Indeed Labs: Real Science? Real Claims? Real results?

About Indeed Labs and what makes them different to other skincare brands?

The beauty industry can often be a confusing place. It is commonly filled with bewildering and intricate jargon, which paves the way for false claims.

When it comes to researching up and coming skincare brands, it can be difficult to wade through the vast amounts of information and discover whether they provide the best type of products for you.

We are bombarded by overwhelming advertisements and promotions that don’t actually explore the brand in depth. In this article we will be discussing Indeed Labs, a premium skincare brand based in Canada, who are dedicated to removing unnecessary buzzwords and lies surrounding skincare.

We will be highlighting their products and determining what helps them to stand out from the crowd and defeat their competitors.

Indeed Labs wanted to eliminate the lies and exaggeration surrounding many skincare products and help the beauty industry become more transparent.

Indeed Labs was determined to break the mould from the beginning of their skincare journey. This brand wanted to eliminate the lies and exaggeration surrounding many skincare products and help the beauty industry become more transparent.

They even went a step further and reinvented their marketing campaigns by putting an end to the use of misleading jargon and airbrushed ads, ensuring that customers feel truly confident in their own skin.

This is was monumental step for any brand and creates a huge amount of risk. Yet, Indeed Labs were certain that their products were effective, and they did not need to alter their true results.

The products at Indeed Labs only contain high-quality, scientifically approved ingredients.

This natural approach means that their wide range of products are able to treat a variety of skin ailments, such as sensitive skin, age spots and wrinkles.

This natural approach goes further than just ingredients. This brand promises paraben and perfume-free products that are not tested on animals, perfect if you are trying to achieve a more sustainable approach to your skincare routine.

Indeed Labs is constantly evolving and making positive changes to achieve the best results. For example, they take detailed customer feedback and use these opinions to reinvent their products when they next hit the shelves.

In turn, this means that the customer’s opinion is always placed first and helps to inspire the product’s regeneration.

dimitra's story - woman behind indeed labs

Indeed Labs Mantra

The ethos behind Indeed Labs is ‘Real Science. Real Claims. Real People. Real Results’

The emphasis on ‘Real’ truly shows Indeed Labs’ dedication to creating a more veridical beauty industry, making sure that a customer is not led to believe that certain products are miracle cures.

Their aim is to create superior skincare that is accessible to everybody, without hiding or concealing a person’s natural beauty.

That is not to say that Indeed Labs does not understand the value of creating your best self with the use of cosmetics, they are just trying to break down the barriers between your dream self and your true self.

This brand also focuses on how self-confidence affects our daily lives, giving us the tools to feel attractive in our own skin and ready to take on the challenges of everyday life.

Indeed Labs also focuses on the functionality of their products, allowing them to be used every day, whether for a casual event or a glamorous party.

Their aim is to create superior skincare that is accessible to everybody, without hiding or concealing a person’s natural beauty.

Dimitra’s Story-President and COO

Dimitra Davidson has always been a go-getter. At 18, she started working as a bond trader, striving to complete the best work that she can. After this, she branched into the world of luxury goods, helping her to learn the importance of superior ingredients when forming a business.

Davidson finally took the plunge and delved into the world of skincare and founded Indeed Labs in Canada in 2010.

Since then, Dimitra believes that her true calling in life is to revolutionise the beauty industry, and even in Indeed Labs’ short history, they have come leaps and bounds from where they first started.

Their competitive edge comes from being able to get high-quality products on to the market quickly and ready for consumer use. Davidson focuses all of her time and energy on fighting against bogus beauty claims and works hard to research and locate the root of beneficial ingredients.

Indeed Labs is also intent on showcasing women in their workplace. The COO hires a largely female workforce and believes that women should have the opportunity to feel powerful and confident in their job, not just their male counterparts.

Dimitra’s passion has not gone unnoticed in the wider beauty industry, in fact, Indeed Labs has won over 25 awards, including the Real Skincare Award for Best New Face Mask (2020), The Pure Beauty Awards London for Best New Body Product (2020) and Pure Beauty Global Award for Best New Skincare Product (2020).

