How cosmeceuticals treat skin differently & keep your skin healthy

Sometimes no matter how well we treat our skin, the same problems keep reappearing. You can moisturize dry skin every day, cleanse away oil and manage acne but the problems never seem to end. This is because cosmetic products don’t deal with the root causes of dry, oily or acne skin but rather manage breakouts and irritations as they occur. For long lasting change that will actually prevent skin breakouts and flare ups, cosmeceutical skincare is the most effective way to see real change in your skin.

What is cosmeceutical skincare?

Cosmeceutical skincare products are made up of active ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants and acids that improve your skin at the deeper levels of your epidermis. These face products treat your skin at a cellular level rather than just affecting the outer layers of your skin. This makes these products excellent for changing the appearance of your skin long-term in contrast to other skin products which might show minimal instant results without treating the causes of your skincare concerns.

Although the name cosmeceutical skincare may sound unfamiliar, most likely you have come across these active ingredients in your daily skincare products. Cosmeceuticals include vitamins such as vitamin a, sometimes called retinol, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid and exfoliating acids like glycolic or salicylic acid amongst other active ingredients.

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How cosmeceuticals work in the skin?

Active ingredients in skincare cosmeceuticals penetrate the deeper levels of your skin allowing your skin to transform at a cellular level. In contrast to cosmetics which don’t have active ingredients, and therefore can only reach the upper layers of the skin, cosmeceuticals can give you healthy skin by treating the causes of problem skin. For example, a cleanser without cosmeceuticals will wash away any debris, dry skin and oil on the surface of your face, however, it won’t be able to decongest pores or reduce oil production in your skin. To achieve these affects, using a cleanser that contains an exfoliating acid like salicylic acid will unclog pores and clear away bacteria and dirt, meaning it will reduce the appearance of blackheads and prevent further skin breakouts thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Equally, using a non-cosmeceutical moisturizer on dry skin will give your face hydration at the top layers of the epidermis and appear to improve your dry skin. However, using a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid will reach your skin cells, and enable them to retain moisture, refreshing your skin and preventing the reappearance of dry skin in the long-term.


What does cosmeceutical grade mean?

Cosmeceutical grade is the intensity of the active ingredients in the product. Products labelled as cosmeceuticals are stronger and more effective than regular cosmetics. It also allows you to find products that are milder or stronger depending on your skin concern and skin type. For example, someone starting out with a new treatment such as a hyaluronic acid cream like the Fillerina Day Cream might want to begin with grade 1 which will soothe dry skin and get rid of fine lines. However, someone with more mature skin or advanced signs of ageing would prefer grade 3 which will lift the face making your skin firmer as well as smoothing out deeper wrinkles making them less noticeable.

The benefits of using true cosmeceutical skincare

Using true cosmeceuticals will have medical benefits for your skin as the active ingredients in your face care will affect your skin cells. Consequently, long-term and real change is visible in your skin’s improved apperance. These ingredients target the causes of problem skin such as bacteria, free radicals and dehydration in the deeper levels of the epidermis. This is particularly vital when fighting signs of ageing. During our natural ageing process, our skin slows down the important production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other compounds in our skin that maintain elasticity like elastin. It is therefore extremely beneficial to replenish our skin with these active ingredients as our bodies can no longer produce them in large quantities. By applying ingredients that promote skin elasticity and skin hydration, you can slow your skin’s ageing process and even reverse already visible signs of ageing.

But cosmeceuticals are not only beneficial for anti-ageing. Using cosmeceutical products is the only method to get rid of acne long-term as ingredients such as vitamin a and exfoliating acids removing acne causing bacteria in your skin. This means you are able to prevent further breakouts rather than having to constantly treat acne present on your face because the causes, such as acne causing bacteria, oils and dead skin, have not been dealt with.

Using true cosmeceuticals will allow your skin to adapt to the active ingredients in cosmeceutical products, treating the causes of your skincare concerns with lasting positive effects for your appearance.

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What skincare do dermatologists recommend?

For dry skin treatment dermatologists recommend using hyaluronic acid like the Hydraluron Moisture Serum. This skin treatments uses hyaluronic acid and algae extract to hydrate the deepest levels of your skin. This product is perfect for restoring hydration as it draws moisture into your skin at a cellular level. Another excellent product recommended for dry skin is the Collagen Hydrator which contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties, hydrates your skin at a cellular level. This rich moisturizer also contains shea butter and olive fruit oil to nourish and protect your skin barrier.

For oily skin treatment, dermatologists recommend cosmeceuticals that contain exfoliating ingredients that clear away harmful oils from the skin that can cause breakouts. The Bioglycolic Oily Skin Cleansing Gel uses glycolic acid to exfoliate your skin and decongest your pores. This product can be followed by another oily skin treatment, the Bioglycolic Face Cream which also contains clarifying glycolic acid along with hyaluronic acid, another active ingredient which reaches your cells and allows them to retain high concentrations of moisture. This will hydrate your face, preventing the overproduction of oil as a response to skin dryness.

For acne skin, dermatologists recommend using exfoliators and vitamin treatments to combat the causes of acne. Salicylic acid serums like the Acne Gel by PCA Skin fight acne by clearing away acne causing bacteria that lies deep in our pores. In addition, this product exfoliates your skin, removing dirt and dead skin that can cause irritation and encourage breakouts. Another great treatment containing salicylic acid is the Intensive Clarity Treatment 0.5% Pure Retinol Night. While salicylic acid decongests your pores, retinol, a vitamin A, works to prevent breakouts and vitamin B, in the form of niacinamide, has anti-inflammatory properties that calms acne and reduces oil production. Vitamin A treatments are highly recommended for people suffering with acne.

