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9 Best Toners of 2023: Dermatologically Tested and Reviewed

April 01, 2023
Author: Lim Li Yen

Reading time: 5 minutes

Daily skin care is a prerequisite for maintaining a beautiful complexion and preventing premature skin aging. A skincare routine is important for adequate nutrition and hydration of the skin to ensure the proper functioning of all cells.

A great selection of skin care products is offered on the market nowadays. People can select suitable products for all care stages according to their skin types. A face toner stands as one of the obligatory products in your beauty kit.

What is face toner?

The face toner is a water-based liquid product (its formula includes up to 95% of distilled or thermal water), which contains active ingredients for daily skin care: moisturizing, softening, and refreshing.

It is applied at the stage of cleansing the skin and does not require rinsing. There is a huge variety of subspecies of toners: lotion, mists, hydrolats, and even ready-made wipes soaked in the product.

Face toner benefits

It is one of the most versatile facial skin care products. Its main task is to restore the pH balance of the skin, soften it, and fill cells with moisture. In other words, the toner neutralizes the effect of the use of cleansers and restores the protective functions of the skin. Other face toner benefits include skin cleansing and removing the remaining micro-particles of makeup or impurities. the product is responsible for the freshness and radiance of your skin.

When answering the question "what does the toner do for the face?", as a rule, the toner is not limited to toning, it has a lot of other benefits. For example, after applying the tonic, the serum or cream will work more effectively.

When to put on toner on the face

Before we answer when to use the toner on the face, keep in mind that to maintain healthy facial skin every day, it is important to follow a three-step care system:

  • cleansing;
  • toning;
  • moisturizing.

So, answering the question "when to put on the toner on the face?", toning comes as the middle step.

First, the foam is used for washing, and then, the toning step follows. It prepares the face for the next step - moisturizing. Usually, the regarded product is followed by the application of a moisturizer or makeup base.

When to put on toner on the face

How to apply toner on the face?

Now, let`s answer how to apply the toner on the face. Since the product is liquid, it is more convenient to use a cotton pad. Follow the sequence of steps:

  • Take a cotton pad.
  • Pour some amount of the toner on it.
  • Wipe the entire face, as well as the neckline gently.
  • Repeat the procedure once again.

When considering the issue of "how to use the face toner", remember that it is advisable to apply the product at least once (and it`s better twice) per day.

What are the 3 types of toners?

Note that different types of toners are offered on the modern market. They differ in the spectrum of action and the effect of use. According to these parameters, they distinguish between products for:

  • exfoliation. If you need an exfoliating effect, look for the following components in the toner content: BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids), AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), lactic, salicylic, and glycolic acids.
  • hydration. For achieving a moisturizing effect, choose products with the following ingredients: hyaluronic acid, snail mucin, glycerin, and allantoin.
  • anti-aging. If you need to protect the skin from aging, Vitamin C is the first helper here since it protects cells from free radicals.

Is it OK to use face toner every day?

Yes, as mentioned above, cosmetologists recommend adding a good face toner to your daily care routine. So, products are perfect for everyday application. It is even advisable to apply them twice a day (during a morning and evening skincare procedure).

What toners should I not use?

Avoid alcohol-based products or toners that contain witch hazel. These ingredients are not good for daily care.

How do I choose a face toner?

Trying to find the best toner for your face, keep in mind the following guide and pay attention to the below-listed criteria:

  • Skin type. It should be guided in the first place. The toner prepares the skin for subsequent care. The quality of this product determines how effective your day or night cream will work. If you regularly use the toner that is not suitable for your skin type, you can achieve the opposite effect, i.e. instead of moisture - dryness, instead of cleanliness and freshness - greasiness and a feeling of a film on the face.
  • Weather and seasons. Depending on external circumstances, the skin can behave differently. Adapt care according to external and internal conditions.
  • An additional effect. All toners finish up the cleansing process, but almost each of them has individual characteristics and tasks: soothe, refresh, soften, etc. Choose what suits your needs.
Is face mist and toner same

Is face mist and toner same

Let`s answer a popular question "is a face mist and the toner same?"

The toner has a refreshing effect and improves skin tone: cleanses, moisturizes, exfoliates, and mattes.

