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Beauty Tech startup in London: When Science Marries Skincare

February 07, 2022

Learn how new beauty startups are using tech and trends to their advantage.

Author: Melody Day

Reading time: 9 minutes

Beauty Tech refers to cosmetics formulated with advanced scientific technology, and it’s sweeping across major cities. In London, an abundance of budding beauty businesses are taking the plunge into the world of digital technology and seeing an array of positive results. Whether its beauty apps, artificial intelligence or even just an improved interface for their online presence, many small enterprises are working hard to catch up to the big brands. In this article, we will discuss the prevalence of beauty tech and how small beauty startups are using it to their advantage.

What is a startup and what makes them different from other companies?

Startups are often regarded as a small independent business looking to find their way in a new and daunting market. In fact, this is not the case at all. Essentially, startups are small businesses that are designed to obtain exponential growth quickly and manage to take over larger segments of the mass market. Furthermore, startups are usually small enterprises that are launched temporarily. This is because the business wants to test if the startup has an effective business model, to help the overall business grow in a competitive market.

In comparison, a company is often regarded as a more established business, that has a tried and tested business model, making it ready to successes against competitors.

What are the hottest beauty startup trends in London?

London is a diverse metropolis, bustling with creative individuals all trying to make their mark on the world, and luckily the beauty industry is no different. With the cosmetic industry growing and transforming itself in a variety of novel ways, many beauty businesses had to up their game.

Many small beauty businesses now offer ‘On Demand’ beauty. This refers to businesses offering treatments within a short space of time, through an online booking service. For example, beauty salons can now offer quick appointments at a variety of locations, to allow a client to receive their treatment in a short amount of time. This has led to a revolution in the beauty industry, with many independent salons working non-stop to meet the schedules of their busy clients. Moreover, this has benefited the common customer also, as they no longer need to stick to the traditional opening hours of their regular salon.

Adding on to this, many beauty businesses are a part of online databases that are recommended to particular customers. With the advent of apps, such as Treatwell, you can log your needs into their personalised app, and find an available salon just a short distance away. Many customers who do not rely on a regular salon have loved this idea, as it means that they are able to experience a new independent business, every time they use the app.

Here at Dermoi we're taking a different approach. Instead of promoting thousands of beauty salons to people worldwide, we employ highly trained and vetted aestheticians. They come to you, to perform scientifically backed treatments in the comfort of your home. Now you could ask why you need a facial at home.

Firstly, an at-home treatment saves you time as there is no need to travel. These days, nobody's got time for anything anymore and winding yourself up to get to an appointment that's supposed to be relaxing isn't going to help your skin either.

Secondly, as you're not travelling after the treatment, you won't expose your skin to pollution from the city again. After a treatment your pores are often wide open and it's easy for dirt to get caught again. Avoiding this will allow the treatment to be more effective as all the ingredients can be used for healing your skin instead of fighting toxins.

This makes at-home treatments the ideal modern-day solution for effective facial treatments that fit in a metropolitan lifestyle.

London is a cosmopolitan city like no other. Whilst Paris and Milan boast of their steep pricing, many independent London beauty businesses are looking to lower prices and make high-quality beauty products more affordable. For example, many beauty startups buy their products at wholesale prices and set their own prices at a lower rate, so that their customers also reap the benefits of buying in bulk. This has helped many London based beauty startups diversify themselves from other cities, as it allows high-quality beauty products to become more accessible to the wider public, giving them access to the populous mass market.

Moreover, many beauty startups are targeting more of their product range towards men. As the social norms between the gender binaries begin to fade, more and more men are becoming inclined to wear makeup or use a wide range of skincare products to take better care of their appearance. As a result, this opens up a new segment within the market and allows many beauty startups to target their products towards the new customer base.

What are successful beauty startups focusing on?

In order to be successful in any market, especially the beauty industry, many startups need to focus on one nuance at a time, helping them to stand out against more generic competitors. So, what are successful beauty startups focusing on?

