorganising factor:

  • uPAR (Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator Receptor (CD87)): involved in tissue reorganization and wound healing.

Blood vessel promoting factors (50-2,00 PG/ML):

  • Ang-1 (Angeiopoietin-1): promotes blood vessel growth.
  • Angeogenin: potent stimulator of blood vessel growth through angiogenesis.
  • VEGF R1 (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor R1): involved in angiogenesis and may function as regulator of VEGF mediated vasculogenesis and angiogenesis.

Anti-inflammatory factors (200-1,000 PG/ML):

  • TNF R1 (Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor 1): The TNF R1 protein when secreted may function as a TNF (causesinflammation) antagonist. RA down regulation.
  • TGF-ß1 (LAP Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1): Function as regulation of inflammation process
osmosis skincare stemfactor growth factor serum