These prestigious prizes speak for themselves, when discussing whether Indeed Labs promotes high-quality products.

Indeed Labs’ Ambition for International Expansion

It is becoming increasingly evident that Canada is finally getting some recognition in the skincare world.  The number of Canadian beauty influencers is growing by the minute, and Indeed Labs is often the centre of such a cultural resurgence.

But Indeed Labs is not entirely tied to its North American roots. In 2013, they announced they were distributing their products across stores in America, and their worldwide presence has continued to grow.

As of 2021, they currently distribute their skincare products worldwide, including online stores like ASOS, and now Dermoi!

Although it is not uncommon for skincare brands to distribute their range of products worldwide, it is important to recognise that Indeed Labs has managed to become a global distributor, whilst still using the finest ingredients and making their products affordable.

This is significant because it shows that Indeed Labs is committed to their philosophy of creating excellently formulated products without attaching a ridiculous price tag.

About Indeed Labs and what makes them different to other skin care brands

Exclusive Technology Ingredients

Indeed Labs high-quality products go hand in hand with their growing technological advancements.

In 2010, Indeed Labs released their award-wining ‘nanoblur’. This pioneering product was the first on the market to use game-changing scientific research to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This skin blurring cream uses light-diffusing and optical blurring technology to create an instant flawless finish.

Moreover, Indeed Labs boasts of its ‘Hydraluron’ range, which includes a combination of hyaluronic acid and Patch H20 technology, which rejuvenates the skin barrier and leaves skin more hydrated for up to five days.

The ‘Hydraluron’ range includes a ‘Hydraluron Moisture Jelly’, a ‘Hydaluron Intense Moisture Lotion’ and a ‘Hydraluron Moisture Serum’, which can all be used in combination with each other, to ensure a softer and plumper skin tone.

Adding on to this, their ‘Collagen Booster’ is a collagen renewal serum, packed with patented ingredients, designed to reverse the negative effects of ageing skin.  This serum contains ‘Syn-Tacks’, a union of two peptides, working in tandem to increase the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Also, this serum contains ‘Matrixyl Synthe’6’, which helps to eliminate wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, and create smoother skin.


Indeed Labs Product Range

Indeed Labs has an abundance of high-quality skincare applicable to every type of skin. As with all skincare products, it is recommended that you carry out some research beforehand to ensure that you are using the correct ingredients for your skin type. Alas, here are four of our most recommend products from Indeed Labs.

Firstly, their ‘Q10 Booster’, an anti-ageing serum. This is a highly concentrated serum with Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, designed to create the foundation for further collagen production. Therefore, making it easier for you to gain more youthful looking skin.

Indeed labs Q10 Booster Serum - Dermoi Skincare

Next is the ‘Vitamin C24’. With 22% ascorbic acid, this product provides you with the purest form of Vitamin C. In turn, this helps to balance out your skin tone and protect it from the damaged caused by environmental pollution.

Indeed Labs Vitamin C24 Brightening Moisturiser Cream - Dermoi Skincare

Finally, is the ‘Best-Sellers Kit’. This trio of products is designed to help smooth, hydrate and blur your skin. The kit contains ‘Bakchiol Reface Pads’, which aid in removing wrinkles and fine lines. Also included is a ‘Hydraluron Moisture Serum’, helping to create more radiant looking skin. Lastly, the ‘nanoblur’, giving you flawless looking skin at any time.

When concluding on our overview on Indeed Labs it is evident that many customers and headliners in the beauty industry sing of their praises. Their use of scientific ingredients and trail blazing technological advancements, help to place them at the top of the hierarchy.

Indeed Labs’ success is derived from their dedication, passion and research, helping them to produce the best quality ingredients and become fearful competitors in the wider market.

If you are looking for skincare products with efficacy and care, Indeed Labs may be a good place to start.

Author: Melody day