How to treat sensitive skin? Check here the best ingredients

Sensitive skin is a common condition which can cause a lot of dismay for its victims. Whether it’s terribly itchy skin or unsightly red patches across your face, sensitive skin can take on many forms. If you have suffered from sensitive skin for many years, you’ve probably tried a wide range of hypoallergenic or sensitive products and found that they are just no use. This article will describe the causes and triggers of sensitive skin as well as offer a selection of potential treatments to help soothe the issue.

Sensitive Skin

Common Sensitive Skin Concerns

Sensitive skin is often characterised by frequent itching and burning sensations upon the skin. It must be noted that compulsively touching or scratching the skin in order to soothe these difficult sensations, may provide further irritation. There may also be patches of redness and a feeling of tightness around the affected areas. Usually, dermatologists look for visible signs of harm, such as pustules, skin bumps or erosion of the skin, to see how intense the damage has become. More often than not, sensitive skin can cause severe dry patches, which if left to get worse, can create small lesions within the skin that can easily become infected by bacteria. Adding on to this, sensitive skin can also lead to serious skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea or allergic contact dermatitis.

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The Main Causes of Hypersensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can have a variety of different causes. For example, hypersensitive skin can be caused by a collection of different factors, such as environmental, psychological and external circumstances.

For example, environmental factors, such as a change in temperature, or more specifically a rise in temperatures, can trigger sensitivity within the skin. This is due to the high levels of heat potentially drying out the skin, making it more irritable and causing damage to the moisture barrier.

Certain skin conditions, like eczema, can often be linked to high levels of stress and anxiety. When we are under emotional pressure, our body prepares itself by triggering our ‘Fight or Flight’ response. As a result of this biological change, our body releases the stress hormone cortisol, which often causes harsh inflammation around the body.

In terms of external factors, certain products, such as perfumed soaps can cause sensitive skin to become itchy and inflamed. This is because artificial scents and fragrances often contain irritants which cause a negative reaction when used upon hypersensitive skin. Moreover, these adverse reactions could be a sign of an allergic reaction, which can lead to allergic contact dermatitis.

The Best Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

When tackling the harsh nature of sensitive skin, it is important to use products which contain natural and soothing ingredients, so that the skin is protected from any more unnecessary damage. Here are just four ingredients that are effective for dealing with sensitive skin and some recommended products, which are available on the Dermoi! online store:

If you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, you probably already know about the incredibly soothing benefits of aloe vera. However, aloe vera can also be used to tackle sensitive skin in general. This is because aloe vera helps to cool the skin and reduce harsh inflammation, whilst also adding key hydration back into the skin. Try using the ‘Transformation Face Cream‘ from Jan Marini Skin Research, available for just £67.96. This mask helps to hydrate and protect the skin from bacteria and other pollutants. Moreover, this product uses aloe vera to increase the healing properties of your skin, helping to reduce inflammation and protect against harmful bacteria.

Bakuchiol is also a deeply effective product to use on dry and sensitive skin. Regarded as a natural alternative to the sometimes-irritating retinol, bakuchiol helps to hydrate and repair damaged skin. The ‘Bakuchiol Reface Pads’ from Indeed Labs contain an array of hydrating ingredients to help improve uneven skin textures and hyperpigmentation. Also, this product can be used for its anti-ageing properties, as bakuchiol also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you more youthful-looking skin. The ‘Bakuchiol Reface Pads’ are currently selling for £18.99.

As mentioned previously, subtle heat changes can often trigger harmful reactions upon sensitive skin. That is why it is so important to incorporate sunscreen into your daily skincare routine. For example, the ‘Eclipse SPF50+’ from iS Clinical contains zinc oxide, a nutrient which absorbs harmful UV rays and protects the skin from adverse sun damage. Moreover, this product contains Vitamin E, which is a powerful moisturiser, which protects the skin from sun damage at a DNA level. The ‘Eclipse SPF50+’ is available currently for £32.00.

Finally, shea butter works in a similar way to aloe vera, due to its hydrating properties. Shea butter is used to moisturise the skin as well as work to protect broken and damaged skin from bacterial infection. The ‘Retexturing Treatment’ from Exuviance currently retails for £38.95 and is a perfect remedy for dry and irritated skin. The high levels of shea butter in this product help to nourish tired and rough skin, helping to restore the skin’s overall elasticity and strength.

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Why is having a good skincare routine so important?

Having a good skincare routine is paramount for the health of any skin type, especially those who have hypersensitive skin. This is because a regular and consistent skincare routine allows your skin to become familiar with the wide variety of products that you are using. As a result, you will be more able to determine whether a particular ingredient is a strong irritant and should be cut out of your regular routine. Adding on to this, by using the same skincare routine for long periods of time on a regular basis, you will be able to achieve consistent results, as you have given the product enough time to create a beneficial effect upon the skin. Not to mention, having a consistent skincare routine also helps to maintain long-lasting results. Moreover, if you suffer from a skin condition such as acne, a consistent and effective skincare routine can help to keep the skin clear, which in turn, prevents future breakouts from occurring.

Sensitive skin can, at times, be a real setback for people who are experimenting in their skincare journeys. Certain materials, ingredients and circumstances can wreak havoc on our bodies and shatter our self-confidence. In order to avoid this negative state of mind, try using one of the products recommended in this article and soothe away sensitive skin.

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Author: Melody Day