After clearing away acne, it is common to experience hyperpigmentation. This can occur after acne as during the healing process our skin can produce excess melanin.
Retinol treatments, like the Intensive Clarity Treatment, will help prevent pigmentation and improve skin healing after acne. However, another skin pigmentation treatment recommended by dermatologists is products containing the active cosmeceutical ingredient vitamin C. Vitamin C helps brighten skin and even out skin tone making it perfect for post-acne marks. The Super Serum Advance+ which contains vitamin C and antioxidants will improve the appearance of pigmented skin and give you an even glow.

For mature skin, dermatologists recommend anti-ageing skin care containing active ingredients like vitamin A, peptides and hyaluronic acid. iS Clinical Youth Serum reverses the signs of ageing with active ingredients like vitamin A. Vitamin A encourages collagen production, giving you firmer skin and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. It also contains peptides and proteins that smooth out wrinkles and tighten the skin. Another excellent skin rejuvenation treatment is the Fillerina Eyes and Lips Contour Cream which targets signs of ageing such as crow’s feet and lines surrounding your lips. This cosmeceutical treatment contains hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin and smooths lines and wrinkles while tripeptide encourages the production of collagen in your skin cells. This natural skincare will help repair you skin at a cellular level and encourage the natural production of anti-ageing components. This product has three grade levels, meaning you can alter the intensity of the treatment depending on your skin type and skin concerns.

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Which type of skincare will keep your skin healthy & protected?

Using cosmeceutical skincare will give you healthy and protected skin. This is because cosmeceuticals help maintain your skin barrier and treat skin concerns at the deeper levels of the skin. As our epidermis takes about six weeks to renew, using products with active ingredients that strengthen the deeper levels of the epidermis will mean that when this new skin emerges it will be clearer, protected and strengthened because of these incredible products.

Cosmeceuticals give you healthy skin as they protect your skin at the lower and upper levels of the epidermis. Using a product like Transformation Face Cream by Jan Marini will transform the appearance of your skin with long lasting effect. This product incorporates peptides that rebuild the skin’s lipid barrier, protecting dry and damaged skin, while hyaluronic acid reaches your skin cells and binds moisture to your skin. This will allow for healthy and protected skin as your defensive barrier has been restored.

Using a cosmeceutical sunscreen will also protect your skin from damaging and ageing UV rays while also treating signs of ageing and protecting your skin at a cellular level. The Age Reverse Day Repair SPF30 is a moisturizer with SPF that combats the signs and causes of ageing. With vitamin E to nourish your skin and protect against ageing free radicals, polyhydroxy acid which smooths out wrinkles and is anti-inflammatory, and retinol which stimulates collagen production, this product will reverse signs of ageing. In addition, the SPF protects against ageing UV rays, while peptides minimize the appearance of fine lines and build the defensive skin barrier. Using cosmeceutical products such as the Age Reverse Day Repair will protect your skin at all epidermal levels, targeting skin concerns and fighting to shield against further irritation, infection and signs of ageing.

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How can I start a new skincare routine?

You can start a new skincare routine by determining your primary skincare goal. This will allow you to choose products that target your main skincare concerns when building a new face routine. For example, if your biggest skincare concern is acne, you should introduce cosmeceutical products that targets acne and its causes into your skincare routine. Using a cleanser with salicylic acid will clear your skin and prevent more breakouts. This could be followed by a hydrating toner containing antioxidants like the Hydrating Toner to soothe your skin and prevent increased oil production. Using serums or a moisturizer that contain glycolic acid will clarify and brighten your skin, diminishing the signs of inflammation. Finally, you should always finish your daytime skincare routine with an SPF. Cosmeceutical SPFs like the Extreme Protect SPF30 will protect your skin from sun damage while also preventing free radical damage thanks to ingredients like vitamin E which soothe inflamed skin and prevent signs of ageing.

You should always keep your skin type in mind when beginning a cosmeceutical skincare routine. If you have sensitive, dry skin you may want to focus on hydration rather than exfoliation, which could irritate your skin. Adding products containing soothing and hydrating active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and vitamin E which will replenish moisture in your cells. However, if you have acne prone skin, while hydration is essential to curb oil production, only using products containing hydrating ingredients will be less effective that incorporating active ingredients like exfoliating acids or vitamin a which will neutralise the causes of acne and help prevent acne scarring. For mature skin, you will want to focus on products that increase collagen production like vitamin A and C, and maintain cell hydration with hyaluronic acid products.

While starting a new skincare routine may feel like a big change, keep in mind that cosmeceuticals have long term effects making the process worthwhile as you’ll be left with clear, smooth skin thanks to the amazing benefits of a cosmeceutical face routine.

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Why should I choose a Cosmeceutical Skincare?

Cosmeceutical skincare products are the best way to create actual change in the condition of your skin. Using products that contain active ingredients will allow you to see true results in the appearance of your skin, as these active ingredients in skincare improve your skin at the deeper levels of the epidermis. You can achieve your skincare goals as cosmeceuticals will prevent skin breakouts, dry sensitive skin, overproduction of oil and signs of ageing by targeting the causes of these issues that lie deep in the layers of our skin. Cosmeceuticals give you glowing clear skin by treating the causes of problem skin in contrast to regular cosmetics which will leave you constantly managing outbreaks and irritations as they occur, rather than preventing them from happening in the first place. Using cosmeceutical skincare is the only way to maintain clear skin long-term and achieve glowing healthy skin.

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Author:Isabella Dockery