Is YourZooki Fish Oil The Best Omega 3 Liquid In The UK?

Omega 3 is notoriously known to have a ton of health benefits. We’ll go over what omega 3 is and why YourZooki‘s omega 3 liquid supplement is more effective than capsules.

It is a sure-fire way to boost your skin’s health.

What Is Omega 3?

Typically found in oily fish, omega 3s are fatty acids that are not naturally produced in the body but are known to have several benefits for your skin and overall health.

They play an important function for the body including maintaining the immune system, brain and heart function, as well as containing anti-inflammatory properties. Omega 3s are part of the cell membranes that surround all the cells in our body. However, if you lack a balanced diet, including a lack of essential oils, then not only will you have an omega 3 deficiency but your cells will be exposed to several problems.

EPA and DHA contribute to healthier skin and are the two main types of omega 3 fatty acids that can mainly be found in fish oil.


Why Does Your Skin Need Omega 3?

Omega 3 also plays a key role in reducing inflammation which is connected to less swelling and smoother skin. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to fight against foreign invaders like viruses, harmful bacteria and pathogens. It aims to repair and heal the body.

Continuous inflammation however incites more immune responses, triggering swelling and rashes on the skin. An influx and build-up of bacteria and leftover oil also cause inflammation to the skin as they clog up the pores. Such clogging of the pores leaves dead cells trapped on the skin. This may lead to sensitive pimples and/or acne.

Omega 3 is linked to having anti-inflammatory properties by reducing levels of inflammatory cytokines and inhibiting the pro-inflammatory fatty acid omega 6. By lessening the effects of inflammation, omega 3 better deals with inflammatory skin diseases and helps minimise damage caused by UV radiation. It also helps to minimise the effects of severe acne. This makes omega 3 a potent and necessary fatty acid that has anti-inflammatory properties.

Why Do We Need Omega 3 Liquid Supplements?

Despite the many benefits of omega 3, absorbing the fatty acids into the body is a hurdle for the supplementation industry. Although tablets and capsules are effective, omega 3 liquid supplements increase the absorption rate of ingredients and provide high doses of omega 3.

This is because for supplements to be absorbed in the body, they must be both water-soluble and oil soluble. Omega 3 liquid supplements are already water-soluble, which means your body doesn’t spend time breaking down the supplement, as would otherwise happen in tablets and capsules. This ensures high levels of DHA and EPA enter the body for increased skin and health benefits.


What Is The Best Omega 3 Liquid Supplement to take?

One of the best fish oil supplements on the market today is Omega 3 Fish Oil Zooki. The brand, YourZooki uses a revolutionary technology using things called micelles which help encapsulate the fatty acids in a small sphere. This shields and protects the omega 3 to deliver the formula past the gut barrier into the bloodstream.

This increases the benefits of the formula by boosting the bioavailability of the omega 3 and its other ingredients.

Other fish oil supplements like tablets and capsules are not as bioavailable as omega 3 liquid supplements. Omega 3 Zooki is highly bioavailable because the body can retain the nutrients for longer, making the supplement a powerful way to absorb omega 3.

Omega 3 Zooki also has the added benefit of being easier to consume, avoiding issues with swallowing and ingesting tablets.


Why Omega 3 Fish Oil by YourZooki Is Dermoi Approved

We approve Omega 3 Fish Oil because it boosts the absorption rate of the fatty acids in two major ways – micellar encapsulation and liquid supplementation.

To convince you further, here are the Key Benefits:

  • Micellar encapsulation increases Omega-3 absorption and bioavailability
  • Vitamin D supports the skin, muscles and bones
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes by lowering triglycerides levels
  • Improves the heart, brain and eye vision
  • 100% natural ingredients with no side effects
  • Tasty peach and mango flavour
  • Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, non-GMO

Omega 3 Zooki is recommended daily with 1-3 teaspoons. Daily intake ensures longer-lasting results.

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Author: Naeem Ali


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