6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Facial Treatment

Why facial treatment is important for the face?

Facial treatment is a cosmetic procedure or a spa service, that is performed by a dermatology specialist or a clinical aesthetician for the purposes of restoring your skin’s functioning, maintaining optimal health, reducing the effects of natural ageing and environmental damage as well as for the purposes of treating an existing skin condition, such acne, tissue scarring and others. Likewise, getting a facial treatment, and precisely getting them regularly, has been shown to provide psychological relief, release tension, stress and help with anxiety.

Here you will be able to read in detail about the various benefits of getting a facial treatment, when you should think about getting one, how often you should get them and of course, what is the best facial treatment out there.

6 reasons why do we need facial treatment:

1. Deep cleansing – Facials are a great wash for your face
One reason to get a facial treatment is for their great exfoliating properties. Most facial treatments will include a gentle or a more potent cleanse as one of the steps in the treatment, which ensures deep exfoliation of the skin, gets rid of the dead skin cells, as well as accesses and breaks the excess oils accumulated in the skin and helps promote blemish and pimple-free skin by allowing your skin to breathe and stimulating cell turnover.

2. Facial treatments help to remove blackheads and clear pores
Another reason to think about a facial treatment is access to professional help and support with removing blackheads, whiteheads and unclogging of pores, all of which are hard to perform in at-home environment and which can often lead to inflammation and irritation of the skin when attempted at home.

3. Professional facial exfoliation (safer than at-home treatments)
Yes, you can definitely exfoliate your face at home, by the means of various scrubs or peeling agents, however, without having any professional education in dermatology, you are risking to seriously harm your skin by misusing the highly concentrated, potent acidic solutions, which are often used in peeling treatments and can lead to swelling, bruising, irritation, extreme peeling and even developing painful sensations in the skin. Getting a facial treatment ensures that the desired procedure that fit the requirements of your skin are performed by highly trained professionals and held to a high standard of both professional quality and safety.

4. Anti-aging: Reduce fine lines and age spots
Many facial treatments are specializing on delivering the best anti-ageing results and work with the means of a wide variety of methods. Laser, LED light therapy, Phototherapy, as well as myofascial massages and face building – all of these and more, are the anti-ageing facial treatments you can choose from that focus on effectively targeting the most prominent, visible signs of ageing, such as facial depressions, wrinkles, deeper fine lines and sagging skin.

5. Relaxing and a great self-care routine
Another reason to consider scheduling yourself for a regular facial treatment is the amazing psychological properties, that are widely associated with self-care, massages and spa services. Getting a facial treatment regularly has been seen to improve mood, lift self-esteem, as well as provide significant stress relief and psychological distress. The importance of pampering has been recently discussed by mental health specialists and is instrumental in managing the work-life balance.

6. Enriching your skincare products
When you get a facial treatment you are also getting a personal access to a consultation with a highly trained specialist, who will be able to assess the condition of your skin, suggest new techniques of self-care that you can do at home as well as recommend new products that might be beneficial for your skin or suggest future treatments that you might find helpful.

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What is the best facial treatment?

Dermoi! offers an exclusive possibility of getting a wide variety of professional at-home facial treatments, which are individually tailored to your skincare concerns and were designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of your skin.

One facial treatment by dermoi! that we think you should try is Fire and Ice treatment by iS Clinical, which is a treatment that has been noticed worldwide by A list celebrities and is an ideal choice for people who want to prepare for a special event. This treatment follows a two-step resurfacing and rejuvenating process with little to no downtime, which means that your skin will not require any further healing after procedure. iS Clinical Fire and Ice treatment offers a unique combination of pharmaceutical grade ingredients that operate by stimulating the skin’s cell renewal processes, hydrating, tightening and brightening of the skin.

Another treatment for you to consider is Osmosis Skincare, which is a holistic treatment that supports skin health and which combats ageing by stimulating your skin’s regenerative processes. It is scientifically proven to significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles, improve your skin’s tone and texture as well as reduce the appearance of under-eye circles and promote new production of collagen and elastin proteins, which are critical for skin health. Osmosis treatments are highly advanced and packed with natural ingredients which help the skin repair itself while protecting it from free radicals such as pollution and UV.

At what age should you get a facial?

Depending on what your skin concerns are, you can get a facial treatment almost at any age. It is recommended however, that you start to get facial treatments around your 20s and specifically after the age of 25, when it is suggested that we naturally begin to produce less collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and when the major ageing process start to gain speed. However, if you think that it might be too late for facial treatments to work on your skin, you are wrong! Starting regular facial treatments would benefit and significantly improve the appearance of your skin at any age.

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How often should I get facial?

Facial treatments can be very different and while some will require a course of treatment over a number of months, other treatment are more of a one-off nature. Essentially, you can get a facial treatment as often as you want, as long as the treatment’s procedure does not engage any harsh or aggressive treatments. Otherwise, exerts suggest getting a facial treatment as often as once per month or in accordance with recommendations from a dermatology specialist.

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Author: Maria Ageeva