Indeed Labs – what is their innovation in skin exfoliation?

Indeed Labs gentle yet effective range for all skin types

In this article we are trying to find out more about Indeed Labs, their personal approach to skincare and talk about the variety of products for all skin types and skin conditions they offer.

The promises of the beauty industry

Beauty industry as we know it is almost an established institution, that for decades and decades has been fuelled by unrealistic beauty standards and expectations and has been successfully fooling people into believing that in order to be accepted by society you have to look a certain way, which, of course, can only be achieved with the help of a specific product, which, of course, would not only change the way you look, but essentially solve all of your problems and open the way to a completely new life.

And of course, when no significant change is brought around apart from a lighter wallet and a stronger feeling of self-doubt, you automatically doubt the product and the industry that gave you a pointer at the “ultimate problem-solver”.

How often would you stumble on hundreds of ads promising “blemish-free”, “spot-free” and flawless skin with the help of just one product? How often would you look at the model on the ad and think “I wish I had such radiant skin”?

And for a long time, beauty industry has been gently compelling us to buy skincare products without knowing what they are made of or without even knowing if our skin types needs this product, just to come close to that high-advertised and encouraged image of the porcelain skin.

Nevertheless, the modern-day beauty standards are constantly shifting in the never-endless attempt to match, appeal to and then shape our wants and needs.

Thankfully to the countless movements against beauty stereotypes enforced by masking and retouching photos of “what is”  in order to make it look like “what should be”, in the 21st century we are finally at the stage where “au naturel” look is becoming the most desirable among general public, and thus, the beauty industry is changing alongside society and taking on a much more honest and real view on what beauty is.

And what beauty is, in essence, is multi-faceted and diverse. Just like our skin.

Indeed Labs gentle yet effective exfoliant range for all skin types

Indeed Labs story

Indeed Labs is a Canadian-based skincare company that challenges ancient stereotypes of beauty industry and operates under the motto “We Wanted Real.”

It was found in 2010 and took its place on the skincare market as the brand producing award-winning “nanoblur”, a revolutionary blurring product that would allow to instantly smoothen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This product was inspired by the goal of making people feel comfortable and secure in their skin, of being able to show your real skin free from anxiety and self-doubt, both in front of cameras and in real life.

The success of nanoblur led to a creation of an award-winning line of highly effective, scientifically backed skincare products that produce real results for real people.

Products made by Indeed Labs take in consideration and focus on different types of skin and their according needs. Our skin is the mirror of our experiences, wrinkles from laughter or from sadness, UV damage in summer and dry skin in winter.

Indeed Labs offers a wide variety of highly acclaimed products, from sensitive, oily, normal and combined skin, to such specific features as age spots, moisture loss, wrinkles and fine lines, all which are designed to accommodate and meet the diversity of our skin and our skin requirements of people from all the different age groups and life stories.

Indeed Labs is a Canadian-based skincare company that challenges ancient stereotypes of beauty industry and operates under the motto “We Wanted Real.”

Indeed Labs Mantra

Indeed Labs’ agenda is centered around not only providing people with great skin, achieved by award-winning evidence-backed formulas, but also around de-normalizing and breaking down the unrealistic beauty standards put forward by airbrushing techniques, which holds such a central role in modern-day advertising.

Beauty industry, without doubt, is moving towards a more realistic, natural and honest approach to beauty, but it takes consistency and determination to remain real and honest with every product that is produced.

And Indeed Labs set the example. It takes skincare to a new level and understands that behind any skin condition there is a person, with a unique life and unique requirements for beauty.

Indeed Labs wants you to be confident who the real you and embrace everything that makes you ­– you. No matter the age, no matter the job occupation, no matter the skin type, with Indeed Labs skincare products there is a wide variety of options to choose from and build your own skincare routine that fits and accommodates your and your skin’s specific needs.

First and foremost, Indeed Labs wants you to embrace the real you, whatever it might look to you, whether it is a fully done or all undone look, your unique style is what makes it interesting and Indeed Labs wants to help you on your journey to your real self.

Precisely because of this deeply personal and intimate approach to the diverse condition of our skin Indeed Labs continues to be the leader of real skin-care, inspired by real people and real skin in every product they make and everything they do.

Indeed Labs’ production uses only high-quality, scientifically studied and evidence-backed, clinically proven active ingredients and dispose of everything else that does not meet the high standard that Indeed Labs made a priority.

Indeed Labs meticulously controls and excludes fragrances, parabens and low-quality ingredients that can irritate and harm your skin, as well as it excludes giving misleading claims and retouching ads used for their products, that can harm your mindset and distort your self-perception.

We change. We evolve. Indeed Labs understands this and regularly updates its products based on customer feedback to guide the re-formulation process.

Indeed Labs cares about progress in sustainability and instead of discontinuing products they spent months and years developing and perfecting, they upgrade the product to bring you the best and the most innovative product you can find

Indeed Labs’ production uses only high-quality, scientifically studied and evidence-backed, clinically proven active ingredients and dispose of everything else that does not meet the high standard that Indeed Labs made a priority.

Exfoliation through the years

The process of exfoliation as a skincare technique has been around for a while and differs in origins, some credit ancient Egyptians as the first exfoliators in humanity, some believe the process originated in Asia, where the process of exfoliation has been implemented for hundreds of years.

There are various types of exfoliations, and when done well, it rejuvenates the skin, helping to shed the old skin cells and replace them with the newly generated skin cells that reside at a lower skin layer.  Dermatologists point out that exfoliation becomes more useful as you age, as the process of skin cell turnover slows down and the skin might fall victim to moisture loss and dryness.

Exfoliation serves the purpose of removing the dull layer of dead skin cells from the skin surface and increases the process of cell turnover, which results in higher levels of moisture absorption, visible improvement and a healthier glow.

