Does the skinade Collagen drink really work?

Does the skinade Collagen drink really work?

Ever wondered, what exactly is collagen and why is everyone in skincare so obsessed with it? What does it do in our skin and do I need to use it? With collagen powders, tablets, and drinks showcased everywhere, how do you know what truly works? This blog demyths what collagen really is and what collagen drinks can do to boost your body.

What is collagen? Why is collagen so important for skin aging?

Collagen is an essential protein (made up of amino acids) in our body. It is the most abundant protein in our body, and is present in our bones, joints, muscles, and skin. Collagen is extremely important in the body as it makes up a scaffold that provides strength and structure to the human body and its skin. Within the skin, collagen resides in the dermis where it provides structural integrity, but it also support elastin and hyaluronic acid within the skin. This means collagen content also plays a role in the elasticity and hydration levels within our skin.

Collagen is produced by specialised skin cells called fibroblasts. As we age, fibroblasts not only decrease in number, but decrease in the rate in which they produce collagen.  This means collagen content in our skin significantly slows with age, starting from the age of approximately 25.  As a result, with age our skin becomes less durable, firm, and hydrated, which as a result can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, acne, dryness and much more.

Replacing lost collagen in the skin or stimulating fibroblasts to produce more collagen has been no easy task.  This is largely due to the high molecular weight of collagen, which is approximately 300kDa. When applied topically to the skin, collagen proteins are too large to penetrate the outer skin barrier (stratum corneum), and therefore, never reach the dermis to boost collagen levels. Alternatively, collagen proteins in many dietary supplements and drinks are also much too large to pass through the gut walls (intestinal epithelium) and be absorbed by the body. So, is there really any way to boost collagen content in our bodies as we age to support our overall health and skin structure? The answer is yes.

What are nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are unique products classes that combine traditional nutritional supplements with pharmaceutical technologies to delivery nutrients to the body with greater efficiency and benefits to our health. Newer nutraceutical inventions can actually stimulate collagen production within the body, rather than just adding excess collagen molecules. These nutraceuticals uses collagen peptides which can be absorbed by the body and penetrate the skin to reduce aging, and restore suppleness and glow. These are much more effective than collagen supplements.  A great example is skinade.

What is the best collagen drink? skinade.

Skinade is a multi-award winning collagen drink that has been developed by UK scientists. It contains unique collagen peptides, and 5 other powerful micronutrients to stimulate collagen production, reduce signs of aging, and nourish the skin from the inside out.

Skinade contains low molecular weight hydrolyzed collagen peptides that are approximately 2kDa in size. These peptides have been scientifically proven to be absorbed by the gut and enter the skin where they are recognized as broken down collagen, and signal to cells to produce more. They are sourced from freshwater fish which are low in sodium and free of mercury contamination.

The collagen peptides are combined with other skin repairing nutrients methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), vitamin C, Omegas 3 & 6, L-lysine, and a vitamin B complex, in a liquid isotonic solution to enhance their absorption rate within the gut.

MSM and L-lysine are excellent sources of sulfur which acts to support the disulfide bridges in the skin to protect the structural integrity of collagen and rebuild the collagen matrix at a cellular level.

Omegas 3 and 6 provide anti-inflammatory benefits, but also reinforce the skin barrier to protect the skin against water evaporation (transepidermal water loss) in dry skin and balance oil production in oily/ acne prone skin.

A vitamin B complex contains skincare hero niacinimide, and is a potent source of powerful antioxidants to protect the skin from oxidative stress, free radicals, and premature photoaging. Lastly, vitamin C supports collagen production in fibroblasts within the skin, while providing a boost to the immune system and antioxidant activity.

What are the benefits of drinking collagen?

When taking an advanced collagen drink that is designed to boost collagen within your body, the benefits can be huge. Not only will you see improvement in wrinkles, hydration levels, and firmness within your face, but in the skin all over your body. This is extremely beneficial for areas of the skin that are particularly susceptible to aging such as the back of the hands, neck and chest. As collagen is also present within your bones and joints, and therefore, a high quality collagen drink will also support and maintain the health of these areas.

What does skinade taste like?

Skinade has a light and refreshing citrus taste and is only 37 calories a day.  Skinade is also free of dairy, gluten, lactose, bovine or porcine products, GMOs, artificial flavours and colours.

Is skinade good for hair?

The micronutrients skinade are also very beneficial for hair. This is because the health of the skin of your scalp supported to help build healthy, thick hair form the root. In addition, disulfide bridges within the hair are nourished with skinade as it contains the micronutrients MSM and L-lysine which are excellent sources of sulfur.

Should I drink collagen everyday and does drinking collagen really work?

The short answer – yes. Drinking advanced collagen drinks such as skinade everyday is one of the most effective ways to prevent and treat skin collagen loss and aging from the inside out. Regular dietary supplementation alongside your normal skincare regimen is important to build and create long lasting results. One of the best parts about the skinade collagen drink is that although it is recommended to be taken everyday, if you accidentally miss a day, or have a couple days off, skinade will still be working! The collagen peptides remain in the skin for up to 2 weeks.

Results can be seen in as little as 30 days. When using skinade for a 90 day course, skinade increases collagen density within the skin by 25.5%, increase skin hydration by 34%, improves skin elasticity by 28%. Don’t wait, try for yourself and achieve bright, glowing, ageless skin