How Much Skin Collagen Is Enough to Get Results?

Collagen is vital for maintaining healthy skin. In this blog, find out what collagen is, what it does as well as how much we need.

skin collagen

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant form of protein in the skin. It’s the number 1 anti-aging ingredient and is responsible for boosting skin elasticity and joint health. As well as this, the benefits of collagen include the maintenance of skin hydration and the strengthening of bones and hair. It also helps ease joint pain.

Natural Sources of Skin Collagen 

The body naturally produces collagen by combining amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins found in foods. In order for your body to produce the natural collagen protein it requires proline, glycine, vitamin C, zinc and copper. All of these can be found naturally in food. 


  • Proline – can be naturally found in meat, fish and dairy. Additionally, egg whitescabbage, mushrooms, and asparagus are particularly great sources.
  • Glycine – great natural sources of glycine include red meat, seeds, poultry, pork and peanuts.
  • Vitamin C – many people know that vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, but peppers, strawberries, broccolis as well as the infamous Brussel sprout are all fantastic sources too.
  • Zinc – red meat and poultry are excellent sources of zinc, while oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food. On top of this, beans, nuts, whole-grains and dairy are also great sources, as well as breakfast cereals and cereal bars.
  • Copper – the richest sources of dietary copper are shellfish, seeds, nuts, organ meats, wheat-bran cereals, as well as whole-grain products.

How Much Collagen Do We Need Per Day?

Health authorities haven’t outlined official guidelines regarding how much collagen you require per day. Therefore, it depends on your age, and the reasons that you may need collagen.

Natural collagen levels begin to deplete from your mid-twenties, and continue declining as you age. Additionally, you can lose up to 1% of your body’s collagen each year by the age of 40.¹

Other factors which also contribute to a loss of collagen include your diet, sun exposure, whether you are a regular smoker, as well as how often you consume alcohol.

As a result, those affected by the above factors often turn to collagen supplementation. Supplementation is the best way to stimulate the production of collagen for younger-looking skin. Hydrolysed collagen was found to be the most common type of collagen used in supplements.

The majority of supplements will also state the recommended dose on the packaging, and each dosage will vary depending on the supplement.

The Effects of Declining Skin Collagen 

If you don’t have enough collagen, you’ll experience the visible signs of aging and your skin health will decline. These include the development of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, and also joint pain. 

A lack of collagen can also lead to your face appearing hollow, which includes the appearance of dark under-eye circles. 

The Best Skin Collagen Supplements UK

Most topical collagen cream products, as well as tablets, pills and supplements, contain collagen molecules that are too large to penetrate through the skin barrier or gut lining. Our team of scientists have analysed the best supplements on the market to halt the skin aging process and stimulate collagen synthesis. 

The following products use liposomal delivery and/or collagen peptides, which are smaller collagen molecules to ensure maximum bioavailability.

skin collagen


Improve skin firmness with Skinade. It’s formulated with unique collagen peptides and 5 powerful nutrients to increase skin hydration, for youthful, fuller-looking skin. 

The hydrolysed collagen peptides used are easily absorbed by the gut and skin to stimulate collagen production and rebuild the collagen matrix.

Skinade collagen liquid improves the condition of your skin in as little as 30 days with daily consumption.

skin collagen


Packed with 10,000mg of marine collagen peptides, ZENii is known as the master of anti-aging daily supplements.

As its in liquid form, it’s highly bioavailable and ensures maximum product penetration. On top of this, it’s also full of additional vitamins and minerals to boost your skin health.

skin collagen


SkinGlo is the perfect collagen supplement for reducing the signs of aging, and collagen breakdown. It contains 8g of high-quality collagen peptides per sachet and an array of essential nutrients to keep skin looking and feeling healthy.

Furthermore, SkinGlo is clinically proven to increase collagen production by 30% and skin elasticity by 67% in 12 weeks.

skin collagen

Collagen Zooki

With a delicious taste, Collagen Zooki is either consumed on its own as a collagen liquid, mixed with water, or poured into porridge. Collagen Zooki uses liposomal technology to maximise absorption.

Additionally it uses 100% natural ingredients and improves overall wellbeing, mood and psychological functioning. It also boosts collagen levels for healthy skin.

Collagen is vital for combatting aging skin. Collagen supplements are the best way to increase your intake and supplements come in the form of collagen powder, tablets and drinks. It’s never been easier to reduce wrinkles and keep skin looking its best.

Author: Sam Pennington


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