A mist is a spray that refreshes, nourishes, and moisturizes the face skin. It has a light texture and, when sprayed, covers the skin with a delicate, moist mist.

Thus, both products have a similar scope of application and effect. The method of application differs. Also, mists are usually used throughout the day as a product for extra hydration of cells, while the toner serves as a daily care product.

How we tested the best face toner?

Dermoi is a professional team of skilled dermatologists. Experienced specialists conduct probe examinations to guarantee product safety for health and approve compliance with international standards. They are unbiased and help find the best face toner in the UK.

What is the best toner recommended by dermatologists?

What is the best toner recommended by dermatologists?

Now, let`s make lists of the best face toners for different skin types and highlight their main benefits.

Toner for red face

Redness on the face often causes discomfort and embarrassment. However, with proper regular care, it is possible to reduce redness and normalize skin color. The following care products are suitable for this purpose:

  • Indeed labs noacid pads are an effective toner for red face. It is an exfoliating toner with Japanese cedar and yarrow extracts and prebiotics. Pads are excellent revitalizing tools that strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Osmosis boost peptide activating mist is the perfect solution for fighting redness and dehydration. Extracts of green tea, peptides, and hyaluronic acid create a refreshing blend for face cells.
  • PCA skin daily defense mist is a highly effective product for skin hydration. Its formula with natural extracts and nourishing acids creates a protective skin barrier.

Face toner for oily skin

An effective face toner for oily skin helps regulate the production of sebum and can have a slight mattifying effect. As a rule, such tonics contain zinc or salicylic acid. Try the following products:

  • Evenswiss edelweiss dermal Phytotonic is a good smoothing and revitalizing product that helps balance the optimal skin fattiness and prevent pore clogging. The liquid removes extra fat and gloss from the face surface.
  • Bakuchiol reface pads are excellent tools for normalizing the skin balance and preparing cells for further nourishment. The ingredients used allow for stabilizing sebum production and making the face surface soothe and non-glossy.

Face toner for dry skin

A good face toner for dry skin should have an active moisturizing effect. It may contain components such as glycerin, Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids. The following products are advisable for this skin type:

  • Indeed labs daily defense mist is the best face toner for dry skin. Its innovative formula hydrates cells effectively and helps maintain the optimal liquid balance and resist environmental factors.
  • Evenswiss edelweiss dermal Phytotonic is an innovative toner of deep action that nourishes and revitalizes cells. It also prepares the skin for cream application or makeup.
  • PCA skin hydrating toner provides a refreshing effect keeping the skin`s pH level balanced. The face surface soothing and softening are achieved.

Anti-aging face toner

When choosing an anti-aging face toner, the product should provide deep hydration, prevent loss of tone and elasticity, and have an antioxidant effect. Pay attention to the following products:

  • Evenswiss edelweiss dermal Phytotonic boosts collagen production, nourishes cells with hyaluronic acid, and refreshes the complexion. Thus, the product is actively used for coping with wrinkles and preventing premature skin aging.
  • Indeed labs bakuchiol reface pads are highly effective tools for slowing down the first signs of skin aging. Retinol, bakuchiol, and niacinamide actively fight wrinkles and repair cells, protecting the skin from environmental influences.

Antibacterial face toner

Antibacterial tonics most often contain ethanol in their composition. Alcohol disinfects the skin, eliminates oily sheen and redness, and prevents the formation of inflammatory processes. However, the prolonged use of an alcohol-containing antibacterial face toner can cause dryness and flaking of the skin.

  • Indeed labs noacid pads guarantee gentle care of the skin, protecting from pollution, and disinfection. The product also provides an exfoliating effect, which contributes to the removal of extra particles from the face surface.
  • Indeed labs bakuchiol reface pads disinfect the skin, hydrating cells and normalizing the liquid balance. The toner creates a protective barrier and helps prolong the effect of other care products.

Hundreds of care products are offered on the modern market. However, a face toner stands as an obligatory product for daily skin care. The toner is used as a middle-stage tool for skin toning in the 3-step daily care procedure. Due to a wide selection of products, each person can find a suitable option for each skin type and purpose.

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