Lips Care: Extra care for the most sensitive skin

When discussing skincare, more often than not, our lips are considered unimportant and seen to require less maintenance. However, our lips are extremely sensitive and can lead to immense damage if they are left untreated. If you suffer from dry, chapped or peeling lips, you may be concerned and looking for effective remedies to soothe this condition. Fortunately, Dermoi! offers a wide range of products that can help soothe irritated lips and even offer advice on how to maintain healthier looking lips.

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Why are my lips so dry?

Our lips are very sensitive to changes in our lifestyles and environment, so it is vital that you monitor the health of your lips to see when changes arise. For example, you may suffer from dry lips during the winter months, especially if there is little to no humidity in the air to keep them hydrated. In contrast, during the hotter months you may develop dry lips due to the nature of abrasive sun damage and little moisture being applied to your lips. Adding on to this, many people experience dry lips if they are prone to compulsively licking them. When salvia is applied to our lips it can draw out any existing moisture, leaving them dry and sore.

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What is a good lip care routine?

Just like our skin, our lips require an effective routine in order to maintain their natural function. It is recommended that you exfoliate your lips 2-3 times a week using a natural sugar scrub. This will help lift away any excess dead skin and allow your lips to form a new and healthy barrier. In order to create hydrated and soft lips, it is vital that you moisturise them regularly. Try using lip balm throughout the day and apply a lip mask before you go to bed, to ensure all-day protection and care. Finally, use a lip balm that contains SPF. In a similar fashion to our skin, our lips can become damaged and irritated if they receive too much exposure from the sun. So, by using a SPF lip balm, you are able to keep your lips smooth, hydrated and safe from harmful UV rays.

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What do dermatologists recommend for chapped lips?

If you suffer from severely chapped lips, you may need to diversify you lip care routine and try out some different products. Many dermatologists recommend using products that help to lock in moisture and help to keep lips more hydrated for longer periods of time, such as beeswax or shea butter. Adding on to this, professionals advise that you use ointments instead of typical lip balms or chapsticks as ointments contain less preservatives that could further harm your lips. Most importantly, it is vital that you protect your lips with SPF products that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to help better absorb dangerous UV rays.

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What are the best lip care products?

At Dermoi! we offer a wide selection of lip care products designed to offer the best protection and nourishment of your lips. Here are just a few of our favourite products, all of which are available on the Dermoi! online store:

Firstly, the ‘Eyes and Lips Contour Cream’ from Fillerina contains the highest grade of concentrated ingredients for intense hydration. This product comes in three grades of concentration, each offering effective results. Grade 1 is used to reduce signs of moderate aging and sagging around the eyes and lips area. Grade 2 contains a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid to help treat deeper wrinkles, stubborn fine lines and loss of volume in the eyes and lips. Finally, Grade 3 offers the highest concentration of ingredients and helps treat very dry skin and intense aging in vulnerable areas of the eyes and lips. The ‘Eyes and Lips Contour Cream’ is available at the starting price of just £39.95.

If you are looking to remove signs of discolouration and impurities around the eyes and mouth, the ‘Eye and Lip Contour’ from Endocare offers the perfect treatment. Using the innovative SCA Biorepair Technology alongside essential Vitamin E, this product is able to stimulate increased collagen production and protect the eyes and lips from detrimental environmental damage. Moreover, this treatment is able to retain moisture in both the lips and around the eyes, for just £24.26.

Next, the ‘Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster’ from PCA Skin, which is currently available for £39.95. This product uses hyaluronic acid in a variety of molecular sizes to help hydrate and nourish your lips instantly. Moreover, the ‘Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster’ is able to increase lip volume and collagen production without causing any irritation, which helps to further nourish your lips.

Moreover, the ‘Hydraluron Volumising Lip Treatment’ from Indeed Labs makes use of innovative peptides and hyaluronic acid to add essential moisture and nourishment back into even the driest lips. This product also uses essential antioxidants and soothing plant oils to protect the lips from intense UV radiation, ensuring your lips can be protected throughout the day. The ‘Hydraluron Volumising Lip Treatment’ is now selling for just £13.99.

Furthermore, the ‘Peptide Lip Therapy’ from PCA Skin is the perfect way to achieve fuller and younger-looking lips. This product uses soothing elements such as aloe vera and shea butter to help add essential hydration and moisture to dry and chapped lips. Also, the addition of advanced peptides helps to reduce the signs of ageing around the lip area, giving you firmer and brighter skin overall. The ‘Peptide Lip Therapy’ is now available for £21.45.

Finally, the ‘Lips and Mouth Treatment’ from Fillerina is a filler effect gel that enables you to have fuller and plumper lips after just one month of regular use. Containing 8 different weighted hyaluronic acid molecules and 3 different weighted collagen molecules, this product increases cell turnover in the lip area, causing healthier and more youthful-looking skin to form in the place of dead cells. The ‘Lips and Mouth Treatment’ is now available for £69.95.

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How to take care of your lips at home?

Since many of us are still spending a lot of time at home, it is important to incorporate some simple home remedies into our lip care routine, in order to upkeep their healthy function. For example, make a conscious effort to not touch or lick your lips. This may sound like a difficult task for some, but it is vital that you allow your lips to retain their essential moisture without the interference of saliva or bacteria. Moreover, keeping hydrated is a certified way to increase the moisture level in your lips. Try drinking around 8-10 glasses of water a day to maintain healthy lips, as well as better physical health overall. Finally, many experts recommend performing a lip massage to help boost health circulation and allow healthy skin cells to form.

As a milder climate approaches, it is important to nourish our lips during this environmental change, as well as our skin. If you are getting tired of dealing with dry, chapped and sensitive lips, try out some our favourite recommended products and offer a soothing treatment for your lips at home.

Author: Melody Day