Fillerina Anti-Aging Skincare: The Best Alternative for Botox

What is Fillerina Skincare?

All of us have looked in the mirror and given ourselves a face lift with our fingers, imagining what it would be like to tighten those wrinkles and fine lines. But the realities of getting synthetic facial fillers are expense, pain and possibly harmful side effects. Instead, why not try the ground-breaking technology by the Fillerina, the skincare brand that mimics the effects of filler treatments without the needles.

In 2012 LABO launched its Fillerina technology featuring advanced weight formulations of hyaluronic acid. They use up to nine different molecular structures of hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and plump tissue, yielding a raised effect and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and sunken skin.

Fillerina: Eyes and Eyelids Dermo-Cosmetic Treatment

Why is Fillerina the best anti-wrinkles skincare on the market?

Targeting all signs of ageing, Fillerina is an impressive brand that helps customers to achieve youthful looking skin in an easy and safe manner. It’s the only technology of its kind on the market!

Fillerina Skincare Collection:

The best anti-wrinkle moisturisers

Fillerina Day Cream combines eight molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid with the active peptides matrifull and hexapeptide to quickly plump out fine lines and wrinkles, smooth the skin and deeply moisturise.
Fillerina Night Cream uses plant oils and natural extracts of rosehip seed oil and shea butter to boost the skin’s repair and regeneration of damaged cells during sleep.

Eye & Lip Care anti-aging skincare

Eyes and Lips Contour Cream is a treatment to tackle eye wrinkles, under eye circles and fine lines around the lips. By combining three types of active peptides, this cream works by boosting the skin’s hydration levels around particular areas to stimulate collagen production and generate a plumping effect.
Eyes and Eyelids Dermo-Cosmetic Treatment is specifically formulated for crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes and eyelids. It’s a gel consistency and contains eight molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid and three molecular sizes of collagen, which has been scientifically formulated to adapt to the wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and penetrate them, effectively ‘filling’ them by promoting collagen production. It also has a finger-tip shaped application for optimal distribution.
Lip Volume Treatment is a serum to increase lip volume and make the lips look fuller and plumper – without getting lip filler! It works by penetrating deep into the layers of the skin and supplying every layer with optimal moisture to increase volume. Depending on the extent to which you want to plump out your lips and the depth of your wrinkles, the lip volume treatment comes in three different grades.
Lips and Mouth Treatment works similarly to the lip volume treatment, but it also helps with the redefinition of the mouth contour.

Fillerina Skin Conditions Kits

Fillerina 932 Biorevitalising Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment is the best at-home anti-aging facial treatment because it combines the effectiveness of the filling treatment and biorevitalising treatment in one single product. The former contains nine different types of hyaluronic acid that boots hydration, collagen, elastin and radiance, aiding the reduction of wrinkles and sagging skin. The latter promotes cell regeneration and improves skin complexion, firmness, and uniformity. Its effects are similar to treatments performed by injections!
Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment uses hyaluronic acid, peptides and other active ingredients to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, increase volume and deeply moisturise.

Fillerina: Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment (For At-Home Use)

How do you use Fillerina?

Fillerina’s products come in grades differentiated by their proportions of smaller to larger sized hyaluronic acid molecules and their concentrations of active ingredients. Depending on your skin type and concerns, you can choose which grade will suit you best.

Grade 1 is suitable for moderate wrinkles and fine lines and minor signs of sagging. Skin is inadequate in thickness, density and plasticity, but not insufficient. It contains a higher percentage of larger-sized HA molecules to tackle more superficial signs of aging, but a lower concentration of active ingredients. It is an ideal treatment for early signs of aging, dull complexions or photodamaged skin.

Grade 2 is suitable for deeper wrinkles, noticeable fine lines and loss of volume, and marked uneven skin texture. It contains a balance of both larger and smaller sized hyaluronic acid molecules and a higher concentration of active ingredients, which means it penetrates deeply into the skin to rebuild depleted tissues and fill depressions. It’s perfect for moderate signs of ageing and photodamaged skin.

Grade 3 is suitable for very significant signs of aging, including deep wrinkles, fine lines and very dry skin. It’s ideal for visible loss of volume and sagging around the cheekbones, chin, and lips. It contains the highest percentage of smaller-sized hyaluronic acid molecules to penetrate deeper into the skin. It tackles the signs of aging from inside out. It also has the highest concentration of active ingredients. Ideal for mature skin.

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Which ingredients do Fillerina use?

Hyaluronic acid is known for its ability to hold onto 1000 times its weight in water, which means it’s a powerful hydrating ingredient that can revitalise the skin and make it feel softer, smoother and plumper.

Matrifull is a type of peptide that stimulates tissue growth and aids in the natural process of hyaluronic acid, allowing it to hydrate as deeply as possible.

Hexapeptide is a synthetic peptide of six different amino acids made from a protein found in injectables. It has water-binding properties and skin-restoring abilities to help boost collagen and elastin.

Collagen is a protein naturally found in the body that is responsible for providing the skin with structure and helping the blood to clot. Since its levels fall with age, it’s the number one reason that we get wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

Elastin is a protein found in the dermal layer of the skin that gives the skin its ability to stretch and then return to its original shape. As we age, skin elasticity levels fall and this results in the skin appearing saggy, wrinkled and leathery.

How long does Fillerina last?

14-21 days to see a significant difference.

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Author: Megan Kerr