Chemical Exfoliants

One type of exfoliation relies on chemical exfoliants. These include products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, fruit enzymes, citric acid and malic acids, all of which act by reacting with the bonds that hold skin cells together and breaking them, which helps to unclog pores and results in removal of the built-up layers of dead skin cells  and excess oils.

Because different types of exfoliants come in different composition and differ in concentrations, some products that use lower concentrations of acid can be bought over the counter, while products that use higher concentrations usually require a dermatologist to be applied by and are referred to as “chemical peel”.

While in the past, chemical exfoliation was suggested by specialists to be applied daily, a more recent view on exfoliations advises against daily use and instead suggests using it several times a week as part of a general skincare routine, as for chemical exfoliation might be too aggressive for sensitive skin types.

There are two types of acid that is normally used for chemical exfoliation: AHA, or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and BHA, or Beta-Hydroxy acids. AH Acids include glycolic, lactic, mandelic, malic and tartaric acids, all of which are water-soluble.

These acids are recommended in such cases when texture, pigmentation, pores or the complexion of skin are in an unsatisfactory state. AH Acids are useful in facilitating cell turnover and gives skin a clearer, brighter and more youthful appearance.

BH Acids, in turn, consist primarily of salicylic acid and are oil-soluble, which allows the product to react with deeper layers of the skin and help dissolve excess skin fat, which can often mix with dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria, which causes blemishes, spot and blackheads.

Thus, BH Acids are used predominantly for removal of general oiliness of the skin and reducing the occurrence of different types of skin spotting.

Chemical Exfoliants at dermoi

Physical Exfoliants

Another type of exfoliation relies on physical exfoliants, which contain small particles such as salt grains, sugar or nutshell beads and act by facilitating skin’s natural exfoliation rate and help to keep the skin smooth and healthy.

Physical exfoliants are a natural alternative to chemical exfoliation and rely on products that involve scrubbing, such as brushes, sponges or skincare scrubs.

They act via administering physical friction which results in disruption the loose dead skin cells at the top skin layer, while also stimulating blood circulation, which improves lymph drainage and reduce puffiness.

Physical exfoliation provides quick results, however, it can be too aggressive for different skin types and conditions, and does not access skin layers as deeply as chemical exfoliation.

With regular use both types of exfoliants provide an anti-aging effect, help rejuvenate the skin layers and keep the skin healthy, as well as are instrumental for different skin conditions such as acne or pigmentation.


Why Indeed Labs choose Enzymatic Exfoliants in their skin care range?

What are Enzymatic Exfoliants?

A novel type of exfoliation are enzymatic exfoliants, which rely on enzymes – chemicals, that speed up the rate of chemical reaction by lowering their activation energy.

Such exfoliants contain proteolytic enzymes, which act by breaking down proteins, and precisely, break down the Keratin Protein, which is responsible for keeping hold the dead skin cells in the outer layer of the skin.

In comparison to exfoliants outlined above, enzymatic exfoliants are much more gentler than scrubs and possess anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin irritations and provide a smoothing effect, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin.

While enzymatic exfoliants have all kinds of advantages, enzymes are very delicate by nature and require specific storage conditions and are very reactive to the temperature and PH levels, which is why they need to be stored in a cool and dark place.

Exfoliator II – Facial Powder Exfoliator

The process of enzymatic exfoliant formulation is quite tricky and require a high standard of quality, and Indeed Labs is here with two most exciting exfoliating products.

A new and updated evidence-backed formula of the Exfoliator II is a highly concentrated facial powder exfoliator which is packed with a unique combination of enzymatic exfoliating actives that work together to bring you the most gentle, yet effective dead skin cells removal strategy for the ultimate deep cleaning and pores-unclogging, which improves skin textures for different skin types, as much as it cleans.

The formula include such ingredients as pineapple enzymes, rice bran extract and hyaluronic acid, which is crucial for preventing the skin’s natural aging process, keeping the skin moisturized and well-toned.

With these means Exfoliator II offers superior skin resurfacing benefits and instantly brightens and restores skin’s natural glow.

Other ingredients include flax and celery seed extracts which keep the pores tight, while oligosaccharides from the nopal cacti gently exfoliate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The product is easy in use and only requires water to activate the transformative properties of the product. Moreover, another innovative feature of the Exfoliator II allows you to customize the cleansing process by regulating the amount of water added in the powder, creating a gentle, foamy paste which would accommodate even the most sensitive skin types.

Indeed Labs Exfoliator II - dermoi

noAcid Pads – A non-acid exfoliator

What could be more exciting than this? The Non-Acid Based Exfoliating Pads are powered by active probiotics and natural extracts from yarrow and Japanese cedar buds, which gently exfoliate the dead skin cells and strengthen the skin’s barrier function for a radiant glow and even complexion.

Non-Acid Exfoliation is formulated to accommodate all skin types, from the most sensitive to acne-prone, it helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, wrinkles and uneven skin texture.

These No-Acid Pads are made from 100% cotton and very accessible in use, are suitable for on-the-go application and due to its non-acid nature are appropriate for daily use in the morning and at night to help revitalize skin for an overall beautiful skin tone and texture.

Indeed Labs NoAcid pads Exfoliation Pad

My final thoughts on Indeed Labs

After finding out about Indeed Labs, their personal, thorough approach to skincare and the wide variety of products for all skin types and skin conditions they offer it is almost impossible to remain neutral.

Indeed Labs offers not only the most innovative and transformative products in the honorable attempt to make every real person feel comfortable in their skin, but also makes sure that each and every product is free from low standard substances and preservatives, offers vegan options and is against animal testing, which definitely makes it the most exciting brand of 2021.

Author: Maria Ageeva