First of all, it is becoming more apparent that many diverse beauty startups are looking to make their products more accessible. This is usually achieved by organising an online store, with a promising and efficient interface, to allow products to be delivered to your home. This has made a huge difference to many independent beauty businesses, as it allows them to compete with larger stores that also allow quick delivery. Moreover, by having a successful online presence, particularly offering services like home delivery, helps to fulfil the needs of people who may have disabilities and find it difficult to go to a ‘brick and mortar’ storefront. Therefore, this allows many beauty startups to snatch up more market segments.

Additionally, many independent beauty businesses are becoming more gender-inclusive. By doing this, beauty startups are able to become more in tune with the wants and needs of their male customers and tailor their services to achieve more sales within that demographic.

How tech startup companies are changing the beauty industry

The growing world of advanced technology has managed to infiltrate the beauty industry and take the world by storm. But how are they doing it?

Many beauty tech startups have been incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their selling tactic to help them to become more suited to an individual customer’s need. For example, many makeup brands use AI to make their customer’s exact skin tone, making products like concealer more applicable to their taste. This use of technology has been a wide success for people with deep skin tones, who are often isolated in the wider scheme of cosmetics.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, beauty tech startups have been using Augmented Reality (AR), to entice customers, even when their store is closed. AR creates a virtual ‘try-on’ experience, helping a customer feel as if they are actually in the store, without even having to leave their own home.

With a majority of us having a smartphone in our back pocket at all times, the beauty industry needed to get their hands on their own kind of smart software. ‘Smart Mirrors’ use an advanced interface to evaluate and track the quality of your skin every time you use it. Therefore, customers are in tune with the wellbeing of their skin and are more aware if they need a specific kind of treatment.

Do you need to be revolutionary to be a successful startup?

Revolutionary startups are common in developing markets, but they are not always successful. This is because they spot a potential gap in the market, but often do not have the skills or resources to survive in such a competitive market. Thus, it is much more beneficial for beauty tech startups to be evolutionary. This means that they are able to adapt and respond to considerable changes within the market.

Is Dermoi as a beauty startup, revolutionary or evolutionary?

At Dermoi we regard ourselves as evolutionary, as we adapt to changes in the wider market to offer an expansive range of treatments and products for all skin types. Adding on to this, we sell high-quality products at affordable price points that are able to treat a variety of specific skin conditions. We also created a ‘Knowledge Base’ where we can post articles like this one, which aim to inform our growing customer base with factual information about the developing world of skincare.

What’s so unique about Dermoi?

Dermoi enjoys standing out from the crowd and offering unmatched products and services. For example, we offer expert advice and treatments to ensure that our customers are enjoying a high-quality service and working towards revitalising their skin. Moreover, we offer at-home treatments, meaning that you can enjoy exquisite clinical treatments from the comfort of your own home. Our online store also offers great deals on premium skincare, helping you to nourish your skin without breaking the bank.

Dermoi! beauty tech startup: Are we ready for the future?

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the new normal is quickly emerging and many businesses are changing their methods to cope with such harsh changes. Luckily for us, we are evolutionary, and are ready for whatever changes come our way. For example, when receiving one of our at-home treatments, our beauty therapists are provided with full PPE. This includes disposable masks, gloves and a face shield, to ensure you are fully protected. Moreover, our therapists are following the strict government enforced guidelines and will self-isolate for 14 days if they gain symptoms. Adding on to this, we are also researching how the new normal is affecting our skin, such as wearing masks and informing you through the wide range of articles available on our Knowledge Base.

In terms of the development of beauty tech, we still have a lot to learn. As the world continues to change and technology continues to develop, the beauty industry will surely find new ways to reach new customers and provide evolutionary products and services. This is the same situation with us. We are continuing to change and grow alongside these tumultuous times and bring you some of the best treatments available on the beauty startup market in London. So, why not check out some of our outstanding treatments and products and see the evolutionary standards we set for ourselves?